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Mr Eazi feat. Eugy - Body Lyrics
Mar 29, 2016 Eugy. its your boy Eazi eeyy Eugy official eeyy music so sexual ... the low see i got a thing for your curvy body the way you wind up on me you ...
CHARLY BLACK LYRICS - Gyal You A Party Animal
Gyal wine up pon me body gyal. Wine like its a carnival. Gyal me love the way that you wine for me. Gyal your wine is so emotional. So wine up pon me body ...
Lyrics to "Wind Me Up" song by DIGITAL UNDERGROUND: Welcome to the Blue ... Y'all Ladies and gentlemen I'll be your host, Edward Elington Humpty Hu... ... You wound us up so now we bound to pound ya ... Body up, we got enough
SNOW LYRICS - Black & Snow - AZLyrics
Let me tell ya, Snow come back. What goes up must ... Girls come wind up your body body ... Me say me sorry that me kept the people waitin so long. Now that ...
Lyrics to "Tear It Up" song by QUEEN: Are you ready? - well are you ready? Give me your mind baby give me your body Give me some time baby... ... Wind me up - wind me up - wind me up - let me go - Tear it up. Stir it up. Break it up - let me go. Tear it up. Shake it up. Make it ... I love you so near, I love you so far. I gotta tell ...
Lyrics to "Kiss Me" song by ED SHEERAN: Settle down with me Cover me up Cuddle me in Lie down with me And hold me in your arms And your ... I was made to keep your body warm. But I'm cold as the wind blows so hold me in your arms
Always leaves me waiting by the phone. She told me more than ... Whoa, Maybe it's how your body moves I just don't know, Maybe it's just the way you move so slow. [Phone Dialing] ... wind up your body like a bass line wild, drink and dance  ...
Lyrics to "Back It Up" song by PRINCE ROYCE: What's up, baby? It's your new boyfriend ... Girl, your body got me like ... You so so real (so real) ... Now wind it up
Lyrics to "Try Me" song by JASON DERULO: I like the way that your body move all over the floor na na ... So try me in the morning when the sun comes rising up
R KELLY LYRICS - Slow Wind (Remix)
Lyrics to "Slow Wind (Remix)" song by R KELLY: All the ladies in the club (Send on!!!) It's your boyfriend would you wine for me All the ladies in...
BEYONCE KNOWLES LYRICS - Standing On The Sun (Remix)
Gyal you hot like the sun, so you turn up, turn up. Your body turn up, me say "Turn up, turn up" Gyal you hot like the sun, so you turn up, Beyonce Ya wind fi me!
RAY J LYRICS - Turnin' Me On
Baby, you're turnin' me. On tonight, on tonight, on. Baby, you're so utterly cute and . Takin' you home under one small condition. Way ya wind up your body, ...
Alright Lyrics - Pitbull feat. Machel Montano
You want to back back on me and it's so tight. No space to ... The way you move your body is so right. And I just want ... Wind up your body cause it's OK Jump up  ...
Lyrics to "So Fine" song by SEAN PAUL: Girl, girl, I'll be your sunshine, you can be mine You'll be my wind chime, I've got the rhyme We'... ... a good time, make up your mind. Roll with me girl, you're so fine ... Mash up me brain, you a mash up man mind. Real bad ... 'Cause my love, out the shape of your body. And me know ...
Lyrics to "Bumpy Ride" song by MOHOMBI: I wanna boom bang bang with your body yo Were gonna rough it up before we take ... Make your body wind, like me
You and your girlfriend too bad mind. Bad, bad, bad, when ... Look what you're putting me through. I'd never do this to you ... Gyal yuh look so nice, don't take mine chance. Yuh wind up yo sexy body, need a one time dance. Gyal yuh look so ...
DRAKE - Controlla lyrics
Mar 29, 2016 Do things when you want me too. Like controlla, controlla. Yeah, like controlla, controlla. Baby I'm very happy, whine up your sexy body for ...
LANA DEL REY LYRICS - National Anthem
God, you're so handsome. Take me to the ... Wind in my hair ... Tell me I'm your National Anthem Booyah ... Take your body downtown ... Boy, put your hands up
Lyrics to "Caution" song by MAXI PRIEST: Caution, me say you got to have caution ... So girl set yourself inna good position. Wind up your body inna slow motion
Oh No No Lyrics - Next feat. Red Rat
Red Rat": Next (Renee Neufville), I say you make me so hot baby, (Oh no no), Show me what you ... So let me get into you, oh ... When you wind up your body
Con mis caderas lo tengo amansao wind! [Verse 2] Boy keep doing what you're doing get me hot. Winding up your body you don't have to stop. My temperature ...
Vybz Kartel feat. Keshan - Bubble Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Squeeze mi tight and don't let go bubble up ur body fi mi boo mi love it when mi ... body tight Loving you mi baby you do it right When you wine up your waist is a ... me ah feel, so meh cock it on So yuh feel wah yuh feel make yuh body calm ...
Lyrics to "Speakers" song by SAM HUNT: I softly kiss your neck, and slowly whisper You ... T-shirt for a pillow, music up real low, creeping through the window ... So right, girl, I'm so high. You and me, wild and free ... The cool wind that found us is breezing around us ... I know your body language, you ain't gotta translate it
HEAVY D LYRICS - Now That We Found Love
We can tug sheets snuggle up and get stuck ... Now let me take time to set your mind and your body free. So why don't you just stretch ... Wind your body
"Warm Body". Every time I close my eyes I hear your voice and see your smile ... Just because we hold each other up don't mean that we're in love. But when I need you, ... So we go back into the verse to tell the story of the curse of you and me dear. My wicked ... Through wind and currents, until you can come home again.
Ramriddlz - Left, Right Lyrics
Just move your body / Don't think about it / Just move your body / Don't think ... So I wet her in bathroom ... I love the way you whine up on me, wind up on me
(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) OK, I believe you! (Jump in the line, rock ... When she wind up, she bottom, she go like a rocket (Jump in the line, rock ...
Lyrics to "Sex Wit Me" song by FABOLOUS: She said I hope your sex game like your flex game When the flex is ... I ain't trippin' so it's next to vacation, hol' up
QUEEN LYRICS - Bohemian Rhapsody
Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see, I'm just a poor ... Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me. Mama, just ... Body's aching all the time. Goodbye ... So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? So you think ...
Let me play you something to make you keep your body moving. Winding ... Ooh, wee, so much more than sexy ... 'Cause you know you're gonna wind up
DRAKE LYRICS - Controlla
Lyrics to "Controlla" song by DRAKE: Gyal yuh body good and yuh special to meh Wan mek you mi lady, ... They don't wanna see me find your lovin' ... Baby yuh mek mi happy, wine up yuh sexy body fi papi ... Baby, wah mek you so rude
Mental stimulation to make your body move. Body move, yeah, yeah. Girl, I'm on my way now, yeah. Hurry up, get ready don't keep me there waiting. There's nothing left ... Wind your body like yai yai yai ... All night feeling me so deep, so deep
CELINE DION LYRICS - It's All Coming Back To Me Now
... Me Now". There were nights when the wind was so cold. That my body froze in bed ... And you hold me like that. I just have to ... When alone at last we'd count up all the chances. That were ... It was more than all your laws allow. Baby, Baby  ...
Samantha Fox - Perhaps Lyrics
You won't admit you love me / And so how am I ever to know? ... If you can't make your mind up ... And I don't wanna wind up ... Touch Me (I Want Your Body).
Spice Girls - Wanna Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wanna Be' by Spice Girls: Precious time Get your act together we could be just fine / I'll tell you ... So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
TOVE LO LYRICS - Talking Body
Lyrics to "Talking Body" song by TOVE LO: Bed, stay in bed The feeling of your skin locked in my head Smoke, smoke me broke I don't care I'm d... ... So put it on me. Swear it won't take ... Let's use them up 'til every little piece is gone (Let's go)
OMI LYRICS - Hula Hoop
Lord The way you move your hips. And lick your lips. The way you dip. You got me up so high (hey-ey) And girl you got that body. With them curves like a Bugatti
R KELLY LYRICS - Freaky In The Club
Lyrics to "Freaky In The Club" song by R KELLY: Girl let me see your body go la la ... Now back that thing up and make it go boomba ... Because your so fine and I just wanna have a good time. Girl ... Girl wan wind you, wan bump and grind you
THE WEEKND LYRICS - The Party & The After Party
Lyrics to "The Party & The After Party" song by THE WEEKND: I understand your body wants it I know your thoughts Oh you 'bout it, 'bout it You're a big girl and...
Iyanya feat. Diamond Platnumz - Bum Bum Lyrics
Jul 22, 2015 (Your bum bum) Oya shake that, (shake yo... ... you go make me blind, you bomb ma mind with your body wind and so defined wanna ... (Iyanya) Hold up, the way that she wind up she make all da gals just the line up and stop ...

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