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Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed. I said baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free. I got some loud but no money babe buy me ...
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - Young, Wild & Free
Lyrics to "Young, Wild & Free" song by WIZ KHALIFA: So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We're just ... Saggin' my pants, not caring what I show
SUGA FREE LYRICS - I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
Lyrics to "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch" song by SUGA FREE: Whatcha gonna do ? Do you wanna get out? ... on my last bit of indo smoke. I'd rather give you ... You gets... no part of my weed but you can have my bitch Heather Like every other ...
Wish I could cop that coupe for all my good niggas. I Thank you, good riddance, good business. Good grief, what is? We smoking marijuana for free. Ain't no ...
Lyrics to "Free Loaders" song by SILKK THE SHOCKER: Niggaz just don't know, that I'm taxin ... These hoes won't smoke my weed, but weed don't come fo free.
ROB STONE LYRICS - Chill Bill (Remix)
Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed. I said, "Baby just buy dutches cause you can't smoke for free" I got some loud but no money, babe, buy  ...
Twin Myagi - Smoke My Weed Lyrics
Purp.. Mid... Loud. / You know i'mma smoke my weed (Loud) / You know. ... million songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Twin Myagi Radio on
Chill Bill (feat. J.Davis & Spooks)
Dec 20, 2015 Backwoods overload dont like to smoke them swishers hoe If you hit my ... my weed I said baby just buy dutches cuz you can't smoke for free I ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - For My Weed Heads Lyrics
In jail its no good, im smoke free i cant see ima smoke til the day i D-I-E thats just keepin it real about me. This is for my weed heads, strictly for my weed heads, ...
THREE 6 MAFIA LYRICS - Smokin' On Da Dro
Put something on it [La Chat] Hold up, now how you figure that LaChat be jockin niggas for weed. You in my face so mother fucker yeah I'm smoking for free
Lyrics to "Weed Song" song by BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY: Take me Higher, ... Roll (roll), let's smoke, I got to get high ... And when I need to free my mind
Z-RO LYRICS - Doing Just Fine
I'm still a gangsta, pussy niggaz better stay up out my way. Frown on my face I'm holding ... Bitch, you ain't smoking my weed for free. And don't offer me none of ...
Chris Brown - Socialize Lyrics
You know she can give me head but she can't smoke my weed .... to Chris Brown songs, ad-free. Try Prime Music for free Listen to Chris Brown Radio on
KID ROCK LYRICS - Wasting Time
Lyrics to "Wasting Time" song by KID ROCK: I'm a pimp, you can check my stats And rollin a Fleetwood that's how I mack I rock all the tracks,... ... Drinking, smoking, thinking, trying to free my mind ... A little inspiration and a bag of weed. A seed ...
Rob $tone - Chill Bill Lyrics
Said she wanna roll with me and smoke up all my weed. I said baby just buy that shit 'Cause you can't smoke for free. I got some loud but no money babe buy ...
Amy Winehouse - Addicted Lyrics
To buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down ... When you smoke all my weed man ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to Amy Winehouse Radio on
DEMARCO LYRICS - Grabba In My Weed
Lyrics to "Grabba In My Weed" song by DEMARCO: High grade smoking everywhere Babylon a come but wi no care ... The way mi regular him gimmi weed free
So I just pull that bag of colorful frosty leaves on out & free my scalp. I mean I ... Puff puff pass with yo bitch ass back in high school smoke weed when I cut class
Dayton Family - Smoke For Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smoke for Free' by Dayton Family. Yeah, bitch / Back in ... You smoke a joint with me but none of you bitches can smoke my tree (no smoke, no smoke) ... I'm guaranteed to smoke some weed and get that pussy wet. So put the kids to ...
Snoop Dogg - Smoke Weed Everyday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smoke Weed Everyday' by Snoop Dogg: Da da da da daa It's tha mothafuckin' D O double G ... Step up in this mothafucker just to swingin' my hair
An if you let em hit it for free you hella dum-da-dum-dumb. I come to school ... And guzzle it, cause I know the weed in my system is getting lonely. I gotta take a  ...
Lyrics to "John Gotti" song by KEVIN GATES: Sometimes I tell the bitch I'm with, " Shut up and pass the weed" Free my niggas! I been smoking gri...
to pop pills and smoke pot til they brains rot (uhh-oh) Stop they ... So everybody buy my shit or I'ma come and kill you. I got mushrooms, I got acid, I got tabs and aspirin tablets. I'm your brother when you need, some good weed to set you free
She just wanna smoke all my weed And she just wanna sip all my lean And she just wann... ... Stores send me free clothes askin' me to rock it. Now I got all ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Old Time's Sake
You are now free to smoke about the cabin. I'm Dre from back in the day ... Now just blow a little bit of that smoke my way And let's go. You are now smoking with  ...
Lyrics to "Weed Hand" song by BABY BASH: Sometimes da game got me stressin partner i can't lie I roll me a sweet ... I put my weed hand n da sky ... hoes thinkin they gonna smoke for free.but not wit a young P.I.M.P.Just cuz i'm young don't
IAMSU! LYRICS - Let Her Know
I tap my bro on the shoulder and let him know ... She wanna smoke up all my weed, ho sayonara. I'ma free her, keep it g, I'll have a badder bitch tomorrow
To buy his own weed and don't wear my shit down. I wouldn't ... When you smoke all my weed man. You gotta ... I'd rather have myself a smoke my homegrown
La'Chat - Smoke Witcha Lyrics
All I wanna do is just smoke wit cha smoke wit cha / Break down da weed smoke dope wit cha dope wit ... Tryin' to hit my weed, but La Chat aint got nuttin' for ya'
Bridge - Roll My Weed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Roll My Weed' by Bridge. 3 O'clock in ... Smoke an ounce of flight before the flight. Got your ... Try Prime Music for free Listen to Bridge Radio on
FLATBUSH ZOMBIES LYRICS - Mary, Nothing Above Thee
Meet my fluffy pretty hair tasting so lovely nothing above thee. Swisher or ... 15 smoking sours out the jar ... Baby spark the weed, bring your heart to me for free
Kottonmouth Kings - Rest Of My Life Lyrics
I'm gonna smoke weed for the rest of my life you can find me postin on my porch ... The way to the core where the soul can stay true - where I can walk free with a  ...
SUGA FREE LYRICS - Doe Doe And A Skunk
Lyrics to "Doe Doe And A Skunk" song by SUGA FREE: Smokin' on that doe doe and a skunk As I bump with the humps in the trunk I'm sippin' on ... So I'ma drink this Hennesey and give my head a real drive ... And roll this weed up, like [?], speed up with the beat up ... As I swerve by the curb on some herb gettin' smoked
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much ... I' ma smoke, my weed and I'ma drink, my liquor .... Petey Popoff R.I.P., free Lou
FLATBUSH ZOMBIES LYRICS - Smoke Break (Interlude)
Lyrics to "Smoke Break (Interlude)" song by FLATBUSH ZOMBIES: Emotional when rolling dope I ask myself why ... I slow down my eyes are closing, motor functions moving slower ... Smoke again smoke again little weed never hurt nobody
Shawn Chrys and Jah-Free). [Intro: Jah Free] ... Right hand on my money, left hand be on your bitch ... In high school I climbed the roof so I could smoke my weed
TWIZTID LYRICS - 2nd Hand Smoke
Lyrics to "2nd Hand Smoke" song by TWIZTID: Free your mind I represent the East side, no peace Fuck the ... Practice to deceive, no more tricks up my sleeve
TECH N9NE LYRICS - Trapped In A Psycho's Body
Lyrics to "Trapped In A Psycho's Body" song by TECH N9NE: Don't you come near me cause the devils sittin' next to me I drink my drink and smoke my weed ...
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked. Drink my beer and smoke my weed. But my good friends is all I need. Pass out at three, wake up at ...
Lyrics to "I Guess I'll Smoke" song by FUTURISTIC: So I guess I'll smoke So I guess I'll... So I ... I got it for the low, that's free shit ... I just got my marijuana license

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