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Libera - You Were There lyrics
You are shelter from the storm. The shadows fade away. All cares pass away. As hour by hour and day by day. Your love lightens up the sky. As it shines across ...
Grand Funk Railroad - Gimme Shelter Lyrics
Ooo, a storm is threatenin', my very life today. If I don't get some shelter, oh I'm gonna' fade away. War children ... Grand Funk Railroad - Pass It Around Lyrics.
Lyrics to "I Told The Storm" song by KIRK FRANKLIN: Even though your winds blow I want you to know You cause me no ... Let there be peace now I can say go away ... to pass (ohhhhh. ... That's what I told the storm [repeat until end and fade] .
Grand Funk Railroad - Gimmie Shelter Lyrics
Oooo, a storm is threatenin', my very life today. / If I don't ... If I don't get some shelter, oh, I'm gonna' fade away. ... Grand Funk Railroad - Pass It Around Lyrics.
Stereophonics - Gimme Shelter - Live From Tower Bridge Rehearsal ...
Oh, a storm is threat'ning My very life today If I don't get some shelter Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away War, children, i... ... gimme shelter Or I'm gonna fade away War, children, it's just a shot away It's just a ... Pass The Buck (International Maxi).
CASTING CROWNS LYRICS - Praise You In This Storm
Lyrics to "Praise You In This Storm" song by CASTING CROWNS: I was sure by now God You would have reached down And wiped our tears away Stepped in ...
Into The Fray - Scars & Scratches lyrics
Aug 15, 2016 We're roaming endlessly until we're fading away we're taking scars and scratches from rusting in the rain ... We need shelter from the storm.
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Beyond The Red Mirror" (2015) album
Can hear them scream. Don't be late when aeons pass .... Then these fools will fade away. They may not fear the .... Give us shelter from the storm. Give us hope
JAKE BUGG LYRICS - Storm Passes Away
Lyrics to "Storm Passes Away" song by JAKE BUGG: As the clouds roll by I can see the sunshine Mmmhmmm 'Cause it's sad and slow And oh so close We fe...
Les Miserables - Come To Me (fantine's Death) Lyrics
Come to me, Cosette, the light is fading. Don't you ... How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder. Hurry near ... Take shelter from the storm. Fantine
STORM THE SKY LYRICS - "Permanence" (2015) album
STORM THE SKY lyrics - "Permanence" (2015) album, including "Red Letter", " Only One", "Tempest"... ... Oh my god I need to find some shelter I know I need to find. The rest of my life. Put your ears to ... or would you let me pass [x3] .... What words can I use to express the pain as I watch her tail lights fade away? I'm never  ...
DAEDALUS LYRICS - "Motherland" (2011) album
you, shining of stars fade away as new moons rise ... I'll be your shelter from the storm. If there's something I ... no way, time passing by (I can't do this you will ...
INSOMNIUM LYRICS - "Above The Weeping World" (2006) album
Where do we shelter when the night falls? For the part of ... and fade away ... Resounds now louder than oncoming storm ... And years pass in blink of an eye
THIS TIME IT'S WAR LYRICS - "Terror Plots" (2010) album
Watching our lives fade away. A dull existence. And there is ... No shelter from the storm. Some look towards the stars .... As another passes by. A look of disgust
DEMON HUNTER LYRICS - "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (2007) album
album: "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (2007). 1. Storm The Gates Of Hell 2. Lead Us Home 3. Sixteen 4. Fading Away 5. Carry Me Down 6. A Thread Of Light 7.
PLACE VENDOME LYRICS - "Thunder In The Distance" (2013) album
I'll never let my memories fade away. It's touching you ... Are all I'll have when life passes by. Roll the dice .... I believe in love. You're my shelter from the storm
ASHES OF MANY LYRICS - "Seasons Never Change" (2013) album
ZAKK WYLDE LYRICS - "Book Of Shadows II" (2016) album
And the storms that one cannot see. Just like a .... As the engines fade. Far, far, far ... Years pass and the seasons change. Hopes that ... All that the rains have gathered and washed away. Farewell to .... Your shelter from the storm. To catch  ...
WHITE WILLOW LYRICS - "Signal To Noise" (2006) album
and as the ships pass lit up with lanterns they fade in the distance like embers that die and in ... oh tune it out the noise of the day is fading away ... rags off my back you came along and your cloak it was shelter for two who were lost in the storm ...
GRAVE DIGGER LYRICS - "Excalibur" (1999) album
I give away the fruit of her womb for her hearts key. Her husband ... Hard times have been passing by ... Did fade away too fast ... Giving shelter from the storm
THEOCRACY LYRICS - "As The World Bleeds" (2011) album
I am the footprints in the sand the ocean's tide can't wash away. I am the shelter from the storm that rages on and on .... Efforts all fading away. The flesh and .... We're passing down empty decrees like a disease across the land [Solo: Val]
BURDEN OF A DAY LYRICS - "Blessed Be Our Ever After" (2008 ...
My Shelter 7. Battle For Hoth ... The air is clean, wipe your tears away (away from your eyes) ... Tracking time by passing exit signs ... Don't watch my heart fade
BEFORE THE RAIN LYRICS - "Frail" (2011) album
I will pass unknown, in the white foamed shoals. I crave for the ... Where ashes fade away ... And storms, of passing emotions ... And when the shelter burns
KAMELOT LYRICS - "Silverthorn" (2012) album
A passing life each day, a carving on the wall ... I was torn by the storms in my head .... Life is a flower, fading away ... In search of shelter in the solitude of sin
MAJESTIC LYRICS - "Trinity Overture" (2000) album
Approaching The Storm 9. Confusicus 10. ... Passion of life and loneliness into my dream it's fading away. The book of life ... Ceremony is passing by. My Voodoo ... I need shelter from the shaft that will be stronger day by day. And we all... all ...
LAST TRIBE LYRICS - "The Ritual" (2001) album
Ready For The Storm 10. The Ritual ... Days and nights passing by. I've still not ... The spirit inside me is fading away .... storm. Seek for shelter before it's too late
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE LYRICS - "Darkness Sustains The Silence ...
The Approaching Storm 7. Out Of ... The passing rates soared sky-high. Swirling ... My mind starts fading away, body turns slowly off .... The sun gives no shelter
Father Einstein - Caught In A Crosswind Lyrics
Verse 1 / Hide away your face in a hollow hiding place. / Draw the ... Caught in a crosswind, trapped in a storm, In the centre of a ... Find a shelter in your heart if lifes tearing you apart. Speechless can you answer why, Justice seems to pass you by? Play the game ... Every time you hear your name, melt and fade away.
The swans are passing and the joy ? in the drowning ? sun. The lights of spring, ... The only shelter they bring. To forget? ... The storm of the seasons? destructing me. And my leaves ... our flames. Are extinguished as we die? as we fade away ...
Les Miserables - Fantine's Death (Come To Me) lyrics
Jun 2, 2015 Come to me, Cosette the light is fading ... How fast the minutes fly away and every minute colder. ... Take shelter from the storm ... that her time is up and asks Valjean to stay with her until she passes so she won't be alone.
HARDLINE LYRICS - "Danger Zone" (2012) album
And be the shelter from the storm .... I don't wanna break away, I don't wanna fade away. Please don't .... Don't turn your back to me, another day is passing by
CINDERELLA LYRICS - "Heartbreak Station" (1990) album
Shelter Me 4. Heartbreak ... All we need's a miracle to take us all away from the pain. Came to .... Funny how they fade away. Sometimes ... it could all pass you by down on dead man's road. Now I got ... She can take a storm and make it shine
Lord Of The Rings - Pippin's Song lyrics
And it has a more universal application here, for all things pass thus. Yet the ending ... The ending is originally "Away shall fade, Away shall fade". Like said in  ...
GAMMA RAY LYRICS - "Skeletons In The Closet" (2003) album
Last Before The Storm 13. Victim .... Kiss me good bye, cause I must fade away. Oh, no, no .... We were passing the point of no return .... Won't shelter our souls
AXEL RUDI PELL LYRICS - "The Ballads III" (2004) album
Any chance we had is passing by ... When the candle fades away .... Fading and gone on the wings of the storm. They found shelter in the temple of the holy
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "A Night At The Opera" (2002) album
A dark seed reigns in me like the Storm rules over the sea. I challenge ... And hate shall fade away. I will not move, .... There's a moment in life when all the years will pass by. And the eyes ... No place to hide there is no shelter from the storm
RUNE LYRICS - "The End Of Nothing" (2003) album
A thought, the light in the womb of the storm, Clenched within the ... Passing through your veins. In ways of ... Fading away. ... No shelter from these piercing rays
CRIMSON SHADOWS LYRICS - "Kings Among Men" (2014) album
Braving The Storm 7. On The Eve Of ... As the daylight begins to fade away. And the ... Fill your stein. As our time passes by ... We converge, for shelter is near
BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY LYRICS - "Darkmind" (2008) album
Into a broken box that shelters me. From your heart ... Running free over the storms. Nobody .... but Time didn't pass in vain within your eyes ... it will fade away.
SIX MAGICS LYRICS - "Dead Kings Of The Unholy Valley" (2001 ...
Storm 3. Infinite Keeper 4. Guardian Of Fire 5. Talisman 6. Agony Of A Hero 7. ... are shelter to my thought. I behold light ... took your soul away [Bridge:] .... fading away the hope to all that ... Time passes by and the curse is growing stronger

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