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Sryan - Kayaking Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kayaking' by Sryan. / Edge of the water / South of the border / It takes me to higher ground / Lost in the weekend / Ain't it funny how the sea can.
Sryan - When You Believe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When You Believe' by Sryan. / You can do tricks when you believe / You can fly when you believe / You can have magic when you believe / When you.
Sryan - Come Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Come Over' by Sryan. / Baby, Baby, Baby can you get up tonight / because I am having having having a party all night / Will you come over? / Let's.
Sryan - Last Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Night' by Sryan. / I've been thinkin' all night / Been thinkin' all night / I should have trusted your love / It's so twenty/twenty fine in.
Sryan - Party All The Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Party All The Time' by Sryan. / we want to have a party tonight / so let's party all the time / or it will suck lime / and it will be a rocking time.
Sryan - Sizzle, Dizzle! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sizzle, Dizzle!' by Sryan. / Let the phone ring, let's go back to sleep / Let the world spin outside out door, you're the only one that I wanna see.
Sryan - Please Don't Say You Love Me (beauty And A Beat Parody ...
Oh (oh), Sryan (Sryan), Sean Bruen (Bruen), Ryaaaaaaaaaan. Love I made, see the love I made (eh, eh, eh) I made it small, so I couldn't ever see (eh, eh, eh).
Sryan - Shine Ya Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shine Ya Light' by Sryan. / I love the way you shine / (Shine, shine, shine, shine, shine) / Hey!
Sryan - Filthy Rich Lyrics
[Sryan] Ohhhhhhh, filthy rich. Ohhhhhhh, filthy rich. [Dappy] Turning it beating no beat. The walls are always speaking. No want no want no want no speaking at ...
Sryan - Better Love Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Love Me' by Sryan. / Is there life / Without any fear / I need more / Than just what I want to hear / But I won't be afraid of the dark / If.
Sryan - Boomerang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Boomerang' by Sryan. Thought it was the easy way / Thought I made the right decision to leave / We couldn't communicate / I couldn't be free, no, no.
Sryan - Gangnam Party Rock It Shake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gangnam Party Rock It Shake' by Sryan. / Everyday, I'm shuffling / Everyday, I'm doing gangnam style / Everyday, I'm doing harlem shake / Party.
Sryan - Groovy Emma Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Groovy Emma' by Sryan. / Ooohhh, you're groovy / Ooohhh, you're groovy Emma / Ooohhh, you're groovy / Ooohhh, you're groovy Emma / Ooohhh,  ...
Sryan - Bring Joy To The Weekend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bring Joy To The Weekend' by Sryan. / I bring joy to the weekend / I am gonna befriend my old friend / when I'm down I won't go to town / you.
Sryan - Turn Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Turn Around' by Sryan. / There's the sound / Turn around, turn around / I need one pound / Turn around, turn around / I saw you've drowned / But.
Sryan - Curiosity Killed The Cat (just Give Me A Reason Parody) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Curiosity Killed The Cat (just Give Me A Reason Parody)' by Sryan. Curious and bored / Stumbled through the door / Tripping over expectations / She .
Sryan - Horse Shooter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Horse Shooter' by Sryan. / like that, with a fat bass track / and I love my horse, he try to ignore me / scratch my back and you'll force me to dump.
Sryan - Think Fast Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Think Fast' by Sryan. / You think everything you do is cool, is cool (some things are not cool with me) / Let me hip you to what I'm gonna do to you.
Sryan - Viber Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Viber' by Sryan. / Text me on viber / I ain't even gonna hang around / You got me so sprung / You could send me a text for free / You could call me.
Sryan - 8-baller Lyrics
Lyrics to '8-baller' by Sryan. / The 1st thing is I am gonna become gay... / The 2nd thing is I am gonna win the love of my teen school crush... / The 3rd.
Sryan - You're My Inspiration (this Is Love Parody) Lyrics
[Sryan] If you know it like I know it. Then you're gonna be okay. If you live it like I live it. And get on the floor baby. If you inspire it, say love me (love me) Say love ...
Sryan - Turn Up The Love Lyrics
[Verse 1: Florence Welch] Maybe I don't wanna know the reason why. But lately you don't talk to me. And baby I can't see me in your eyes. I hold you near but ...
Sryan - Don't You Worry Child Lyrics
[Sryan] Heaven help the child who never had a home. Heaven help the girl who walks the streets alone. Heaven help the roses if the bombs begin to fall
Sryan - Hall Of Sexy (hall Of Fame Parody) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hall Of Sexy (hall Of Fame Parody)' by Sryan. / Yeah, you can be pretty / You can be handsome / You can be the girl that breaks a boy's heart / You.
Sryan - All Around The World In One Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Around The World In One Day' by Sryan. / You're going all around the world in one day / I thought it was never possible / but as God said.
Sryan - Cordelia (clarity Parody) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cordelia (clarity Parody)' by Sryan. / There she blows / Hear her sing so sweet and low / Lull me overboard, out cold / It takes all your power / To.
Sryan - Croquet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Croquet' by Sryan. / Excuse me, back in the day people used to get dressed up / Ok, we'll play croquet / Back in the day people used to get dressed.
Sryan - You Give Me Something (to Do) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Give Me Something (to Do)' by Sryan. When I met you, you were so unique / Had a little thing I'd love to keep / Every movement carried so much.
Sryan - Super Sweat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Super Sweat' by Sryan. / You know I don't mean to say this / It is feeling like it is July / I am going to go on a vacation / I said, I am going to.
Sryan - Lonely No More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lonely No More' by Sryan. / Lonely no more / Lonely no more / Lonely no more / Lonely no more.
Sryan - Hall Of The School (hall Of Fame Parody) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hall Of The School (hall Of Fame Parody)' by Sryan. Yeah, you can be the master / You can be the singer / You can be the boy that saved the school /
Sryan - Smexy Chick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smexy Chick' by Sryan. / Yo she's a smexy chick / That's Laura Field for ya / I'll give you money for a perm and it could be worth a holiday to.
Sryan - I Could Be The One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Could Be The One' by Sryan. / I could be the one to land on my shoes / I could be the one to break all the records / I could be the one to invent.
Sryan - Dance Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dance Tonight' by Sryan. / I'ma (mother) convict bitch, I run wit' killaz that cut yo' throat / All about my, green, nigga / All about my, paper /
Sryan - Don't Call Me Lyrics
[Sryan] I can't seem to tell you. All the things that should be said. And the fact that hearts will break. Is my only regret. Heaven knows how we try so hard. And still ...
Sryan - Bad Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Boy' by Sryan. / Please please please won't you tell me, what happened to that cat you used to be? / Rollin with the hood, and up to no good /
Sryan - Animal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Animal' by Sryan. Baby girl I'm not quite human / And I'm not quite a machine / So I guess that leaves you staring / At something that's somewhere in.
Sryan - Sizzling Girls Lyrics
[Cheryl Cole] Sizzling girls. Where's all the girls. Where's all the good one's gone. The stable ones the single ones the ones with nothing wrong. [Sryan] Say hello ...
Sryan - Young Lyrics
[Frankie Cocozza] Look it don't matter if I'm young. This life isn't mine I'm living for Him now. I ain't wasting time (tick tock) never turn back. I really ain't missing ...
Sryan - Learn To Love Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Learn To Love Again' by Sryan. / Learn to love again / Learn to love again / Learn to love again / Learn to love again.

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