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LIL' KIM LYRICS - Looks Like Money
Lyrics to "Looks Like Money" song by LIL' KIM: I-I look like money I smell like money I talk money money My girl got money I look like money I smel...
BELLY LYRICS - Smells Like Money
Lyrics to "Smells Like Money" song by BELLY: Hahaha. ... Ya'll don't even know how kush look, look. ... That mothafuckin money I stack is so smelly (smelly)
Three 6 Mafia - Like Money Lyrics
[Chorus] I look, I look, I look, I look, I look, I look, I look, I look,. I look, I feel, I smell like money, I look, I feel, I smell like money, Just look at me dummy, look, look at ...
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Smell Like Money
Lyrics to "Smell Like Money" song by 2 CHAINZ: Here I go, here I go this that C5 Bitch I'm back, with that crack like panty lines Asinine, I get bl...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Money Ova Here
Cause I look like money, I smell like money, my swag one hundred, system fulla that scummy, I ball like a dawg seven days of the week, they don't get it like this, ...
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Bring It Back
What it sound like - sound like money (like money) What it look ... I look, I smell, I taste like money its a big big mistake ya try ta take sum from me. Just want it I ...
Charlie Boy - Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz) lyrics
Lyrics for Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz) by Charlie Boy.
PORCELAIN BLACK LYRICS - This Is What Rock 'n' Roll Looks Like
Lyrics to "This Is What Rock 'n' Roll Looks Like" song by PORCELAIN BLACK: Hey hey hey if you're ready ... I smell like Guns and Roses I look like money bitch
Lil' Kim - Looks Like Money lyrics
Sep 9, 2013 My girl got money I look like money I smell like money I talk money money My girl got money Yeah cash money Thats so last year Now when I ...
Yung Ralph - Looks Like Money lyrics
Jul 29, 2013 Stay down productions Now dats da move! Cause I look like money Smell like money Talk like money even walk like money Everywhere I go ...
Big Tuck - Not A Stain On Me Lyrics
Get money, and we gon' get money, them boy fresh but they not this stunted, when I walk by even smell like money, Dope man clean not a damn stain on me ... Prada frames on me, look at tha chain me, oh that nigga got a mean swag on him ...
Yung Ralph - Look Like Money Lyrics
Talk like money even walk like money. Everywhere I go and everyway I be. I don't even talk they still know it's me. Cause I look like money. Smell like money
Money Ova Here Lyrics - Ace Hood
with the top back see ain't another getin money so clear we got money ova here kickin with a milionar 'cause [Chorus:] Cause I look like money I smell like ...
Young H "The Great" - Look Like, Smell Like Money lyrics ...
Lyrics for Look Like, Smell Like Money by Young H "The Great"
Chalie Boy - Look Like Money (smell Like Dollaz) Lyrics
Lyrics to Look Like Money (smell Like Dollaz) Login now to have your sent lyrics counted and climb our user rankings! Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you ...
Jump out the m6 looking like a (yayo) I look like money, I smell like money. Nigga I taste like that black bag cocaine money. I'm in the leer withcha boo haaa
Looking like money, smelling like a jet, Brand new swag, got me on flex. Whole lot of cash, I'm a walking check. Uh, I got my check up, I need a check-up.
Ace Hood - Money Ova Here Lyrics
See ain't another getting money so clear. We got money over here, kick it with a millionaire. [Chorus] Because I look like money, I smell like money. My swag one  ...
RED CAFE LYRICS - Money Money Money
Lyrics to "Money Money Money" song by RED CAFE: Money money money Money money money ... Now I'm smelling like money got the money and the power
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Money On The Floor
Lyrics to "Money On The Floor" song by BIG KRIT: Is it me or is it something bout a car that makes a bad bitch get freaky and fuck like ... Look, she call me Big Baby, I got my Guccis on. Black on black, head to toe, smelling like Prada cologne
Lyrics to "Buzzin'" song by MANN: Man I feel like money (man I feel like money) They're attracted to me They come around like honey (t...
Cash Cash - Millionaire Lyrics
I feel like a millionaire. I feel like a millionaire. Whenever she comes around. Whenever I hear that sound. She smell like money when she walk by. All heat, no  ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Money
Lyrics to "Money" song by 50 CENT: I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bullshit I'm on that bullshit I'm, I'm, back on that bul... ... Startin to feel like there's nothin left to talk about but the, money, money. Bill collectors keep ... MONEY! Look, I don't wan' talk 'bout these hoes ... It smell like Benjamins, it boosts my adrenaline
Rick Ross - Bag Of Money Lyrics
That bitch bad, looking like a bag of money. I go and ... Nigga look at my bitch you looking the wrong way. Something mean, look exactly just like the song say.
Lyrics to "I Like" song by YG: I like big money, I rock big ice Big booty bitches, that's what I like Ciroc on the ice, bring ... If you look like Beyonce, that's what I pipe
CLINTON SPARKS LYRICS - Favorite DJ (Green Lantern Remix)
I smell like money, look like a trillionaire. And I really don't care how you feeling. Big-faced hundred dollar bills I'm peeling. Bottles stacked up to the ceiling
BORNS LYRICS - American Money
I was there when you fell from the clouds. And landed in the desert. There was a thunder inside of my heart. There was a wonderful pleasure. And like a stallion ...
Man I'm A Fucking King Look What's On My Chest [Hook: Tyga] Uh Started To Smell Like Money In This Bitch Guess You Know It's Young Money In This Bitch
WEBBIE LYRICS - Independent
From his looks to his waves. The stilettos the ... She cook she clean never smell like onion rings ... They be like you ain't got no money take you broke tail home
You get money, you already know oh oh. So much ... And my crib so big, look like a hotel. When we ... Smelling like money, what an elegant flagrance. And this ...
That's me in the Lam, I'm disappearin' like Jimmy Hoffa AK-47 my business ... I smell like money, I know broke niggas feel nauseated. The broads' elated, my ...
UGK LYRICS - Shattered Dreams
I got to get my money-hey, yeah-eah... (Then after I made the ... (Tryna be like us, tryna smell like us) ... But all the moves ya makin, look like you a man to me!
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - You Guessed It
Bitch you jealous, stunt, stunt, shit nigga don't like. Tell a fuck ... And I smell like, pussy, money, and weed. She said ... It looks like you just come in from a storm
Holla At Me Grand Hustle Nigga... money You Know Me I'm So Fly Be lookin... ... Be lookin Like Money everytime I Ride By Got Dem Benjies IN My Pocket ... be like I'll. Dem Hataz gotta smell my shit ... Super down look at me now Superstar
I feel like, look like, smell like, dressed like eighteen billion dollars. On the green like I'm a ... Don't try no funny shit with my money, bitch, or you might get beat up
Smells like a cheap hotel. Diamond watches and a gold chain. Can't make my frown turn around [Cassie:] The boys always spending all their money on love
You smell me girl. I smell like money. See, thats what they don't understand (Tell ' em a god damn thang) To me it was always get money or die. I come up under ...
Gudda Gudda - Money Or Graveyard Lyrics
So give me money or give me the graveyard(2x) / Gi-give me the(8x) / Give me ... gudda money bags hot like hell bitch I look like paper got a new money smell ...
Lyrics to "Up Like Trump" song by RAE SREMMURD: Up Like Donald Trump, Word, ... Look what you done uh, now you done fucked up ... Kush smell just like must, turn it into dust ... Green ain't the issue; little bit of money make a difference
Big money I like it. Used to have ... Till I got money, I got icey and hoes got right, they got fiesty. Turk to put ... Girls be wanna "G" up everytime they look in yo face.

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