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Spocks Beard - The Light Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Light' by Spocks Beard. What / Makes a dream / So very different / From any other dream / Where is that / Straight line / That I can hold up / To.
Spocks Beard - Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back' by Spocks Beard. From a world that's never ending / From a sky beyond the skies / A child is born / And love is.
Spocks Beard - Skin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Skin' by Spocks Beard. Like a star with a blue moon rising / You complain but you keep surprising yourself / Like a dog who's been kicked all over /
Spocks Beard - Jaws Of Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jaws Of Heaven' by Spocks Beard. Weary I was walking / A disassembled man / I wandered through creation / A ghost upon the land / Cloaked in ...
Spocks Beard - Shining Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shining Star' by Spocks Beard. (Nick D'Virgilio) / I close the shutters tight and fall asleep / To the sound of the fan / The wind flows over me /
Spocks Beard - Long Time Suffering Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Time Suffering' by Spocks Beard. I never saw such a place in all my life / This is tomorrow's song / I think I've waited too long / Can't seem.
Spocks Beard - Carie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carie' by Spocks Beard. Carie / Won't you come and see me, the clouds have bid the sun / Let's take a chance and run with just what we can carry /
Spocks Beard - She Is Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Is Everything' by Spocks Beard. (I) Strange What You Remember / ( II) Words Of Forever / The first breath of summer in warm morning rain / Where.
Spocks Beard - Strange World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strange World' by Spocks Beard. Mary was on Face The Nation / Sunday morning ten o'clock / It's a very strange world / In a very strange time / Jimmy.
Spocks Beard - June Lyrics
Lyrics to 'June' by Spocks Beard. June / Came upon us much too soon / Then was gone / Gone / Like the mountains of the moon / At dawn / Then the sun came  ...
Spocks Beard - The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick)' by Spocks Beard. Hey Snow White and the Harlem Knight / You make a perfect pair / Skin and bones and a hatchet.
Spocks Beard - At The End Of The Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'At The End Of The Day' by Spocks Beard. Earth, dancing 'round the fire / Come, meet the western sky / Life, walking on a wire / Reach to know the.
Spocks Beard - Beware Of Darkness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beware Of Darkness' by Spocks Beard. Watch out now / Take care beware of thoughts that linger / Winding 'round inside your head / And the pain that.
Spock's Beard - Falling For Forever lyrics and translation
Jan 13, 2016 Lyrics and translation for Falling For Forever by Spock's Beard. Blank screen In between Listening for some greater thing Some hide Set aside ...
Spocks Beard - The Water Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Water' by Spocks Beard. I am the water / I am the ocean king / I own the red sky / I am the one who makes / Dreams / Real / When it all goes to.
Spocks Beard - Devil's Got My Throat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Devil's Got My Throat' by Spocks Beard. Richy Rich got high on the high life / Ron the rage it raged into my life / The Dow Jones it took on new.
Spocks Beard - From The Darkness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'From The Darkness' by Spocks Beard. It's everywhere that I go / It's everything that I see / And I don't know how to fight it / What was down is now.
Spocks Beard - There Was A Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There Was A Time' by Spocks Beard. These days are drifting through me / Like faces in the clouds / Memories lift me up / Stare me down / I open a.
Spocks Beard - The Gypsy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Gypsy' by Spocks Beard. I fell in a stream / Neck deep in needles / A slow motion sunlit scene / I woke in a world / With two kinds of people /
Spocks Beard - I Will Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Will Go' by Spocks Beard. Help me I'm dying / Help me I'm dying now / And as the whirlwinds disappeared / I looked around and I was here / The.
Spocks Beard - The Quiet House Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Quiet House' by Spocks Beard. Rain a plague of drowning days / Gray and cold / Time in time she went away / Truth untold / Down the road ...
Spocks Beard - Wind At My Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wind At My Back' by Spocks Beard. How can you be / Like a sky stretched out before me / And the world is turning your way / Even darkness is better.
Spocks Beard - Reflection Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reflection' by Spocks Beard. Behold the man, the stranger, the working man's son / He reflected the mountain / Now all souls can see what's been ...
Spocks Beard - Looking For Answers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Looking For Answers' by Spocks Beard. I think I'll give her a call to see if she's up / It's kinda late but you know it wouldn't surprise me / If I.
Spocks Beard - The Distance To The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Distance To The Sun' by Spocks Beard. There is no peace / Here in my mind / There's no way to see / We're all born blind / To some place some.
Spocks Beard - Stranger In A Strange Land Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stranger In A Strange Land' by Spocks Beard. Behold the boy, the stranger, the working man's son / With skin like white lightning / And eyes like two .
Spocks Beard - The Healing Colors Of Sound Pt. 2 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Healing Colors Of Sound pt. 2' by Spocks Beard. One man said in sign / 'Don't you want to feel okay?' / And the sighted man said to the blind /
Spocks Beard - Solitary Soul Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Solitary Soul' by Spocks Beard. I've been here since long ago waiting for the end / I don't need to have a home but I could use a friend / So many.
Spock's Beard - Submerged lyrics and translation
Mar 29, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Submerged by Spock's Beard. Back and forth up and down I feel my way around Finding everything but you My view ...
Spocks Beard - Time Has Come Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Has Come' by Spocks Beard. I'm just a junkyard now / This is my trash / They burnt me down somehow / Flicked me off like a cigarette ash / But.
Spocks Beard - Flow : True Believer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flow : True Believer' by Spocks Beard. Sunlight gliding / Children sighing / In their dreams / Never hiding / True believer / You are ever / Forever.
Spock's Beard - Rearranged Lyrics. I have never been in this For all the fortune and fame All I ever wanted Was to be in the game A part of something bigger ...
Spock's Beard - Afterthoughts Lyrics. They don't think I thought this out And they all think I should just fall in line But that's my plan to make them doubt Keep my ...
Spocks Beard - Day For Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Day For Night' by Spocks Beard. I can't wait 'til the time is right / Like a gun waits for war / Like the sun waiting for a light / Pound away / Get.
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Spocks Beard - Welcome To NYC Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Welcome To NYC' by Spocks Beard. Hey, hey, hey welcome to New York City / We got the hottest girls and they'll do anything you want / Hey there.
Spocks Beard - The Good Don't Last : The Good Don't Last Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Good Don't Last : The Good Don't Last' by Spocks Beard. We could have been God's dream / We could have lived the LIFE! / Could have done ...
Spocks Beard - Open Wide The Flood Gates Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Wide The Flood Gates' by Spocks Beard. Red forest green / As you stand at the waterfall / And there's no in between / You go back or you trust.
Spocks Beard - I'm Dying Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm Dying' by Spocks Beard: When death walks in my house I will speak my desire Let the storm take me out With unquenchable fire.
Spocks Beard - Freak Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freak Boy' by Spocks Beard. You're a Freak Boy / You're a Freak Boy / You're a Freak Boy / How could you think I'd love you / You're a toothpick / So.

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