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Chronixx feat. Sizzla Kalonji, Protoje & Kabaka Pyramid - Selassie ...
Warn dem Protoje & Kabaka Guh Calm Dem (Selassie Souljah man) ... man ( Selassie souljah man) KABAKA PYRAMID Yeah, yeah i dont tell dem Man a ...
SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Crank Dat Soulja Boy
(You!) Soulja Boy, tell 'em. Hey, I got a new dance for you all called the Soulja Boy You! You gotta punch then crank back three times from left to right. Ah, yeah!
Soulja Boy - Crank That (Soulja Boy) Lyrics
soulja boy tell em. ayy i got this new dance fo yall called tha Soulja Boy ... Joccin' On dem Hatas Mane When I Do Dat Soulja Boy I Lean To The Left And Crank ...
Lyrics to "Soulja Girl" song by SOULJA BOY: Soulja Boy tell 'em. Yeah Right now it's going down Oh yeah Looking for that Soulja Girl. Ay...
Sojah - So High Lyrics
Try to load the weed and Babylon dem can't touch it. We want fi blaze ... When dem ask you why tell them it was sent to I by The Most High It was found pon ...
Soulja Boy Tell em!) [Soulja Boy:] Man it's ridiculous I got you so delirious kiss me through the phone while I lick you just like licorish I'm hove back in 96 and you ...
When them flames be spittin' at you tell 'em don't even try it. To shot it wit Chelle and ... We like dem boys that be in them lac's leanin' (Leanin') Open their mouth ...
If it be a tradgedy, dem white folks come & hassle me. Gon' slam me down & wrestle me, just to put on handcuffs. Then charge me wit resistance when they told ...
I kno' some niggaz hollin' solja dat a die fo' me ... And if ya too deep in some beef and dem boyz bout ta come ... Hell look boy you betta tell deez niggaz
Fantan Mojah - Hungry lyrics
Intro: Bless di ghetto yute dem through stress and pain. Nuh matta how it tough and hard out there. My people cry. Chorus (2x): Tell dem momma hungry poppa ...
FERGIE LYRICS - Clumsy (Collipark Remix)
FERGIE LYRICS. "Clumsy (Collipark Remix)" (feat. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) ... Rubbabands on ma neck got dem lookin like gold. I got it on lock erbody should know
Soulja Boy - Bring Dat Beat Back Lyrics
(Solja boy tell em) Chorus: Go front back. Left, snap. Right snap. and Bring at beat back (4x's). (aye) Get to rockin' shawty i hit da dance flo a hater get ta poppin  ...
2PAC LYRICS - Str8 Ballin
Tell Mama don't cry. Even when they kill me, They can never take the game from a young G. I'm st8 ballin'! St8 ballin'! Still on parole and I'm the first nigga servin'
DRAKE LYRICS - We Made It (Freestyle)
Kinda makes me wonder why the hell so many people are tryna tell me to slow down. Seems like motherfuckers should be shuttin' the hell up and enjoyin' the ...
Nigga Tell You He Gone Kill You You Gone Shoot Or Die Dem Devils Got Dem Youngters Wildin' Out At Twelve Nah {Twelve Nah} And Hollin' Mutha Fuck Jail ...
I Want Dem To Do Dat Over Her!! (Over Her!!!) [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Its Two (Two), Im Back In Dis Thang, I See Dat Apple Bottom Hangin Out Dat G-Strang,
song by SOULJA BOY: Hey, Dem 30/30 Boyz, Soulja Boy and Arab We got somthin new for y'all When a motherfucka be in y... ... Let me tell you about the life
MASTER P LYRICS - Burbons And Lacs
A fiend that wanted me to serve him, I said bitch cant tell I'm off? But I still gave him five dollars to wipe my white walls. And then I burst up out the block, dropped  ...
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Wanna Be A Gangsta
My niggaz got on dem reeboks wit dem baby 9's tucked. Hollin I don't give a fuck if ... Since they killed solja you will neva catch me slippin man. Lets grip this thing and ... And tell that nigga sumthin gangsta when you hit him up. Like what o you ...
Lyrics to "Booty Meat" song by SOULJA BOY: Yall Dis 1 Rite Hur Is For All Dem Gurlz Wit Dat Bootymeat Bootymeat Girl Shake Dat Bootym...
SOJA LYRICS - Not Done Yet
Lyrics to "Not Done Yet" song by SOJA: It's hard for me when I think about the things that never been They keep coming back again like they...
Soulja Boy - Crank Dat Spiderman Lyrics
Tell them hoes to foul up. Its yo boy B A and I proceed to crank my dance. Posted in my pimpin stance. Now watch me crank dat spiderman. Move left, move right
Game - Aim For The Head Lyrics
[Cassidy] Ayo Game, let dem lames know you aint playin wit em ... If you miss Solja Slim, do da Nolia clap ... Gimme a massage den show me how dem lips feel
Chamillionaire - Hot Girl Lyrics
this is our world what you can't you tell ... see best a quit (best a quite) runnin yall mouf kuz my gorillas been know to kick doors im Paul Wall Camouflages boy wit solja rag on my crotch and if we get ... we turn heads my drop be makin dem go
Soulja Boy - Booty Meat Lyrics
Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That (Soulja… Soulja Boy - soulja boy-hey you there ( lyrics) Lyric Video. soulja boy-hey you there (lyrics) · Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy ...
2PAC LYRICS - One Day At A Time
Lyrics to "One Day At A Time" song by 2PAC: Sometimes its hard to wake up in the morning Mind full of demons, I don't wanna hear them anymore...
Juvenile - In Ya Ass Lyrics
And whoever sleepin' on it dem dat's gonna wake up ... Tryin' to tell you 'bout people, tell you that chick's on chips ... Juvenile - Solja Rag Radio Version Lyrics.
Mistah FAB - New Oakland Lyrics
nigga its TREAL, homeboy tell you how it feel high off purple, ohh we thizzin off a pill. You think we square, we polar bears we doubt it if you want it but tha solja's ...

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