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MIGOS LYRICS - Bad And Boujee
You know so we never really had no old money. We got a ... Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie) Fuckin' on .... Drive the 'Rari, that bitch got no roof (skrt)
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Skirtt Skirtt
Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt. Skirt skirt ... Can't lose no more niggas, I lost some real niggas and nigga it hurts
Machine Gun Kelly - Thoed Ass Lyrics
rich motherfucker with no class, bitch im from the ... hot box rips i dont need ... ( skirt ahh). 24/7 get work i grew up around them hot boys, lil turk (aye) im 25 got to  ...
Nard & B Uh-huh, drop, uh-huh, top. Uh-huh, drop, uh-huh, top. Drop the top, drop the top. Drop top, drop top. Uh-huh, drop, uh-huh, top. Uh-huh, skrt, uh-huh
Two cups of purple just to warm up (two cups, drank) I heard your bitch ... Get beat, cause I'm flexin' 'Rari's (skrt) You can bet on ... It is no worry, it is a bill to me (it ain't nothin') I pull up Diablo, ... The key I got, unlock the box (box) What's in that ...
Lyrics to "For Hot 97" song by LIL YACHTY: Brrr hey RD man, it's Boat, yeah. Hey man you know ... Fuck on that bitch then I skirt off with spinners in spinners. All of my ... Empire, no Cookie Saw his chain ... Never ate the box like RD and Jimmy
I can not fuck up the reup, coco, ski up. Yeah, I got high ... Pull up, pull the ceiling down (Skrt skrt) I bought the crib ... Hotbox, got the cops on me. Good dope, put ...
JIMMY BUFFETT LYRICS - Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)
Lyrics to "Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)" song by JIMMY BUFFETT: Bimbo limbo is where I've been I know you know that ... I'm not your macho kind of guy
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Tha Block is Hot
Lyrics to "Tha Block is Hot" song by Lil' Wayne: Wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, wha wha, what Straight off the black gold, nuts in my hand, trustin no... ... Soon as you get it, hot SKIRT, like for them people. Break up the block and hit the cut by ...
Migos - Cocoon Lyrics
Every time I pull up to LIV, I'm in a half a million dollar car (Skrt skrt skrt) ... Love when the box hit the mail ... Momma said don't let 'em no where you lay at
ASAP FERG LYRICS - Murda Something
Aim for the head ain't no need for a vest. Can't nothing ... Niggas say I'm real, bitches say I'm hot. Disrespect the ... You sit in a box, you sleep in a hearse. Wherever you ... Couple bitches gave me brain, then I skeet, and they skirt [Waka Flocka ...
21 Savage - 21 Way (Freestyle) Lyrics
Hotbox with a paper tag (paper tag) Your baby ... I don't want to do no song with these niggas cause they scary. Draco on that ... 21 Savage - Skirt Skirt (Lyrics).
Lyrics to "Take It Off" song by TECH N9NE: And I aint tryna be no husband I'm just tryin' to get your ... Ain't no time for you to be stubborn ... Here's my skirt baby
Jay-Z - Best Of Me (Remix) Lyrics
But I'm used to not havin' a lot. I'm from the ... Your hot boy style drives me wild. But in the back of ... Plus my hand is up your skirt, god**** you flirt. What's a little ...
CAKE LYRICS - Short Skirt / Long Jacket
Lyrics to "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" song by CAKE: I want a girl with a mind like a diamond I want a girl who knows what's best I want a girl with shoe...
Don't cha wanna know how I get down (uh huh) Take a number baby. You ain't the only brother. Trying to get up under my skirt now (uh huh) Rockin all your hot  ...
the devil block, trouble not, I'm ready for 'em, niggas they know I'm ready for ... posed to be street, pull your skirt down nigga 'cause we're smellin' your ... job, lyrical damage on one, two punch, crush you amateurs, box and watch me execute like (cockins?), my flow piping hot scorching, proceed with caution murder any MC, ...
Prince - Chocolate Box Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chocolate Box' by Prince. ... [Chorus:] I got a box a chocolates ... And eye ain't got no time to waste ... Skirt your gonna get a chance to prove it
Migos - Bad And Boujee lyrics
... Offset] / You know, young rich niggas / You know so we never really had no old money / We got a. ... Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie) ... (skrt) I tell that bitch to come comfort me (comfort for me) I swear these niggas is under me (hey)
Epic Rap Battles Of History - Cleopatra VS Marilyn Monroe Lyrics ...
You better hold more than your skirt, Miss, please, ... who says he likes it hot. Even Joe DiMaggio took a swing in your batter's box. ... You still got no children
Zebra - Rupert Lyrics
Sey yuh waan know Rupert / Blouse and skirt (repeat) / Sey yuh waan know Rupert / Blouse and skirt ... Dem deh time blood a decorate di skirt ... Shines say " no man, puncture di tire" ... Yuh nuh see poker box, stop pay out token ... Hot Songs.
HOPSIN LYRICS - Lunchtime Cypher
But now I feel like having sex with these bitches is not enough ... When only time they carry heat is serving a hot meal ... Is getting kilt like a skirt from Scotland
Bobby Brackins - 143 Remix Lyrics
No golf but club with me I'm big like double Ds. Poppin in cities I aint ... Lift that skirt up got buns like a burger ... Bobby Brackins - Hot Box Music Video. Hot Box.
Shade Sheist - John Doe Lyrics
Like I'm just wearin' this jacket to be hot. I flash the ... [Vocoder Box:]It's John Doe [ DJ Quik:] ... [DJ Quik:] No return fire cause they [Vocoder Box:]Too slow {* gunshots*} [DJ Quik:] ... Bust one, jump in the Monte Carlo and skirt (skirt!) Give em ...
You know so we never really had no old money. We got a ... Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox (cookie) Fuckin' on .... Drive the Rari, that bitch got no roof (skrt)
Thick thighs, no waist, not a care in the world. You not crazy girl, ... You like a hot bowl of gritz only way more gritty. Straight ... And when you lift your skirt in public yo I can't help but peek. You like ... Chex Mix at your local grocer buy your box
Rape can be Funny Lyrics - George Carlin
Say you can't joke about something because it's not funny. Comedians ... Rape's not funny." I say, "fuck ... Say, "she had it coming, she was wearing a short skirt.".
Lil Boosie & B.G. - Nigga Like Me lyrics
... nigga Shout my nigga Max, he in a box, nigga Pull up La Marina in a yacht, nigga ... we shot nigga free the flock you know rowdy still a hot nigga Skrt Skrt spin a car ... niggas won't get shot That's Bobby Shmurda, not Bobby Brown, known to ...
Last Time Lyrics - Gucci Mane feat. Travis Scott
And last time I smoked gas I almost crashed a whip (skrt) Last time I took drugs ... La Flame linked with La Flare, yeah, that's heat and snow. Goin' in all year, 300 ...
Cake - Shadow Stabbing Lyrics
The air is so hot ... Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket (Live on Letterman) Music Video ... Short Skirt / Long Jacket · Cake - No Phone Music Video. No Phone.
Work That! Lyrics - Teriyaki Boyz feat. Chris Brown and ...
Her shirt be BURSTIN When she twist ? twirk that skirt get. Lifeted HIGH ... He say She say TB RIKUESUTO MANMA no shiikensu de fukai Groove P-senpai say ...
Dangerous On The Dance Floor Lyrics - Musto & Bones
she wears leather and lace, a skirt made of satin you like her ... 2 of em leave cant take no more ... flow go, no intermission ... pant like a dog from the body heat
The Roots - When The People Cheer Lyrics
Wake up in the boxes with a box of Apple Jacks Everybody acts ... Sucker for a pencil skirt. Looking for a ... The Roots - What They Do (No Subtitles) Music Video .
Lil' Kim - Shook Hands Lyrics
put them in the box, in the grave broke, cut it or weed it ... Aint no Shook Hands in Brooklyn cross that bridge tuck ya goods in gangsta in my skirt straight eight in my purse all you bitches get murcked and peace lay in the dirt, ... Hot Songs.
The sun don't come up til' mornin' so tonight theres no excuse...mmm (mmm) Just like the rain outside ... Slip off that skirt and that shirt gotta go. Come off them ...
Best Of Me (Remix) Lyrics - Mýa feat. Jay-Z
But I'm used to not having a lot. I'm from the ... I don't know. Your hot boy style drives me wild ... Plus my hand is up your skirt goddamn you flirt. What's a little me ...
Regular Show - Free Cake / Meat Your Maker lyrics and translation ...
Oct 8, 2014 No cake. Pops: But it is Skips's birthday! Mordecai and Rigby: Free cake! ..... ( Drops Mordecai's body and stumbles on a box with hot dogs.) ... She is wearing a seashell bikini top and a grass skirt) Margaret: Hey, Mordecai!
Reba (Two Worlds Collide) Lyrics - The Lonely Island ...
But as usual we ended up fucking. (No doubt.) ... Dropped her denim skirt and said, "Hop to it." Made love all night. ... Hot damn, she fly. All she wanna do is bump ...
Come on State your business Come on Let's make it hot Come on (word) Let's make it hot Come on... ... Reload There'll be no repentance for soul ... They skirt out my with Rick ran down tires ... Bounce like box springs on your craft-matic
Epic Rap Battles of History - Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe Lyrics ...
... noses Oh no, you better hold more than your skirt, miss please I'm the Queen of ... hot Even Joe DiMaggio took a swing in your batter's box I'm a descendant of ...

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