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Stacey Kent - What A Wonderful World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What a Wonderful World' by Stacey Kent. I see trees of green, red roses too / I see em bloom, for me and for you / And I think to myself, what a.
Stacey Kent - Landslide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Landslide' by Stacey Kent. I took my love and I took it down / I climbed a mountain and I turned around / And I saw my reflection in the snow covered.
Stacey Kent - Never Let Me Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never Let Me Go' by Stacey Kent: Because of one caress.
Stacey Kent - Hushabye Mountain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hushabye Mountain' by Stacey Kent. A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain / Softly blows over Lullaby Bay, / It fills the sails of boats that are.
Stacey Kent - This Happy Madness lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for This Happy Madness by Stacey Kent. What should I call this happy madness that I feel inside of me Some kind of wild October g...
Stacey Kent - Too Darn Hot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Darn Hot' by Stacey Kent. It's too darn hot / It's too darn hot / I'd like to sup with my baby tonight / And play the pup with my baby tonight /
Stacey Kent - If I m Lucky lyrics
Lyrics for If I m Lucky by Stacey Kent. If I'm lucky, you will Tell me that you care That we'll Never be apart If I'm lucky This will be no light affair It's f...
Stacey Kent - It Might As Well Be Spring Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It Might As Well Be Spring' by Stacey Kent. I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm / I'm as jumpy as a puppet on a string / I'd say that I had.
Stacey Kent - La Saison Des Pluies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'La Saison des Pluies' by Stacey Kent. C'est la saison des pluies / La fin des amours / Ainsi sous la vranda je regarde pleurer / Cet enfant que j'ai.
Stacey Kent - Isn't This A Lovely Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Isn't This a Lovely Day' by Stacey Kent. The weather is frightening / The thunder and lightning / Seem to be having their way / But as far as I'm.
Stacey Kent - One Note Samba (Samba de uma Nota So) lyrics and ...
Lyrics and translation for One Note Samba (Samba de uma Nota So) by Stacey Kent. This is just a little samba Built upon a single note Other notes are sure to ...
Stacey Kent - How Insensitive lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for How Insensitive by Stacey Kent. How insensitive I must have seemed When she told me that she loved me How unmoved and cold...
Stacey Kent - Postcard Lovers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Postcard Lovers' by Stacey Kent. Lately I've become such a postcard lover / especially of the ones I get from you / and if, these days, they don't.
Stacey Kent - Like a Lover lyrics and translation
Nov 24, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Like a Lover by Stacey Kent. Like a lover, the morning sun Slowly rises and kisses you awake Your smile is soft and ...
Stacey Kent - A Fine Romance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Fine Romance' by Stacey Kent. A fine romance, with no kisses / A fine romance, my friend this is / We should be like a couple of hot tomatoes / But.
Stacey Kent - So Many Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Many Stars' by Stacey Kent. The dawn is filled with dreams / So many dreams, which one is mine / One must be right for me / Which dream of all the.
Stacey Kent - Manhattan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Manhattan' by Stacey Kent. Summer journeys / To Niag'ra / And to other places / Aggravate all our cares. / We'll save our fares. / I've a cozy little.
Stacey Kent - So Nice lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for So Nice by Stacey Kent. Someone to hold me tight That would be very nice Someone to love me right That would be ve...
I've Got a Crush on You lyrics and translation - Stacey Kent ...
Lyrics and translation for I've Got a Crush on You by Stacey Kent. I've got a crush on you, sweetie pie All the day and night-time Hear me sigh I never had t...
Stacey Kent - The Changing Lights lyrics and translation
Feb 2, 2015 Lyrics and translation for The Changing Lights by Stacey Kent. Were we leaving Rio Or were we in New York? I remember bossa nova on the ...
Stacey Kent - C'est Le Printemps Lyrics
Lyrics to 'C'est Le Printemps' by Stacey Kent. Agitée comme un roseau dans la tourmente / Tout m'énerve et tout m'irrite en ce moment / Le monde me.
Stacey Kent - I Won't Dance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Won't Dance' by Stacey Kent. {she} / Think of what you're losing / By constantly refusing to dance with me. / You'd be the idol of France with me!
Stacey Kent - That s All lyrics
Dec 10, 2015 Lyrics for That s All by Stacey Kent. I can only give you love that lasts forever And a promise to be near each time you call And the only heart I ...
Stacey Kent - This Can't Be Love lyrics
Lyrics for This Can't Be Love by Stacey Kent. This can't be love because I feel so well No sobs, no sorrows, no sighs This can't be love I get no dizzy spells My ...
Stacey Kent - Only Trust Your Heart lyrics and translation
Dec 11, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Only Trust Your Heart by Stacey Kent. Never trust the stars When you're about to fall in love Look for hidden signs ...
Stacey Kent - Let Yourself Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let Yourself Go' by Stacey Kent. As you listen to the band don't you get a bubble? / As you listen to them play don't you get a glow? / If you step.
Stacey Kent - My Heart Stood Still Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Heart Stood Still' by Stacey Kent. Trough all my school days / I hated boys / Those April fool days / Brought me loveless joy / I read my Plato /
Stacey Kent - Tenderly lyrics and translation
Dec 10, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Tenderly by Stacey Kent. The evening breeze caressed the trees tenderly The trembling trees embraced the breeze ...
Stacey Kent - They Can't Take That Away From Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'They Can't Take That Away From Me' by Stacey Kent. There are many, many crazy things / That will keep me loving you / And with your permission ...
Stacey Kent - By Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'By Myself' by Stacey Kent. The party's over, the game is ended / The dreams I dreamed went up in smoke / They didn't pan out as I had intended / I.
Stacey Kent - There's a Lull in My Life lyrics
Lyrics for There's a Lull in My Life by Stacey Kent. Oh, there's a lull in my life It's just a void, an empty space When you are not in my embrace Oh, there's a lull in  ...
Stacey Kent - Comes Love lyrics
Lyrics for Comes Love by Stacey Kent. Comes a rain storm put rubbers on your feet Comes a snow storm you can get a little heat Comes love nothing can be ...
Stacey Kent - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars by Stacey Kent. Quiet nights of quiet stars quiet chords from my guitar Floating on the silence that surro...
Stacey Kent - They All Laughed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'They All Laughed' by Stacey Kent. The odds were a hundred to one against me / The world thought the heights were too high to climb / But people ...
Stacey Kent - So Many Stars lyrics
Lyrics for So Many Stars by Stacey Kent. The dawn is filled with dreams So many dreams, which one is mine One must be right for me Which dream of all the ...
Stacey Kent - Tangerine lyrics and translation
Dec 10, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Tangerine by Stacey Kent. Tangerine, she is all they claim With her eyes of night and lips as bright as flame Tanger...
Stacey Kent - Don't Be That Way lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Don't Be That Way by Stacey Kent. Don't cry, oh honey, please don't be that way Clouds in the sky should never make you feel...
Stacey Kent - Shall We Dance? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shall We Dance?' by Stacey Kent. Drop that long face / Come on have your fling / Why keep nursing the blues? / If you want this old world on a string.
Stacey Kent - The Best Is Yet to Come lyrics
Lyrics for The Best Is Yet to Come by Stacey Kent. Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum You came along and everything's startin' to hum Still, it's a real  ...
Stacey Kent - More Than You Know lyrics
Lyrics for More Than You Know by Stacey Kent. Whether you are here or yonder, whether you are false or true Whether you remain or wander, I'm growing ...

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