Skooly i got a bad bit i know a lot of niggas want her lyrics

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Lyrics to "Bad" song by SKOOLY: Ok I just got a bitch with a bad ass That bitch got a bad ass attitude Pull up on a nigga what that... ... Yeah I ain't have to tell her. This bitch makes that bitch better. Oh like she don't give a fuck with what a niggas talking about. She's that type of bitch that going to pull up when niggas Walking ...
Skooly - Roccsan Lyrics
Nov 29, 2015 Bad bitches on my radar, my radar Look I can never pay... ... goddamn Got more bitches than a motherefuckin man Nigga im the man thats ... you seen her) Roccsan Roccsan(tell me have you seen her) Fuckin with the man ... with no nasty bitch Yeah Yeah, You know what I said right I get in them bed like ...
SKOOLY LYRICS - Everything
Lyrics to "Everything" song by SKOOLY: Black John gotti My kosher no-sher Shalydie CCM Nigga Oh yeah RA star star Look ... They know that shit's calling my name ... You niggas is sweet as you look ... Bad bitch, butter pecan ... My daddy treat me like his brother (He love me) I gotta thank God for my momma (I love her)
2 Chainz, Cap 1 & Skooly - Xanny Lyrics
Apr 10, 2015 Lyrics for Xanny by 2 Chainz, Cap 1 & Skooly. ... I know what you niggas about We slanging narcotics, you know that we got it There's ... bitch your ass with no bravo Fifteen, suddenly I want to sing Sixteen, fucking hoes, ... naked I done fell asleep when I was on a Xan Imma treat her like a dog, I'm a dog In ...
YFN Lucci feat. Skooly - Wonder Why Lyrics
Aug 1, 2015 Lyrics for Wonder Why by YFN Lucci feat. Skooly. I wonder why the sun ... i think i love her these niggas injured they gone have to recover u can come ... anit never lost faith I wonder why (Lucci I got ya) Another nigga bitch on the ... to be rude, fuck with me Lucci See a fuck nigga, shoot a fuck nigga, tell me ...
2 CHAINZ LYRICS - Keep It 100
Lyrics to "Keep It 100" song by 2 CHAINZ: Pull on the ballet and look like on my shit Talk inside waiting for the ... [Hook - 2 Chainz & Skooly:] ... I brought her with a bad bitch, I got a fining for this ... Because niggas know I'm from the H town
YFN Lucci - Know No Better Lyrics
Jun 3, 2015 Yea We was always then niggas They know we them niggas She know I'm ... I wish a fuck nigga would, Like I don't know no better, Ima squeeze like ... Got her calling me dad, Kicked the bitch out of my pad, We got a lot of us, ...
Lyrics to "Ima Dog" song by 2 CHAINZ: Okay you know that I'm illy, my home is worth a milli' My flow is bout money, and I ... Cause I'ma ride your bitch and I'ma pop a fucking wheelie ... Got her on the D and I ain't talking 'bout Decatur ... [Pre- Hook - Skooly:] ... I'm killing these niggas like over and over and over, instant replay
RICH KIDZ LYRICS - Sunrise Interlude
She wanna hate me bad, but she know she can't cause it's a sin. And she ... I got alot of weed I got alot of money, I can buy alot of weave. No Alicia, skooly got keys. And we ... And she a nasty lil bitch ... And if a nigga start, we'll end this bitch
YFN Lucci - Letter from Lucci Lyrics
Feb 22, 2016 Uh uhh Told em they shouldn't, less you want none Wait for it, gotta want one ... I promise no man wants it as bad as I want it Somebody go and tell 'em that ... a nigga tell them they ain't never want to believe I got a whole lot of tricks ... song baby Told her "got it all" but she still ain't grateful Paid for it all bitch ...
TRINA LYRICS - Killing You Hoes
I know I must make a lot of ya'll hoes sick. And all I can ... And I don't sweat niggas and I don't fight over dick. So while you ... Look at me bitch I got everything you hoes want. I can fuck a ... Get your hustling hoe, look like your doin bad. You lost  ...
JUICY J LYRICS - Miss Mary Mack
And ohh, I think I love that bitch, I think I love that bitch. I think I love that bitch, ... Smokin' more weed than these young niggas. One more hit ... I'm addicted to her, she know I can't live without her. Mary Jane is all I need ... bitch go by. Got her layin' on her back, with her legs up in the sky ... Cause I got a bad bitch, she a nurse
Lyrics to "Not Going Back" song by CHILDISH GAMBINO: It seems like they all want me to fail But I'm not goin' back Not goin' back, baby Please tell me y... ... That's why these fake niggas who call me pussy are mad at me 'Cause they ain't have the ... Got nothin' against the sistas, I just don't think they're into me. I am not a ...
Lyrics to "Back It Up" song by RICH KIDZ: She want bank rolls, on bank rolls, on bank rolls On ... Gotta pay the bill and her car note on her own ... Tell friends drive with me but that young nigga hell. Player spot new car off the lot ... Talk shit cause she know she bad ... Show another nigga bitch kung fu when she kick with me
FUTURE LYRICS - Jordan Diddy
Aye, I'm Michael Jordan bitch in every city (Every city) ... Bad boy, future got spanish bitches, I ain't him (Mamacita) Jump shot, jump shot, throw some 1's nigga. Zone six, niggas get money like Harlem niggas (Harlem!) Aye, I'm Michael ... And we got big bags nigga, no santa (Check) ... So I'm a fuck her friends too ( Woooww)
When I see a bad bitch (Washam) And I bet she ... Tell Yayo catch that pinack ... Lingo got em flexxin, lingo got that nigga bitch ... And her friend want to fuck me
KODAK BLACK LYRICS - News Or Something
Ay boy you don't need no more of that oil boy, that's another lick for you boy. [?] you be throwed ... Big booty bitch way bigger than Mizhani While he eat kool ... Now I got a lil one, I shoulda wore a condom. But now I'm ... Why you gotta wish bad on your little boy? Put your ass on ... got the flag? A nigga already know the deal
JOE BUDDEN LYRICS - N.B.A. (Never Broke Again)
Keep a bad bitch in my team. I should join the ... bitch I'm ballin. I fuck her once, don't call her. My niggas gettin' that green, we in a different league. NBA ... You see me smokin' and you know I got that pack, I got that sack. I got that O, I hit the club ... I'm in my old school ride it sounds just like a newer motor. They're wondering ...
Or maybe a swisher, I begin to kiss her. Keep all the ... My niggas keep mary jane like a fucking Tarzan In the fuckin ... Never though, got 'em going through the roof with hella smoke. With towels ... Fuck it, I'm blazieing up, bad bitch craving dust
2 Chainz - Keep It 100 Lyrics
Pull up in the vallet it look like wings on my shit / Talkin' sideways put a beam on my shit / Ain't no Activis so I lean. ... Skooly,Kaleb & Short Dawg & Cap 1. New! Highlight ... I pulled up with a bad bitch, I got her fiendin' for this ... A nigga think this is a disease, can't even keep it a 100 ... 'Cause niggas know I'm from the H town
Travis Porter feat. Spodee - ReYup Lyrics
Sep 5, 2015 Rollin up gas in a strip club know i got it bad for them thick girls where the trap niggas. ... and make her clean up Spend 10k then reYup Got a whole lotta money nigga we up 9 times ... Bitch stop trusting when she met us Dodging hole like a prenup Skid along and make clean ... Show Me Sum (feat. Skooly).
Lyrics to "Bend Over" song by RICH KIDZ: Bottom line Tonite No need to climb on top of me ... Lil baby that nigga so weak ... Ain't tryina catch no fall so she tell me to watch my step ... (Ha) I got more keys then a prison gaurd ... I needa bad bitch ... Told het tp turn it 'round, arch her back and bend it over ... [Verse 3: Skooly]
Awwsome [Remix] - Single Lyrics - Shy Glizzy feat. 2 ...
You niggas so soft, get that arrow out your heart. You can be a ... Call up my driver tell him scoop me in his Escalate ... Got a lot of spots like a motherfucking cheetah ... Bad little kitty momma took my ass to jeepers ... Hit her with the dick, leave her with a beauty mark. She say we all the same, I say "bitch come hit this reefer"
Lyrics to "My Old Thang" song by JAE MILLZ: Mean girl It reminds me that you know Mean ... I got a new attitude like Patty And a new bad bitch to call me daddy ... She got her own house, her own BM Dub ... Real nigga, til the end of my days
Look like u on that bullshit(U on that bullshit)bullshit ... Now sick at first shit get worries to then the first bullshit got my nigga's locked down in a Hurst dis shit hurt  ...
RICH KIDZ LYRICS - Feel This Flow Intro
So I'm gone make it work and I gotta stay focused these niggas still sitting down leaving prints inside ... I know they feel me now ... Grandma keep telling her daughter that her son gone be a winner ... Fuck the rap game like it was a bad bitch
Rich Kidz - Bend Over Lyrics
Chorus: / Bottom line / Tonite / No need to climb on top of me / Bend over / Now dont ... Lil baby that nigga soul food (lose) ... Ain't tryina catch no fire so she tell me to watch my step ... (ha) I got more keys then a prison gaurd ... I needa bad bitch ... Told her to turn it 'round, arch her back and bend it over ... Verse 3 ( Skooly):
I came to get money, but now that I got it. Hate on a nigga, but ... And if I don't know more that's cause I did it nigga. You get smart ... They say I shop like hipsters, I drive cars like a rich nigga. And probably ... That little bitch look bad. She got ass ...
Schoolly D - Saturday Night Lyrics
Ya know I'm horny homey man I wanted to chill. But you know ... 'Cause, tonight I want to be your lover. Just one ... We got into my room, bitch started to scream
LIL' KIM LYRICS - Black Friday
Lyrics to "Black Friday" song by LIL' KIM: It's funny 'cause, you know, we've ... even though you say it's not specifically about her - that Roman's Revenge is for Kim. ... Clap clap with your frame like a fucking garage (Yeaaaah) ... This the shit the other bitch almost got killed for. ... And my niggas squeeze 'til the last shell go off.
Dro Fe - On Me Lyrics
I got a, I got a / I got a bankroll on me / I got all this ice on me / Got a model bitch on me / I got a bankroll ... Keep a bad bitch with me, put some bands on her coat
Que - Rich Problems lyrics
Rich Problems lyrics by Que: I got rich nigga problems, I got rich nigga problems / I got rich nigga problems, I got rich nigga problems.
YFN Lucci - Documentary Lyrics
Documentary lyrics performed by YFN Lucci: Uh, what you heard nigga? Nah, fuck what you heard I keep two lil goonies on the lurk My bitch gotta cool lil twenty in her purse. ... Whole lot of types I ain't never gone settle, ain't never gone settle. You know. Like I use ... I need me a Nicki Minaj, I need me like two freaky brauds

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