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Subdudes - Next To Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Next to Me' by Subdudes. Next to Me by: The Subdues / You can travel over oceans and around the world / You can follow every notion that you can.
Subdudes - Papa Dukie & The Mudd People Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Papa Dukie & The Mudd People' by Subdudes. Back in the day In our sleepy little town / Out of nowhere A hippie band came around / They set up ...
Subdudes - Sugar Pie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sugar Pie' by Subdudes. Let me tell you a story about where I come from / Hop in the car and take a ride through the countryside / Up on the hill.
Subdudes - Any Cure Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Any Cure' by Subdudes. Tonight my mind aint right / You ask me to call later on / In search of solitude tonight / Is there any cure for being alone?
The Subdudes Lyrics
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Subdudes - Angel To Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Angel To Be' by Subdudes. Mary was a friend of mine / Very close at heart to me / I had to let her fly away / Into the night an angel to be / Nothing.
Subdudes - Carved In Stone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carved In Stone' by Subdudes. Carved in stone is a name I will remember / Skin and bone and a heart that was so tender / Carry on and have yourself ...
Subdudes - Late At Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Late at Night' by Subdudes. Late at night, I'm goofy like a clown / Early in the morning, I'm just tryin' to live it down / Late at night, I do just.
Subdudes - All The Time In The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All the Time in the World' by Subdudes. I've got all the time in the worldgot a sweet lovin daddy's little / girlyou need a minute take your timeyou.
Subdudes - She Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She' by Subdudes. She wants to know / why did I have to go? / We were such good friends / then we watched the party end. / She needs to speak ...
Subdudes - Sarita Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sarita' by Subdudes. I took you picture with my Zippo,I made you laugh so hard that you / worried me / You were someone that I could talk to / / we.
Subdudes - One Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Time' by Subdudes. Hey Girl, have you been runnin down by the river again / Muddy Mississippi / All alone you went back, / You know mama dont.
Subdudes - Too Soon To Tell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Soon to Tell' by Subdudes. You asked me last nightif I knew what I wantedand I replied thatI feel / like my soul is hauntedI've been dreamin'
Subdudes - Wedding Rites Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wedding Rites' by Subdudes. Well I don't know what to believe / About past or future life / But I do believe in a love before first sight / Cause.
Subdudes - Save Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Save Me' by Subdudes. Fell all the way to the ground / Stayed there and crawled around / Boy I was there, I was down / I hollered, save me / To wash.
SUBDUDES - Love Somebody lyrics
Check out the complete Subdudes Love Somebody lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. Act like a dog, smell like a cow , Run like a chicken when ...
Subdudes - Light In Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Light In Your Eyes' by Subdudes. Is this part emotion, / You know we've been on a long ride / Standin' in a cloud of smoke / This was more than just.
Subdudes - Social Aid And Pleasure Club Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Social Aid and Pleasure Club' by Subdudes. Well I passed by this little place a time or two before / And I liked the words they had painted on the.
Subdudes - Need Somebody Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Need Somebody' by Subdudes. I've been drivin this truckwith a broken heartcan't stop drivin'once I / stop it might never stopengine roar downfrom.
Subdudes - (You'll Be) Satisfied Lyrics
Lyrics to '(You'll Be) Satisfied' by Subdudes. Searched in the dark alleyways / Where the lonely souls dwell / Went down so low / Thought you went to hell / But.
Subdudes - Cold Nights Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold Nights' by Subdudes. People running scared / It's cold out there / There's nowhere for them to go / Someone will have to show on a cold night /
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Subdudes - Poor Mans Paradise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poor Mans Paradise' by Subdudes. Ain't got nothin' in my pocket / I got holes in both of my shoes / Ain't got nothing in my pocket / But if I did,
Subdudes - Bye Bye Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bye Bye' by Subdudes. Well all right bye bye / To this place that once held this heart of mine / I'm gonna cry you one last tear but I ain't cryin'
Subdudes - Prayer Of Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Prayer of Love' by Subdudes. Seems you always felt the most of all the kids / Quick to laugh, quick to cry, slow sometimes to heal / Now you're.
Subdudes - One Word (Peace) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Word (Peace)' by Subdudes. A man stands on the corner holding a sign / People yell at him as they drive by / I wonder what they read, made them.
Subdudes - Run Little One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run Little One' by Subdudes. Its 7am / Been asleep all night / Get up, get up now / Run little one / Cause were running behind / Were running out of.
Subdudes - Straight Shot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Straight Shot' by Subdudes. Here I am in my four corner cage, I need the love that my momma gave back / Then at that tender age when my daddy ...
Subdudes - Break Down In These Walls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Break Down in These Walls' by Subdudes. School is out, but it really doesn't matter anymore. / 'Cause I finally figured out, that's not what I'm.
Subdudes - It's So Hard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's So Hard' by Subdudes. Yeah, when, when I was a little altar boy / I swear it gave me so much joy / 'Cause I could really feel that amazing grace.
Subdudes - Message Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Message Man' by Subdudes. The pressure's on, you got to make it happen / Deadline stares you in the face / Will you pull up, will you carry on? / The.
Subdudes - Faraway Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Faraway Girl' by Subdudes. Made from an angel's hand, with a spirit on high / Moving closer to the center of the sweet by and by / Glowing like a.
Subdudes - Fair Weather Friend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fair Weather Friend' by Subdudes. We were friends once now that is true / But that was in a different time / The future was bright but now this dark.
Subdudes - Love Somebody Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Somebody' by Subdudes. Act like a dog, smell like a cow. / Run like a chicken when you don't know how. / You've got to love somebody. / Love.
Subdudes - Barley In The Silo Lyrics
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Subdudes - Lonely Soldier Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonely Soldier' by Subdudes. Maybe I got some things to learn. / I'll wait before I return. / These hard times that are yet to come, / Mama said it.
Subdudes - He's Got You On His Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'He's Got You On His Mind' by Subdudes. This love for you it cannot hide / This love is deep deep inside / He's got you on his mind. / To think about.
Subdudes - Help Is On The Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Help Is On The Way' by Subdudes. Staring with my eyes wide open / Bells are ringing, / I hear voices and the chorus is singing / Help is on the way x.
Subdudes - Why Can`t I Forget About Lyrics. Subdudes Live At Last Why Can't I Forget About The way I see it, it's no sin The way I held you in the dark It was the  ...
Subdudes - Town Square Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Town Square' by Subdudes. ... Listen to Subdudes songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to The Subdudes Radio on View All ...

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