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Smoking Popes - Need You Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Need You Around' by Smoking Popes. If I could see into your heart / Then would I know just where to start? / Because I'm lost and I need to be found.
Smoking Popes - Megan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Megan' by Smoking Popes. Butter on a summer day / When she's around / I was on the tracks / When the gate came down / Suddenly I recognized  ...
Smoking Popes - Pure Imagination Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pure Imagination' by Smoking Popes. Come with me and we'll be / In a world of pure imagination / Take a look and you'll see / Into your imagination /
Smoking Popes - Let's Hear It For Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let's Hear It For Love' by Smoking Popes. Let's hear it for heartache / Let's hear it for pain / Let's hear it for poison tears that wash your dreams.
Smoking Popes - Rubella Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rubella' by Smoking Popes. I'm inflamed with desire and its spreading like wildfire / She doesn't know it but she'll soon be mine / Its just a.
Smoking Popes - Stars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stars' by Smoking Popes. Your dreams of love would come true / If you'd only dream that I'm in love with you / Look up at the stars tonight / And.
Smoking Popes - I Know You Love Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know You Love Me' by Smoking Popes. This world is freezing cold / I long for you to hold me in your arms / This world is burning, and / I'm waiting.
Smoking Popes - Off My Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Off My Mind' by Smoking Popes. Baby, I just can't get you off my mind / I' d hang out with you all the time / If I didn't have to work / Maybe I.
Smoking Popes - Adena Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Adena' by Smoking Popes. Untaken pictures of the two of us in love / With an unspoken word / Adena / Tell me how to feel / I can't convince myself.
Smoking Popes - Gotta Know Right Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gotta Know Right Now' by Smoking Popes. If I told you that I really, really liked you a lot / I've wanted to for a long, long time but I never had.
Smoking Popes - My Lucky Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Lucky Day' by Smoking Popes. That settles it / This is my lucky day / That's what they always say / This is what they mean / I'm looking up / Into.
Smoking Popes - Star Struck One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Star Struck One' by Smoking Popes. Evening star struck one / Wondering how come / Suddenly becoming completely undone / Just as I looked into ...
Smoking Popes - Mrs. You And Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mrs. You and Me' by Smoking Popes. I'm thinking about asking you to be / Mrs. you and me / I'm taking my time trying to find out / If there's any.
Smoking Popes - Brand New Hairstyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brand New Hairstyle' by Smoking Popes. I'm looking for a brand new hairstyle / One that I can call my own / One that says I'm not afraid to be my own.
Smoking Popes - Not That Kind Of Girlfriend Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not That Kind of Girlfriend' by Smoking Popes. I can see my life stretching out before me / And it isn't really mine / There's so much that I have.
Smoking Popes - Breaking Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breaking' by Smoking Popes. Breaking, breaking up / Breaking, breaking up / Breaking up with you / Breaking, breaking down / Breaking, breaking ...
Smoking Popes - Pasted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pasted' by Smoking Popes. The sky painted all in pastel / I'm pasted on the ground / World of rooms / All designed to keep you down /
Smoking Popes - Writing A Letter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Writing a Letter' by Smoking Popes. I'm writing a letter to my baby / My baby so far away / I'm writing a letter to my baby / And this is what it.
Smoking Popes - Let Them Die Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let Them Die' by Smoking Popes. Too big or way too small / I say let them die / Don't seem to care at all / I say let them die / Let them die.
Smoking Popes - Why Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Why Me' by Smoking Popes. Why me Lord, what have I ever done / To deserve even one / Of the pleasures I've known / Tell me Lord, what did I ever ...
Smoking Popes - Waiting Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waiting Around' by Smoking Popes. Everyone's running / Everyone's running out of smoke / Nobody wants to leave the house / I'm not waiting around /
Smoking Popes - Under The Blanket Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under the Blanket' by Smoking Popes. I try to hold on, hold on, hold on to you / You keep turning away / And when you turn back, turn back, turn back.
Smoking Popes - No More Smiles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No More Smiles' by Smoking Popes. No more smiles / It's just teardrops falling to the ground / No one's around / And I don't love you anymore / And.
Smoking Popes - Run Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run Away' by Smoking Popes. Don't take the hand of the man with the platform shoes / Don't take a ride from the guy with the dancing tattoos / Don't.
Smoking Popes - Do Something Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do Something' by Smoking Popes. You and me / Have been together / For a long, long time now / Don't know how we do it / We just do it / Way I feel /
Smoking Popes - Midnight Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Midnight Moon' by Smoking Popes. Midnight moon I hold you for this perfect night / Love is born to linger in your magic light / With that girl beside.
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Smoking Popes - Don't Be Afraid Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Be Afraid' by Smoking Popes. The bluest summer skies cloudless in your eyes / A little out of focus here / And the rain belongs to all the.
Smoking Popes - Wake Up Crying lyrics
Lyrics for Wake Up Crying by Smoking Popes. I wake up crying After tossin' and turnin' And yearnin' the whole night long Pretty baby I'm lost since you went ...
Stormy Weather Lyrics - Smoking Popes
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Stormy Weather" from "Smoking Popes": Can't go on, Everything I had is gone, Stormy weather, Since my man and I ain't ...
Paul Lyrics - Smoking Popes
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Paul" from "Smoking Popes": She'll say I love you Paul, I love you Paul, I love you Paul, Hey hey hey hey.
Smoking Popes - Dream Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dream Away' by Smoking Popes. Dream away the tears in your eyes / Dream away your sorrows / Dream away all your goodbyes / Dream away ...
Smoking Popes - Maybe I'll Stay lyrics
Lyrics for Maybe I'll Stay by Smoking Popes. I can hardly recall The bond that brought it all Crashing down around us But with each passing day We fell farther  ...
Smoking Popes - When He Was On The Cross Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When He Was on the Cross' by Smoking Popes. There's no one great among us / We're nothing on our own / We make mistakes and often slip / Just ...
Smoking Popes - The Game Is Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Game is Up' by Smoking Popes. Hey hey hey / I'm not gonna listen to what you say anymore / Your advice gets me nowhere / Always with some.
Smoking Popes - Stay Down lyrics
Lyrics for Stay Down by Smoking Popes. Oh, let the rain fall Let the grave call out my name Oh oh oh I'll be singing just the same Let the bones break Let the...
Smoking Popes - Seven Lonely Days lyrics
Lyrics for Seven Lonely Days by Smoking Popes. Seven lonely days make one lonely week Seven lonely nights make one lonely me Ever since the time you ...
Smoking Popes - Wish We Were Lyrics. There she stands Just like someone that you see on a movie screen Like a picture from the page of a magazine And I ...
Smoking Popes - Time Is Gone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time is Gone' by Smoking Popes. If words were all it took to save someone / I would have said more of them to you / But words just didn't seem to do.
Smoking Popes - You`ll Never Walk Alone Lyrics. When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of a storm is ...

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