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SWALLOW THE SUN LYRICS - "Songs From The North I, II & III ...
The Heart Of A Cold White Land 11. Away 12. .... I'm coming home. Sun burns my eyes in this strange land ... Before I open my eyes to summer's dying flare
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - Million Dollar Man
Something so strange, hard to define. It isn't that hard boy to like you or love you. I 'd follow you down down down, You're unbelievable. If you're going crazy just ...
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - Through The Fire And Flames
We're banished from a time in a fallen land. To a life beyond the stars. In your darkest dreams see to believe. Our destiny is time. And endlessly we'll all be free  ...
Lyrics to "Late Lament" song by MOODY BLUES: Breathe deep the gathering gloom, Watch lights fade from every room. Bedsitter people look back and...
FU MANCHU LYRICS - "King Of The Road" (2000) album
Weird Beard 9. Drive 10. Hotdoggin' 11. ... Road burnin' all across the land. Hell On Wheels is no big deal ... Tires roll flare to flare. Custom shine everywhere
want to fucking flare. And men my ... That'll land up in a trauma Koopsta coming from da summer [Hook - 4X] ... Now you people be acting strange. Used to D
QANTICE LYRICS - "The Phantonauts" (2014) album
[or "The Overview of Weird Events in an Already Weird World"] Welcome to the ... And they're causing the flares ... [Chorus:] Over land, I do not believe, I hover
EDENBRIDGE LYRICS - "Shine" (2004) album
CONCEPTION LYRICS - "In Your Multitude" (1995) album
always in your way 'cause this is my land won't you join ... as I woke this morning in the flare of my shame ... strange how people tend to yearn long for insecurity
STAR ONE LYRICS - "Live On Earth" (2003) album
My strange rebirth, coming back to life. I remember the dark ..... We arrive in a desert land. And set up camp on ... Lasers flare and many men die. A bloody battle ...
DREAMTALE LYRICS - "Phoenix" (2008) album
Oh! What a strange behavior. How does it feel to be so damn ... Old men draining the land. Their souls turning to holes .... Flame up as a flare. Spread your wings
VOXAGER LYRICS - "Beyond The Frontier" (2013) album
The stars far above unfamiliar and strange. It dawns on me: I'm .... Her elders want to trace — Where I intend to land ... He's diving through a solar flare! [ Paranid:]
COMMUNIC LYRICS - "Waves Of Visual Decay" (2006) album
Heading back to the land behind the gate. Back to the land of all ... When this strange wave. Drags me into ... Madness flares within my angry mind. Alone in this ...
HEED LYRICS - "The Call" (2006) album
Inside the flare, we evoke the pain sublime again and again. .... Under the surface and under the skin,of a snake in the land, of the last of the lion tribe. There's a ...
DREAMS OF SANITY LYRICS - "Komodia" (1997) album
As the night fell down across the land, a man comes to his house. A lonely ... [ Dante:] Isn't it a strange thing that all the roads - along ... I'm here to flare a sign
STAR ONE LYRICS - "Space Metal" (2002) album
We arrive in a desert land. And set up camp ... Lasers flare and many men die ... A strange unknown creature has invaded our ship and now it's killing us slowly.
JUDAS PRIEST LYRICS - "Hell Bent For Leather" (1978) album
Stealing your hearts all across the land. Hot blood doing ... Though nothing strange has changed in me. Evening star I can see ... Crimson flare from a raging sun
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "The Book Of Souls" (2015) album
And a human race. We are strange believers, all of us ... No land of plenty, devastation, despair. Reef in a sail at ..... The flares to guide her path ignited at the last
NOCTURNUS LYRICS - "Thresholds" (1992) album
Bringing death unto their land. Nocuous emissions alert the team. The source is soon revealed. A strange capsule scarred by time ... Flares of weapons burst in ...
BORKNAGAR LYRICS - "Epic" (2004) album
Throughout land's and ocean's enormous spectrum. The alliance ... Like solar flares that reach our plexus. ... Complexity a distant relative or a strange rumour.
BRUCE DICKINSON LYRICS - "Best Of Bruce" (2001) album
Now the flare gun fires and we get the go. Say goodbye to the ... Strange attractions, no turning back. Present danger I .... cast your fire on this land. Wicker man ...
STAR ONE LYRICS - "Victims Of The Modern Age" (2010) album
Survive - a desperate hope - strange desires [Russell Allen ... It struck without warning, a blinding flare of light ... The land is changing to a cold and barren waste

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