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Souls Of Mischief - Never No More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never No More' by Souls of Mischief. Intro/Chorus: / Never no more, never no more / Never will a sucka score, never no more / Never no more, never  ...
Souls Of Mischief - Medication Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Medication' by Souls of Mischief. / We meditate, to educate, educate / We meditate, to educate, to educate / We meditate, meditate to educate / We.
Souls Of Mischief - Disseshowedo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Disseshowedo' by Souls of Mischief. / My stick drives you crazy flip it backwards and it plays the / satanic messages I guess it is my nature / To.
Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity Lyrics
Lyrics to '93 Til Infinity' by Souls of Mischief: Yo whassup, this is Tajai of the mighty Souls of Mischief crew I'm chillin with my man Phesto, my man A-Plus.
Souls Of Mischief - Limitations Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Limitations' by Souls of Mischief. Understand this man is the grand est / The mighty dreaded niggaz step and get beheaded / Shredded left a battered.
Souls Of Mischief - Outro Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Outro' by Souls of Mischief. Hah hah, Souls of Mischief in the house / rippin shit from ninety-three on / Souls of Mischief, let em know /
Souls Of Mischief - Anything Can Happen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Anything Can Happen' by Souls of Mischief. TAJAI: / Yo, / it's like this and only this, / so I'm go'n tell / Me and my moms in front of the mall, and.
Souls Of Mischief - Live & Let Live Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Live & Let Live' by Souls of Mischief. / Yo, I shall not kill, I will if I have to / You say I'm the one promoting violence well I ask you /
Souls Of Mischief - A Name I Call Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Name I Call Myself' by Souls of Mischief. He hah hahaha!! / Yo y'all wanna know about hoes? / Check it yo / Adam is the man that got more honies.
Souls Of Mischief - Tell Me Who Profits Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tell Me Who Profits' by Souls of Mischief. A-Plus: / Hmmmmm / I could give a damn about you and your crew / everybody's frontin' / ain't nobody bein'
Souls Of Mischief - Batting Practice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Batting Practice' by Souls of Mischief. / Hah, whassup? Tell me we ain't the best now / That's how we do! Ripping shit / Niggaz don't know... /
Souls Of Mischief - That's When Ya Lost Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's When Ya Lost' by Souls of Mischief. / 'I find it fun to smash emcees into (fine bits) / So why I ain't get my just deserts for all the kids I.
Souls Of Mischief - Cab Fare Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cab Fare' by Souls of Mischief. Tajai: / Yo, the jam was fly / Oh my, now it's over / My batch of pals cut so tajai must catch a taxicab / Dag nab /
Souls Of Mischief - Make Your Mind Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make Your Mind Up' by Souls of Mischief. / Tajai, two syllables - easy! / With ease, we, seize thee, butt emcees be / Cause they come wacker than.
Souls Of Mischief - Trilogy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trilogy' by Souls of Mischief. (opio): / Eighteen when a redneck sendin me deaththreats / 'cause his niece fantasize about wet sex when I'm in her.
Souls Of Mischief - Postal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Postal' by Souls of Mischief. Chorus: / I play my card jus' like i'm supposed to / Now you wanna tell me that I don't show you... / When you act.
Souls Of Mischief - Fa Sho Fo Real Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fa Sho Fo Real' by Souls of Mischief. / Punks perpetrate that rudeboy, / I roll with hiero...glypics here to make the bump circulate. / Sous of.
Souls Of Mischief - Acupuncture Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Acupuncture' by Souls of Mischief. / Get touched / I'm a touch you / For real / Think I'm playin' / All these fingers / 'll Fuck you up / That's real.
Souls Of Mischief - Bump Shit Lyrics
[chorus]. "its the-- Ill plusta phesto d., O. lindsey, T. massey so whatchyou wanna be? ? Us!! Just peep the bump and thump, You ain't got no choice. So throw ...
Souls Of Mischief - 4th Floor Freaks Lyrics
Lyrics to '4th Floor Freaks' by Souls of Mischief. Repeated: Your shape be... / ( Opio) / I got my eyes on you / Visor's cool / Ass be vast it's private school /
Souls Of Mischief - Airborne Rangers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Airborne Rangers' by Souls of Mischief. / UGH! / We combust when we contact / So come correct with the contract / Show respect when we stomp packs  ...
Souls Of Mischief - Shooting Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shooting Stars' by Souls of Mischief. It's always gotta be a knucklehead who starts controversy. / Puttin' on this make-up to take first in the.
Souls Of Mischief - Enemy Minds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Enemy Minds' by Souls of Mischief. (opio) / Remember tabitha smith / That's been my hard on since the fifth grade / Used to tell me nigga get paid /
Souls Of Mischief - Phoenix Rising (Resolution) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Phoenix Rising (Resolution)' by Souls of Mischief. Resolution hinges on a breath after a series of struggles / When questions become less defining.
Souls Of Mischief - Danglin' Lyrics
[intro] Hey, yo, some niggas try to act like. Act like they crazy but they really fake. Fake shit they janky they shady say. He a lady rockin' a broad y'all. He could ...
Souls Of Mischief - Ya Don't Stop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ya Don't Stop' by Souls of Mischief. , You niggaz step in hap hazard, / to the stage was center T to the A's up in the zone solo, / bitch niggaz.
Souls Of Mischief - Yeah It Was You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Yeah it Was You' by Souls of Mischief. Bass / And big nuts is what it takes / To get up on the mic and enunciate, / Or else your fate / Is.
Souls Of Mischief - The Interrogation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Interrogation' by Souls of Mischief. / We inter-continental / You corny niggas always tracin' usin' stencils / Mash you mentals / I hope you got.
Souls Of Mischief - Times Ain't Fair Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Times Ain't Fair' by Souls of Mischief. Phesto: / Everybody, come and get some get up and go. / Get rid of that no- / Can-do attitude / And expand.
Souls Of Mischief - Bad Business Lyrics
[Opio] I'm so hard headed, I never listen. That's why I cut class everyday it felt like prison. Poppin' at your ex-girlfriend in detention. Tossed her in the library got ...
Souls Of Mischief - Fresh Dope Dope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fresh Dope Dope' by Souls of Mischief. A-plus: / I started writin' rhymes in 1982, I was 8 / My only brother used to let me hear his too-short tapes.
Souls Of Mischief - So You Wanna Be A... Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So You Wanna Be a...' by Souls of Mischief. Yeah / So you want to be a rapper, great / Make sure yo' shit is straight / 'Fore we decide your fate /
Souls Of Mischief - No Man's Land Lyrics
[peplove talkin']. [opio] Mc's they diss but want to be subtle. What can I say to disgruntle. Heiroglyphics but then the rebuttle. That's trouble. Don't want to get ...
Souls Of Mischief - Do You Want It? Lyrics
Souls of Mischief we be on...point sure as Casual hit the joint making muthafuckas scream and shout ya know we turn it out so baby girl with the light brown eyes
Souls Of Mischief - What A Way To Go Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What a Way to Go Out' by Souls of Mischief. I wanna join a gang they'll have my back with gats / We'll walk in packs and stack G's but yo I lack.
Souls of Mischief - Step to My Girl lyrics
Lyrics for Step to My Girl by Souls of Mischief. [Tajai] Back back, way back, I used to fret that my honey Would play me for one with more pap(er)s, still it was ...
Souls of Mischief - Won! lyrics
Lyrics for Won! by Souls of Mischief. What? Go get it gold pined it We the ultimate they flow timid Who the most potent Souls get up on it like some silicone ...
93 Till Infinity Lyrics - Souls Of Mischief
Full and accurate LYRICS for "93 Till Infinity" from "Souls Of Mischief": Yo what's up this is Tajai of the mighty Souls of Mischief crew I'm, chillin with ...
Souls Of Mischief - Sup Doder Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sup Doder' by Souls of Mischief. / I hit it, I did it I admit it / So then we did it, and we did it, and we did it, and we did it / Say you're g'in.
Wildchild feat. Souls of Mischief - How We Do lyrics
Lyrics for How We Do by Wildchild feat. Souls of Mischief.

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