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Bound For Glory - Shove It Up Your Ass* Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shove It Up Your Ass*' by Bound For Glory. Dirty, smelly crusties, protesting on the street / You can smell them a mile away, they haven't bathed in.
For the Worse - Shove It Up Your Ass lyrics
Lyrics for Shove It Up Your Ass by For the Worse. ... Sign in. Sign up. Shove It Up Your Ass. For the Worse. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and ...
Gehennah - Carve off Your Face (And Shove It up Your Ass) lyrics ...
Lyrics for Carve off Your Face (And Shove It up Your Ass) by Gehennah.
So take your Grey Poupon my friend. And shove it up your ass! [Chorus] Eat the Rich: there's only one thing they're good for. Eat the Rich: take one bite now ...
MEAT LOAF LYRICS - Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back
Ev'ry time I turn it on, I burn it up and burn it out. It's always ... It leaves a stain on all your clothes and no detergent gets it out ... And you can shove it up your ass
behind the warm image is a cold cold bastard corporate liberal bullshit ruling fucking class take your fucking money and shove it up your ass take your lies i've  ...
TRINA LYRICS - Look Back At Me
Lyrics to "Look Back At Me" song by TRINA: I got an ass so big like the sun ... Slap it in my face shove it down my throat ... Back it up drop down to your knees
You're dressed up like a clown. Putting on your act ... Tomorrow your mold goes back on. After Halloween ... And shove 'em up your ass. Submit Corrections.
Just coat your cred with Vaseline And shove it up your ass. Used to be a pimp. But now I'm HOINFODAMAN I'm HOINFODAMAN I'm HOINFODAMAN I used to ...
THE GAME LYRICS - Bigger Than Me
Man Fuck these niggas, I'll slash your fucking faces. You niggas ... Dick down the throat ass niggas ... Take your Top 10 spot and shove it up your ass, bitch boy
Shove it up my butt. Let that little rascal nibble ... He's still crawling around up there. Oh fack I think it's stuck ... Shove a gerbil in your ass. Through a tube. Shove ...
TOOL LYRICS - Hooker With A Penis
And if I'm the man, Then you're the man, and. He's the man as well so you can. Point that fuckin' finger up your ass. All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Joe Pesci - Take Your Love and Shove It lyrics
Oct 1, 2015 Why don't you take your love and shove it up your big fat ass You know you're the reason we're through I'm tired of all the yellin' And the fights ...
Anti Flag - Fuck The Pope Lyrics
Take your god and shove it up your ass! Ignoring real problems, That you've hidden in denial, Living in the past, Ruining people's lives. You talk about family ...
I Don't give a fuck. About all of your problems. I could give a rats ass how your feeling today take your wordly advice and shove it straight up your ass. Thanks for ...
ROYCE DA 5'9" LYRICS - Who Got Bodied (Freestyle)
It's clear to me he'll fuck up his own cash. Take your little freestyle and shove it up your ass. Followed by the "oohs" and "aaahs" Your foolish pride gonna fuck ...
IGGY POP LYRICS - Starry Night
That starry night. Makes me feel alright. Like a human being. Take your building and your income and. Shove it up your ass- Take your building and your income  ...
And take your propaganda, and shove it up your ass [Steve Knight] Tryin' to take me back away. Take me back on down. There's nobody left to save in this town
Haile Selassie, Up Your Ass Lyrics - Propagandhi
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Haile Selassie, Up Your Ass" from "Propagandhi": You speak of Rastafari but how can you justify, Belief in a god that's left ...
Well you can take that school and shove it up your ass. That music you're playing is way too loud. Ooh Rock and Roll is never too loud. Teenage rebels rule ...
G.G. Allin - Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass' by G.G. Allin. Manchester, New Hampshire / Shove that warrant up your ass / New Haven, Connecticut / Shove that.
You can take your war and shove it up your ass, Then close your eyes and say goodbye. If you don't know how to resent one another, To gain the new way of ...
Pick up the phone and turn in a fag. Blow it out your ass, Terry Dolan Blow it out your ass, Phyllis Schlafly Ram it up your cunt, Anita Cos God must be dead
Big brothers gonna shove it up your ass, 1,000 oinks scratching at the field of dignity you. You'd always love meat, you'll see lets see what anti-gravity says, ...
EXODUS LYRICS - Corruption
Shove it up your ass where the sun ain't shining. We know now what it takes to defend. If disaster strikes, then they'll be hiding. Corruption From laundering ...
PINK GUY LYRICS - Kill Yourself
Lyrics to "Kill Yourself" song by PINK GUY: Shut. The fuck. Up Shut. The fuck. Up Poo ... If you're number one, shove it up your ass and make it number 2 (Oh)
B.O.B LYRICS - New Black
Well shove it up your ass with a pinecone. I'm tryna paint the bigger picture. You looking for the enemy, then stare into the mirror. I said I'm trying to paint a bigger  ...
DEXYS LYRICS - Nowhere Is Home
I just gotta be myself. Take your Irish stereotype and shove it up your ass. Not what I want for me. I am a T bird that is she's not for me. And now I'm gonna be free
Pulp - I Spy Lyrics
Can't you see the giant that walks around you seeing through your petty lives? Do you think I do these ... Take your "Year in Provence" and shove it up your ass.
PINK GUY LYRICS - Pink Guy Cooks Takoyaki And Raps
If you wanna sniff a line of cocaina up in a diner and pop a molly or stupid shit. Reflect on using it but ... And shove it up your ass I probably wouldn't read it later
Edguy - Dead Or Rock Lyrics
Lady don't leave us in a mess. Take the bow and shove it up your ass. Go die or rock tonight. No tradeoff - there's just dead or rock. Your house on fire tonight
CHASE RICE LYRICS - Country 'til I'm Dead
Lyrics to "Country 'til I'm Dead" song by CHASE RICE: You can take, your high dollar style Shove it up your ass, ya that'd make me smile You look real cut...
But you'll never be a rapper with a flat-ass ass [Zero Suit Samus:] My ass may be flat. But don't get caught up on that ... And shove it deep inside your ass
It's Raning (Take Out Cho' Umbrella) Lyrics - Big Umbrella
Lil' Kim:you stupid bastard I ain't takin' no fuckin' umbrella out and if I do, I'll shove it up your ass foo' Kon Artist: Yo, yo, yo check this. check this shit damnit.
Satanic Surfers - Don't Skate On My Ramp Lyrics
Your racist point of view. Your primitive way of acting. You know what you can do now? You can take your nationalism. You can shove it up your ass, yeah!
Yo this is jayreckage bitch me. And spanky don't give a fuck. If you don't like our music take this cd. And shove it up your fuckin ass crack bitch!!!! [Chorus:]
POST MALONE LYRICS - Broken Whiskey Glass
So you can take your nine-to-five and shove it up your ass. And I won't go on, ... And I woke up and my room's fuckin' trashed like a damn hotel. Where I go next, ...
You don't like it shove it up your ass. Fair and balanced prejury. And it's all on Fox TV Delusion will rule day in this society. Intellectual property in bankruptcy
Epiclloyd - Daniel lyrics
Jun 28, 2015 For suffering lost tips and being made to look suckish First things first, I quit! You can take this job and shove it up your ass I don't give a shit if ...
Your arms, hell no what elbows are pound of weed for sale though, in hell. I got my whole city ... Take your ass hole and shove it up your opinion. The menace ...

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