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Shonen Knife - Baggs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Baggs' by Shonen Knife. Every dog and every cat and every people has Louis Vuitton / Rich people and poor people genuine spurious Louis Vuitton ...
Shonen Knife - It's A New Find Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's A New Find' by Shonen Knife. Feel in your pockets for something fun / Wash your socks and turn them inside out / Try to look hip in old ugly.
Shonen Knife - Banana Chips Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Banana Chips' by Shonen Knife. Banana chips for you! / Banana chips for me! / In the afternoon, Banana chips and tea. / Sliced bananas lightly fried.
Shonen Knife - Hot Chocolate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hot Chocolate' by Shonen Knife. Hot chocolate. / Super fine ground brown powder. / Hot chocolate. / Hot as the Sahara desert. / Hot chocolate. /
Shonen Knife - Top Of The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Top of The World' by Shonen Knife: The nearest thing to.
Shonen Knife - E. S. P. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'E. S. P.' by Shonen Knife. Extrasensory perception, she has special powers. / Extrasensory perception, she has special powers. / I saw her on the TV,
Shonen Knife - Lazybone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lazybone' by Shonen Knife. I don't want to get up early in the morning, / I want to sleep all day. / I don't want to ride a crowded subway, / I want.
Shonen Knife - Cycling Is Fun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cycling is Fun' by Shonen Knife. I want to go, I want to go / To the green fields with you, baby. / C'mon let's go, wo, wo, wo / Riding on a bicycle.
Shonen Knife - Black Bass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Bass' by Shonen Knife. Let's go fishing for a Black Bass. / But it is a rainy day. / Let's go fishing to the lake. / But it is a windy day. / I.
Shonen Knife - Explosion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Explosion' by Shonen Knife. Nothing's gonna start if you and I do nothing / Nothing's gonna change if you and I are only waiting / Nothing's gonna.
Shonen Knife - Brown Mushrooms Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brown Mushrooms' by Shonen Knife. Shall we go out looking for big mushrooms on the silver plate? / Shall we go out looking for brown mushrooms ...
Shonen Knife - Buttercup (I'm A Supergirl) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buttercup (I'm a supergirl)' by Shonen Knife. Kicking out a bad guy / Beating up a monster / Fighting against evil / I'll rescue this town / Over the.
Shonen Knife - One Week Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Week' by Shonen Knife. Monday I go to watch Sumo wrestling. / It's an easy day to get a good ticket. / Tuesday my friends come to my house / and.
Shonen Knife - Twist Barbie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Twist Barbie' by Shonen Knife. Blue eyes, blond hair, / Tight body, long legs. / She's very smart. / She can dance well. / Bang, bang, bang, Twist.
Shonen Knife - Jackalope Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jackalope' by Shonen Knife. I just got a post card of an unknown creature. / Instantly I noticed its unusual features. / It doesn't look like.
Shonen Knife - Konnichiwa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Konnichiwa' by Shonen Knife. Konnichiwa, konnichiwa, / Welcome to our show. / Konnichiwa, konnichiwa, / let's have a good time tonight. / It's a show.
Shonen Knife - Butterfly Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Butterfly Boy' by Shonen Knife. Hey, you say you were a butterfly? / I see you in a peaceful field, / Hey, you say you were a butterfly? / I see you.
Shonen Knife - Catnip Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Catnip Dream' by Shonen Knife. He is a cat, but he's very, very fat. / He is not just a standard cat, / he is a cat, but he's still very fat. /
Shonen Knife - Bear Up Bison Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bear up Bison' by Shonen Knife. We're only making plans for / Da da dirty, dirty bison. / We don't like him so much, / Cause he's very very ug ug.
Shonen Knife - Tomato Head Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tomato Head' by Shonen Knife. I drink tomato juice every night. / Why don't you get out of my sight? / Before I go to sleep in bed. / I only want to.
Shonen Knife - Public Bath Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Public Bath' by Shonen Knife. I go public bath some nights. / It is near my house. / Mineral, bubble, electric. / Baths are / Very good for my body.
Shonen Knife - Strawberry Cream Puff Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strawberry Cream Puff' by Shonen Knife. I spent happiness / Before I ate strawberry cream puff / I had nothing to complain of / Before I ate.
Shonen Knife - Sushi Bar Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sushi Bar' by Shonen Knife. Sushi sushi sushi bar, going to a sushi bar. / (Suuuuushiiiiiiii) / Sushi sushi sushi bar, going to a sushi bar. /
Shonen Knife - Diet Run Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diet Run' by Shonen Knife. On the diet run, there are many delicious temptations / On the diet run, ice cream and chocolate / On the diet run,
Shonen Knife - Parallel Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Parallel Woman' by Shonen Knife. Sono fuku wo kiru to / Mo parareru uman / Aoi hoshi kara yatte kita / Sono biru ni hairuto / Mo parareru uman /
Shonen Knife - Get The Wow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get The Wow' by Shonen Knife. When you open my little box, wow. / Big surprise from me to you, wow. / Give it to you one more time, wow. / You're my.
Shonen Knife - Gomi Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gomi Day' by Shonen Knife. Monday's regular garbage day / But I forgot again / There are two big plastic bags / They're lying on the floor / Gomi day.
Shonen Knife - Ah Singapore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ah Singapore' by Shonen Knife. Young girl said that shumai was delicious. / A little north of the equator, / Growing phoenix trees. / Ah Singapore,
Shonen Knife - Neon Zebra Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Neon Zebra' by Shonen Knife. There in the zoo he stood one night / He's looking like a newspaper / Suddenly a spaceship came / Passing into color.
Shonen Knife - Antonio Baka Guy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Antonio Baka Guy' by Shonen Knife. Big, big baka shell. / He's large about fifty three cm. / Big, big baka shell. / He came from Africa / Beautiful,
Shonen Knife - Golden Years Of Rock'n Roll Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Golden Years Of Rock'n Roll' by Shonen Knife. I got news my favourite band / Would go on a reunion concert tour / So I went to a ticket agency / It.
Shonen Knife - Buggy Bug Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buggy Bug' by Shonen Knife. Piggy shaggy, piggy shaggy, buggy bug / Piggy shaggy, piggy shaggy, buggy bug / Piggy shaggy, piggy shaggy, buggy ...
Shonen Knife - Gyoza Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gyoza' by Shonen Knife. Spiced minced pork wrapped in a small pancake. / Steamed or fried tastes so good. / Spiced minced shrimps / Wrapped in a.
Shonen Knife - Buddha's Face Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buddha's Face' by Shonen Knife. Rotten heart makes a dull sound. / Everything becomes dirty. / You don't even notice / If you're gonna be a mummy. /
Shonen Knife - Roketto Ni Notte (Riding On The Rocket) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Roketto ni notte (Riding on the Rocket)' by Shonen Knife. Roketto ni notte Meiousei ni ikitai / Uchuushoku wa marshmallow, asparagus, ice cream / Aoi.
Shonen Knife - Zou No Pao Pao Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Zou no Pao Pao' by Shonen Knife. Dou ga banana wo tabetara Pao Pao / Zou no Pao Pao banana ga daisuki / Hitori de oheya ni komotteiru no wa /
Shonen Knife - Tortoise Brand Pot Scrubbing Cleaner's Theme ...
Lyrics to 'Tortoise Brand Pot Scrubbing Cleaner's Theme (Green Tortoise)' by Shonen Knife. One, two, three, four / Tortoise brand pot cleaner / Specially.
Shonen Knife - Burning Farm Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burning Farm' by Shonen Knife. To this vast wasteland / We will set a flame. / This is the beginning of our / Burning Farm. / Smoke is rising to the.
Shonen Knife - Quavers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Quavers' by Shonen Knife. He's my prince, he's my god / But it's so complicated / He's my hero, he's my idol / But I'm so dizzy of him / He's wearing.
Shing02 and Terracotta Troops - Shonen Knife lyrics
Lyrics for Shonen Knife by Shing02 and Terracotta Troops.

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