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Skrewdriver - White Power Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Power' by Skrewdriver: White Power! Today White Power! For Britain Before it gets too late.
Skrewdriver - Friday Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friday Night' by Skrewdriver. FRIDAY NIGHT / What a time we had on Friday night / What a bird you went with, what a sight / And you made excuses ...
Skrewdriver - I Don't Like You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Like You' by Skrewdriver. 1-2-3-4 I don't like you! / Get out on the job in the morning / Time is draggin' by real slow / ( ? ) / Boss is.
Skrewdriver - Before The Night Falls Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Before the Night Falls' by Skrewdriver: But melting pots boil over, and it's getting pretty hot.
Skrewdriver - Back With A Bang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Back With a Bang' by Skrewdriver: Reckoned that the skinheads' days were numbered And the papers dripped with liquid hate Being patriotic's not the.
Skrewdriver - Voice Of Britain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Voice of Britain' by Skrewdriver. Walking 'round streets, hand-in-hand with fear / No-one can tell what is 'round the bend / Don't side with the.
Skrewdriver - Blood & Honour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blood & Honour' by Skrewdriver. To dream of freedom in this world / Our banners flying proudly are unfurled / Even if we stand alone we must never.
Skrewdriver - Poland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poland' by Skrewdriver. You over-run my country, with your blood and steel / Never thought to ask us, how it made us feel / Cutting down our people,
Skrewdriver - Power From Profit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Power From Profit' by Skrewdriver. It's time to face the music, we've let our country down / Upon the face of our nation, there seems to be a frown /
Skrewdriver - Mr. Nine To Five Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr. Nine To Five' by Skrewdriver. It's 8 a.m. and your day has nearly started / You must be at the office dead on nine / Hey Mr. 9-to-5 it's just.
Skrewdriver - Flying The Flag Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flying the Flag' by Skrewdriver. We live on the streets now, we fight for our lives / We fight for the flag now, we're all willing to die / We don't.
Skrewdriver - Government Action Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Government Action' by Skrewdriver. What a drag, what a waste of time / Want more money or a life of crime / Do as much work as an older man / He ...
Skrewdriver - A Case Of Pride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Case of Pride' by Skrewdriver. You're wondering how you'll make it through the day / Pack your bag and then you'll get up on your way / Chorus: /
Skrewdriver - Hail The New Dawn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hail the New Dawn' by Skrewdriver. Come raise the voices of the dead battalions / Of those who fell, that Europe might be great / Join in our song,
Skrewdriver - An-ti-so-cial Lyrics
Lyrics to 'An-ti-so-cial' by Skrewdriver. I don't like papers, reading books / Getting sick, think it sucks / I don't wanna listen to another word / I'm so.
Skrewdriver - 9 Till 5 Lyrics
Lyrics to '9 till 5' by Skrewdriver. Another Monday morning, another day / Come Friday evening, when you collect your pay / Chorus: / Like working from nine.
Skrewdriver - Searching Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Searching' by Skrewdriver. I never stop looking / I'm gonna have more now / Wish someone could tell me / What I'm looking for now. / Chorus: / Will I.
Skrewdriver - Smash The I.R.A. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smash the I.R.A.' by Skrewdriver. On the streets of Ulster, the battle rages on / British people fighting for their land / Fought in two world wars.
Skrewdriver - Jailbait Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jailbait' by Skrewdriver. Long blond hair, looks so good / Temptation, think I should / Chorus: / Jailbait, jailbait / My jailbait / No-one knows.
Skrewdriver - One Fine Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Fine Day' by Skrewdriver. Daily papers, black headlines, won't you tell us all the news? / Young girl raped and an old one mugged, and the police.
Skrewdriver - Where's It Gonna End? Lyrics
Ain't got much money, ain't got no car. I don't need transport, don't travel far. I don' t need friendships, I don't need foes. It's just the thing now, the way it goes.
Skrewdriver - Backstreet Kids Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Backstreet Kids' by Skrewdriver. Backstreet kids, no future in sight / Backstreet kids, can't see no light / Backstreet kids, no money too /
Skrewdriver - Gotta Be Young Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gotta Be Young' by Skrewdriver. Nothing to do again / Such a boring day / Sweet FA, what a day / It's bugging me / It's the same all the time / I'm.
Skrewdriver - The Snow Fell lyrics
The Snow Fell lyrics by Skrewdriver: He sat in a room / In a square of the color of blood. / He'd rule the whole world / If there was a way.
Skrewdriver - Our Pride Is Our Loyalty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Our Pride is Our Loyalty' by Skrewdriver. This is our land, the European man / So where are you, a land so fair and true / Chorus: / I guess we.
Skrewdriver - Shove The Dove Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shove the Dove' by Skrewdriver. Don't wanna talk about the government peace, / It's just another virtue with a throwout piece. / Congradulate.
Skrewdriver - Soldier Of Freedom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soldier of Freedom' by Skrewdriver. I don't fight for the money, don't fight for blood / I'm fighting for freedom, I know where I'm stood / I fight.
Skrewdriver - We Don't Pose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Don't Pose' by Skrewdriver. We got new faces / We got somethin' new / Yeah we're all strangers / And we're playin' for you / Chorus: / And just.
Skrewdriver - Open Up Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Up Your Eyes' by Skrewdriver. Open up your eyes / You are in for such a surprise / You have no idea what's a goin' on / You're just being used,
Skrewdriver - Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Won't Get Fooled Again' by Skrewdriver. We'll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet / And the morals that they worshipped will be.
Skrewdriver - Streetfight (1986) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Streetfight (1986)' by Skrewdriver. Waiting for the weekend, on a left- wing afternoon / Reds are gonna lose their power, skinheads gonna call the.
Skrewdriver - I Don't Need Your Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Don't Need Your Love' by Skrewdriver. Well I know what I want / But baby you do too / Well I don't need your love / 'Cause baby I need you. /
Skrewdriver - The Jewel In The Sea Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Jewel in the Sea' by Skrewdriver. You're walking along a wind- swept seafront with the cold north wind in your hair / You're looking out over the.
Skrewdriver - The Way It's Got To Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Way It's Got to Be' by Skrewdriver. Walk around the city and you hold your head up high / The sheep they'll try and drag you down with their.
Skrewdriver - The Road To Valhalla Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Road To Valhalla' by Skrewdriver. There is a road and it leads to Valhalla / Where only the chosen are allowed / There is a boy with a dream of.
Skrewdriver - Built Up, Knocked Down (1979) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Built Up, Knocked Down (1979)' by Skrewdriver: Are you trying to mess us up now, trying to make us quit? If that's what your trying to do, well, you.
Skrewdriver - (Too Much) Confusion Lyrics
Lyrics to '(Too Much) Confusion' by Skrewdriver: All the violence, all the reporters sniffing around Tomorrow's headlines, we all know who's gonna get the.
Skrewdriver - Skrew You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Skrew You' by Skrewdriver. Hey you up there in your office / Hiding in your private little nest / Trying to tell the people what to listen to / Do.
Skrewdriver - If There's A Riot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If There's a Riot' by Skrewdriver. Walking down the street, avoiding the cops / With size ten boots and a number one crop / People aviod you as you.
Skrewdriver - I Know What I Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know What I Want' by Skrewdriver. I've been sitting 'round here waiting for somebody's call / I hope it comes off quickly 'fore the winter starts.

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