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Steel Pulse - Bodyguard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bodyguard' by Steel Pulse. Every time you meet the public / You get scared and you start to panic / A who got a gun / A who got a bomb / A who got a.
Steel Pulse - Your House Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your House' by Steel Pulse. Your love is a life for I / Realized that so much / When I first met you / That was some time ago oh / From then until.
Steel Pulse - Bad Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Man' by Steel Pulse. Dem dread seh / Dem dread seh / Dem dread seh / Dem dread seh / No matter how you bad I man badder than you / No ...
Steel Pulse - Chant A Psalm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chant A Psalm' by Steel Pulse: In your hands lie your destination The book of true life you hold the key Mystical powers to you unfold Seek ye the.
Steel Pulse - Steppin' Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Steppin' Out' by Steel Pulse: Says I'm steppin' out I know I am I can right now I'm steppin highest heights and hottest hot Rasta this and.
Steel Pulse - Ravers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ravers' by Steel Pulse: Woops outside your head.
Steel Pulse - Grab Education Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Grab Education' by Steel Pulse. CHORUS / Spa dap spap spa dap spa let me (scat) / Spa dap spap spa dap spa / Spa dap spap spa dap spa / Let me ...
Steel Pulse - Macka Splaff Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Macka Splaff' by Steel Pulse. Hi / I just feel blockup on you / Hey bum bu / Hey Jah stab / Hey size nine / Hey grey seed / Is like seh grizzly ah.
Steel Pulse - Roller Skates Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roller Skates' by Steel Pulse. Out on the corner / With my roller skates / Having fun with the girls / Says I'm feeling great woo / In the dark of.
Steel Pulse - Prodigal Son Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Prodigal Son' by Steel Pulse. Woy! Desperation has return / Sodom and Gomorrah no deh yah so! / Woy desperation has return over yonder / Sodom ...
Steel Pulse - Drug Squad Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drug Squad' by Steel Pulse. Drug Squad / Ain't got nothing to declare / My luggage in my hand / I greet the customs man / No sir got nothing to.
Steel Pulse - Not King James Version Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not King James Version' by Steel Pulse: Lost the powers that we had As our backs against the wall Ask ourselves about the fall Rise rise rise Hold.
Steel Pulse - Man No Sober Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Man No Sober' by Steel Pulse. Woooh! Man no sober / The drunkard he staggers around / The alleys of cities and towns / His sorrows he tries to drown.
Steel Pulse - Taxi Driver Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Taxi Driver' by Steel Pulse: A catch the taxi.
Steel Pulse - Sound Check Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sound Check' by Steel Pulse. If anything should mash up my head Sah / Play the music me can't dead / Jah in music prolongs gives me life to / Praise.
Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Earth Crisis' by Steel Pulse: Man in his ignorant state Has signed and sealed his own fate.
Steel Pulse - Sound System Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sound System' by Steel Pulse. Dig the music Mr. DJ / Sound system ( sound system) / Heavy rhythm / Disco jive, conquer I no. / Sound system (sound.
Steel Pulse - Throne Of Gold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Throne of Gold' by Steel Pulse. She's my Queen / I'm her King man / No love no deh like the / Love I bring her / In the morning / While I'm waking /
Steel Pulse - Biko's Kindred Lament Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Biko's Kindred Lament' by Steel Pulse. The night Steve Biko died I cried and I cried / The night Steve Biko died I cried and I cried / Biko, O, Steve.
Steel Pulse - Reggae Fever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reggae Fever' by Steel Pulse. A reggae music sends me in a fever / My blood pressure high / Yet I don't want no doctor / A reggae music get me hot.
Steel Pulse - Wild Goose Chase Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wild Goose Chase' by Steel Pulse. I thought the destruction / Of creation / Would be nuclear power / And radiation / I thought judgement / Would come.
Steel Pulse - Babylon The Bandit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Babylon The Bandit' by Steel Pulse: Babylon the Bandit Dash him in a bottomless pit, yeh Babylon Dash him way in a de pit now.
Steel Pulse - Back To My Roots Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back to My Roots' by Steel Pulse. Woe, Na, Na, Na. / Hey, Yeh, Yeh, Oh, Yeh. / This is to whom it may concern, / Raggamuffin rastaman return. / Says.
Steel Pulse - Ku Klux Klan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ku Klux Klan' by Steel Pulse: Blackman do unto the Klan AS they would do to you In this case hate they neighbour Those cowards only kill who they.
Steel Pulse - Burning Flame Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burning Flame' by Steel Pulse. Wow! / Out a town, wear no frown, settle down / They say... one man's meat is another man's poison / But I've chosen.
Steel Pulse - A Who Responsible Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Who Responsible' by Steel Pulse. Struggle goes on / Some say the earth will keep on turning / Dread times are near and I'm not joking I a warning /
Steel Pulse - Worth His Weight In Gold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Worth His Weight In Gold' by Steel Pulse: Liberation true democracy One God one aim one destiny.
Steel Pulse - Islands Unite Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Islands Unite' by Steel Pulse. Wo oh now / Unite all the islands unite / And fight the wicked dem out a sight / First world your bomb is sticking /
Steel Pulse - State Of Emergency Lyrics
Lyrics to 'State of Emergency' by Steel Pulse. State of emergency / State of emergency / State of emergency / State of emergency / Emergency / Ready, aim, fire.
Steel Pulse - Black Enough? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Enough?' by Steel Pulse. Shooway ooway shooway / Shooway ooway shooway / Am I black enuff for ya / Am I black enuff for ya / Am I black ...
Steel Pulse - Blessed Is The Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blessed Is The Man' by Steel Pulse. David Hinds / Blessed Is The Man That Walketh Not / In The Council Of The Ungodly / His mercy endureth forever /
Steel Pulse - Said You Was An Angel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Said You Was An Angel' by Steel Pulse. Said you was an angel / You put my life in danger / You treat me like a stranger / You know how much I need.
Steel Pulse - Nyahbinghi Voyage Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nyahbinghi Voyage' by Steel Pulse. Kindred trod on Israel / Kindred trod on Israel / Look around you / The youth dem need a home / Can't you see that.
Steel Pulse - Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Steel Pulse. Hey, where did we go / Days when the rains came ? / Down in the hollow / Playing a new game, / Laughing and.
Steel Pulse - Tight Rope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tight Rope' by Steel Pulse. Deliver me, oh, my father / From the down pressers set me free / Dem a trying to keep I down / I will always prosper, yes.
Steel Pulse - Role Model Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Role Model' by Steel Pulse. David Hinds / CHORUS / In the belly of the beast in dis ya struggle / Dem chopping down OUR role models / In the belly of.
Steel Pulse - Bootstraps Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bootstraps' by Steel Pulse. David Hinds / Forward ever / Backward never / Stick together / And last forever / The race is not for the swift but / For.
Steel Pulse - Kick That Habit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kick That Habit' by Steel Pulse. We know the system is one big jive / We' ve got to fight to stay alive / Brother man is hooked on drugs, sisters.
Steel Pulse - Rumours Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rumours' by Steel Pulse. Rings, rings on your fingers, bells on my toes / Yet I hear no music / Shouldn't we be jangling to and fro? / I hear no.
Steel Pulse - No More Weapons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No More Weapons' by Steel Pulse. Ouch! We don't really need x 2 / Yeah! No No / There's no time to beat around the BUSH / Now all the world is ...

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