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Lyrics to "Open Up Your Eyes" song by TRISTAN PRETTYMAN: All around me Everything is living Beauty full of light Just the beginning Stars in the sky Perfect...
Open up our eyes, surround us with Your light. Your love endures forever. Mighty is the one who's for us. Mighty is the one who's strong to save. He will make a ...
Open up your eyes and let the light in. Take a shot in the dark. I've got my ear to the ground and my eye on the prize. Take a leap of faith, we've gotta' learn how ...
Lyrics to "Open Up Your Eyes" song by DAUGHTRY: A single rose left to remember As a single tear falls from her eye Another cold day in December A ye.. .
FALLING UP LYRICS - Lights Of Reedsport
Lyrics to "Lights Of Reedsport" song by FALLING UP: Blaze the night, lift the stake Cause your world is ... Open up cause there's still time. If you closed your eyes
Lyrics to "Hide Your Love Away" song by ANTHEM LIGHTS: I don't know your name... yet I've never even seen your face I'm looking with my eyes wide open Til. .. ... Darling your love is spoken for. Hide your love away. Wait for me, wait for me
PAULA COLE LYRICS - I Don't Want To Wait
So open up your morning light, And say a little prayer for right. You know that if we are to stay alive. Then see the peace in every eye... doo doo doo doo do doo  ...
And I'm up so high that I can't come down. All the beats so hot, yeah, beat so loud . And I'm crying out [Chorus] Open up your eyes and see the light. Let me take ...
VIRGIN STEELE LYRICS - "The Black Light Bacchanalia" (2010 ...
VIRGIN STEELE lyrics - "The Black Light Bacchanalia" (2010) album, including " From A Whisper To A ... 14. From A Whisper To A Scream (The Spoken Biography) .... Open your eyes open a lie .... Light up the Darkness with Crosses of Souls
Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Your Eyes' by Bobby Caldwell: Darling open your eyes Let me show you the light You may ... Oh darlin, there is a light that shines, special for you and me ... 12 Hit Songs You Won't Believe Were Passed Up By Other Artists.
ANATHEMA LYRICS - "Weather Systems" (2012) album
`cause I`ve never seen a light that`s so bright the light that shines behind your eyes ... If only you can open up your mind and see ... [Spoken:] And I felt myself going. I was in a great deal of pain. It was a very frightening experience I began to ...
Elevation Worship - Open Up Our Eyes Lyrics
For Your love endures forever. Oh Your love endures forever. Open up our eyes, surround us with Your light. Your love endures forever. Mighty is the one who's ...
Lyrics to "Speakers" song by SAM HUNT: I softly kiss your neck, and slowly ... T- shirt for a pillow, music up real low, creeping through the window ... There's a feeling in your eyes the shadows can't erase ... It lights me up, you got me set
TONIC LYRICS - Open Up Your Eyes
Lyrics to "Open Up Your Eyes" song by TONIC: Choosing stones... Big enough to drag me down Where I am... People's voice's make hollow sounds...
Lyrics to "Rodeo Clowns" song by JACK JOHNSON: Sweepin the floors, open up the doors Yeah turn on the lights, ... They cover up your lack of so many people
DREAM THEATER LYRICS - "Scenes From A Memory" (1999) album
relaxed. Imagine a brilliant white light above you, focusing on this light as ... at any time you need to come back, all you must do is open your eyes. One." [N:] ... Every night I`m drawn up there. There`s a ... I spoken through my words. All that I  ...
Skrewdriver - Open Up Your Eyes Lyrics
Open up your eyes / You are in for such a surprise / You have no idea what's a goin' on / You're just being used, ... You see so many people in a different light.
... up trying to get in it. It didn't matter how good your game was, she wasn't with it ... I saw a tear swelling up in her eye, and then she cursed. She told me where ...
Open up the dirty window. Let the sun ... Can speak the words on your lips. Drench yourself in words unspoken. Live your life with arms wide open. Today is  ...
JAMIE CULLUM LYRICS - Everlasting Love
Open up your eyes, then you realise. Here I stand with my everlasting love. Need you by my side. Girl to be my pride. Never be denied everlasting love.... oh.
SLEEPING GIANT LYRICS - "Kingdom Days In An Evil Age" (2011 ...
I bow my head to the king in submission as his words are spoken. The peace of ... Your holy name can save us, ... I got this fire shut up in my bones. ... We pray with our eyes open to see the victims of injustice. .... I am the light in the darkness.
Next To Normal - Make Up Your Mind / Catch Me I'm Falling lyrics ...
Make Up Your Mind / Catch Me I'm Falling lyrics by Next To Normal: Doctor Madden: / Walk with me... / Walk ... [Spoken] Should we turn on a light? ... Laid eyes on before... Open the door... Open the door. [Spoken] Can you hear me, Diana?
THE ROMANTICS LYRICS - Talking In Your Sleep
When you close your eyes and you go to sleep. And it's down to the sound of a heartbeat. I can hear the things that you're dreaming about. When you open up ...
[Spoken Marques] Don't say ... The sun don't come up til' mornin' so tonight theres no excuse...mmm (mmm) Just like ... Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (ooh come on) ... I know you want this girl I see it in your eyes (eyes) Don't  ...
DAVID BOWIE LYRICS - Cygnet Committee
Who spoke of many powers that he had. Not of the best ... 'Kick Out Your Mother' ' Cut Up Your Friend' 'Screw Up Your Brother or He'll Get You In the End' And We ... And I open my eyes to look around. And I see ... That a light's shining through
Pentagram - For the One Unchanging lyrics and translation ...
Nov 27, 2014 In the lights of Eden, it's me you're feeling In the cold December, still it's me you'll f ... ... your eyes Time is flowing and the world is turning Words now spoken for the ... is over and it's vain to deny Be relieved from desires, wake up! Open your sleepless eyes Dark thoughts in your mind will bring you tears Like ...
MY DEAR ADDICTION LYRICS - "New Blood" (2010) album
There is a spoken path for me. Through the ashes I will rise ... The memories bring a piece of light. Are you there? ... Time to open up your eyes. Time to leave all ...
Lyrics to "Sanctuary" song by MADONNA: Surely whoever speaks to me in the right ... Who needs the sky, when the ground's open wide ... Who needs a home, with the stars up above ... Who needs the light, with the darkness in your eyes
WOLVES AT THE GATE LYRICS - "Types & Shadows" (2016) album
My heart speaks of its choice. Calling for ... It speaks of only fiction that I could never trust ... So don't be frightened to see the Light when you open up your eyes
Gaither Vocal Band - Daystar Shine Down On Me Lyrics
... Vocal Band. Lily of the Valley, let your sweet aroma fill my life / Rose of Sharon show me how to grow in beauty. ... Fairest of ten thousand make me a reflection of your light. Daystar ... But when I see you standing near me shining with compassion in your eyes ... Lead me Lord, I'll follow anywhere you open up the door
HUNG LYRICS - "Hung" (2015) album
Every word spoken a lie to bring in money. ... The light shines down, .... Open… Up your Inner Minds Eye. With a steady hand we wait. For the end of time as we ...
MIND'S EYE LYRICS - "A Gentleman's Hurricane" (2007) album
MIND'S EYE lyrics - "A Gentleman's Hurricane" (2007) album, including ... Taking orders from the men of the light ... [Spoken:] How straight is your spine after I'm done. Let the angels cry and carry you home .... Paradise will never open up
Tonic - Open Up Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Up Your Eyes' by Tonic. Choosing stones / Big enough to drag me down / Where I am / People's voices make hollow sounds / Just be quiet ...
[speaking: Tye Tribbett] ... The spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him. ... No time for mixing light with the darkness. ... Wake up open your eyes.
DIZZY WRIGHT LYRICS - The First Agreement (Intro)
The word is not simply a scribbled symbol or a spoken sound ... And it can be your most trusted friend or your most terrible foe ... Like a lamp, the word gives light ... I'll remain humble and my heart is always open ... As I look into your eyes ... I picked up a book and was reading and now I feel like it's what I should be teaching
COLDPLAY LYRICS - A Head Full Of Dreams
Leave your broken windows open. And in the light just streams. And you get a head. A head full of ... Into life I just been spoken. With a head full, a head full of ...
SILENCE THE MESSENGER LYRICS - "Achilles" (2013) album
Open up. Welcome the Serpent into your home. If you knew why I was here, you would ... Let this miasma turn your eyes grey and bleed you dry. ... You will never see the light of day again. .... Hate me for every word I've spoken against you.
DEMON HUNTER LYRICS - "Triptych" (2005) album
Think over the tone you spoke in [Pre-chorus:] ... If you close your eyes the light can't take it away [Chorus:] .... And when you beg for us to open up and let you in
To know a heart can be broken. You just need to open your eyes. We don't need to be decieved. To know a lie can be spoken. We don't have to learn everything ...
(SIC)MONIC LYRICS - "Somnambulist" (2009) album
Till The Morning Light 3. Somnambulist 4. ... fantasy of a harmony so discontent premonitions of your eyes so evident bled dead you cannot trust me ... thru these conversations spoken in the tongue of psychotropic demonized pitiful ... 6. Requiem. As I open up the door to find you I blink and then your gone given to infinity

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