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LIL' KEKE LYRICS - Still Pimpin Pens (Screwed)
Lyrics to "Still Pimpin Pens (Screwed)" song by LIL' KEKE: 9-7, Screwed-Up Click Soucie Folea' Ballin' in ... Steady stackin' them dollars, gasin' up my Impala
UGK LYRICS - Chrome Plated Woman
She a video hoe, the bitch make big money. Like to let her ... I got the grill on the front, trunk steady hummin ... Steady pimpin bitches through my website [Bun B ...
UGK LYRICS - Money, Hoes & Power
Me and my pimpin' out here doin' our thing in SWAT [Chorus 2x - Manuel Seal:] ... Cause all day, all night, I be steady pimpin', pimpin' [Pimp C (Jermaine Dupri):]
Three 6 Mafia - Be A Witness Lyrics
Killa klan gonna blast them bitches, catchin 'em. When they steady pimpin' Triple 6 gonna warrned your ass, bitch we have no. Fuckin witness, fuckin. Witness.
UGK LYRICS - Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
Those hoes steady choosin'. This is the conclusion: pimpin' ain't no illusion. [ Chorus: x2] Bun B: If you got any love fo' that broad you wit' Nigga, move her 'fore  ...
Money, Hoes & Power Lyrics - UGK
'Cause all day, all night, we steady pimpin', pimpin' I got the money, hoes and power. We be in to see that ya cuttin', I'm all about cha' But if ya not up to the mix,  ...
DUNGEON FAMILY LYRICS - Forever Pimpin' (Never Slippin')
Lyrics to "Forever Pimpin' (Never Slippin')" song by DUNGEON FAMILY: Cool Cutter, Cool ... It comes in a real small package, but makes a real big difference
TWISTA LYRICS - Church Bus On The Move
Lyrics to "Church Bus On The Move" song by TWISTA: And they say pimpin, yeah Check it out (check it out) I'm big pimpin while I roam on chrome Sippin...
TWISTA LYRICS - Game Recognize Game
Pimps aint pimpin now that's why they got to get out the game Women have mo' money than... ... I was pumpin big back in 96' I need a new lick. But I got on a ...
Lyrics to "Slim Pimpin'" song by SOULJA SLIM: Yep, I need a top boss bitch in my factory, ya heard me, my ... Still hype enough to keep my paper steady comin'
Lyrics: Guerilla Maab - Guerilla Pimpin'
Better recognize the real, cause we steady guerilla pimping hoes, 3D-2 [Dougie D] Oh yeah we party till the party's up. The sun is starting show, but we don't give  ...
UGK LYRICS - Front, Back & Side To Side
It's pimpin pimpin, I'm hittin switches, checkin out my strap. Makin sure these snitches, ain't stoppin riches, 5-Oh on my back but I keep on dippin, steady pimpin, ...
Lyrics: Cap.One - Pop Them Collas
We take this pimpin shit world wide nigga ... Pimpin ain't an illusion my nigga the shit is like a gold mine. So I'm. Trying to ... Who be steady pimpin these hoes
Le$ - Pen Pimpin Lyrics
Steady pimpin' the pen, Be finessin' them lies. But they dn't go when they knows. You just listen to mine. Be you had an (???) Cause I don't eva cut. We just give ...
TURK LYRICS - Macking And Pimping
Cause nigga pimpin' ain't dead, nigga just scared. Lovin' these hoes and steady gettin' paid. Fall weak for a bitch, never did never will. Beat a hoe like Ike nigga ...
Jay-Z - Big Pimpin (extended radio edit) Lyrics. (feat. U.G.K.) [Jay-Z] Uhh, uh uh uh It's big pimpin baby. It's big pimpin, spendin G's Feel me. uh-huh uhh, uh-huh.
THREE 6 MAFIA LYRICS - Pimpin And Robbin
Lyrics to "Pimpin And Robbin" song by THREE 6 MAFIA: Ain't No Money Comin Quicker ... dipped in gold, on the vogues, everything steady, I'm chargin hoes.
Pimping four hoes and I'm packing four fours ... Top down at Maxi's wit a big glock nine handy ... Like do or die I'm po' pimping Car stop rims keep spinning
Lyrics: S.L.A.B. - Pimpin
I know these boppers, steady calling me. Since I'm a pimp, I let em know that I don't fuck for free. I threw the top off my slab, and swang it like a G Click the remote ...
Young Problemz - Boi! Lyrics
Your problem's gang homie. Catch me at the club. Girls show me love. Boys dap me hugs. Haters need mugs. But I ain't even trippin. I play a steady pimpin
They gave big Paul life, but I ain't thinkin' 'bout stoppin' ... Viper truck, Bentley grill, big wheel pimpin' They done gave her 20 mil, well big deal pimpin' Think we ...
Outkast - Player's Ball (Original) Lyrics
Clever pimpin', never slipin, that's how it is (check it!) All the players came from far and wide. Wearing Afros and braids in every gangster ride. Now I'm here to ...
KERI HILSON - Knock You Down lyrics
Don't you know I would baby if I could. Miss independent (oh, to the fullest), no never too much. She shot the bullet that ended that life. Steady pimpin' me after ...
Cadillac (cadillac) pimpin... pimpin (escalade) Do or Die Ridin through ... Steady cuffin that paper, ladys can't fake us, so I stay cautious regardless. Like a million ...
Boi! Lyrics - Young Problemz
A playa steady pimpin' I don't need ya girl boy I got so many. CHORUS: (Boy I got so ma- boy I got so many. (WORK)) Ayy DJ play that girl song. Put that song on
UGK LYRICS - Holdin' Na
Chromin' blades on escaldes and parking lot pimpin' We got these broads steady trippin' cause it platinum we shippin' From Clover Land to PA (Port Arson) It be ...
UGK LYRICS - Choppin' Blades
Boy, we fat stack packin', steady choppin' on blades...blades...blades.. [Chorus: x4] [Pimp C] ... Just like E-40: Pimpin' in a major way. It's all for the money
LIL' KEKE LYRICS - Still Tippin' (Remix)
Pimping fo' hoes, and I'm packing fo' [Lil' Keke] ... Don Ke' you know it's on, Big Po ' Mike Jones ... Like Do or Die I'm Po' Pimpin, car stop rims keep spinning
T.I. LYRICS - Dope Boi Fresh
with them plush leather guts steady grippin the butt the paint just drip on the street michael jordan on my feet with a big booty freak to make the pimpin complete
Keep blowing, flowing, glowing, now your soaring like a airplane. Flying through the sky. Steady keep on pimpin' and we thinking were Do or Die Keep em' hot ...
Call me Scottie Pippen, cause I've been steady pimping since I started breathing. That's that new, new rich. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Like a rude, rude bitch
Steady clippin while I'm dippin. On the interstates, yeah she can't wait ... I bet you turn heads wen u step out with pimpin. Like your main course and all you hear ...
Lyrics to "Beware Of Us" song by XZIBIT: Yeah, Stong Arm Steady One gang, four guns, how ... This the last call, total recall, my pimpin flowin like Niagara Falls
Ablock - Bobbin Season lyrics
Big bs yeah we blood leave a nigga bleeding. On that TLC shit late ... When you see me know I'm gripping with these hoes I'm steady pimpin' At the top yeah ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Magic (Remix)
... FUTURE: Tell ya Off top I'm bossed up, you ain't talking money don't talk to us I' m steady stacking that gua... ... I'm a astronaut nigga better church my pimpin'
Big Ball, Fatboy, unload heat when my brain spill ... Game preachers move yo' pimpin' for you mamasitas ... You just affected wit it, pimpin' yo, get yo' rocks off
Still I'm steady (Po' Pimpin), still spinnin and hustlin. Still (Adrenaline Rushin) like when the pendulum's cuttin. Album comin out soon, but I already had props
TOO $HORT LYRICS - It's Alright
I'm screaming "Steady pimp" you steady trying a change me. Running that ... pimpin', you know what I'm talking about, I'm trying to see some papers, some dead ...
UGK LYRICS - Wood Wheel
When my trunk steady hummin' Had to leave my bitch ... Hangin' with young niggas, that pack big triggas, ... Gotta break us off big pimpin', baby, we ho clockers,
Pimps ain't pimpin' Now that's why they got to get out the game Women have ... Steady pimpin' in the cream dog ... You comin' weak and can't be pimpin' her

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