She wanna ride that dick but she say she need a rida lyrics

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CA$H OUT LYRICS - She Wanna Ride
Lyrics to "She Wanna Ride" song by CA$H OUT: She see that I ride with the chopper Keep them bands on me Fuck the coppers Now she wanna ride And w... ... T-shirt and shoes. No panties, outstanding, dick standing. I know she wanna ride
Never really made love but she gone get it right. Emotions probably ... I'mma straight dick her down, and go. No time to ... Strictly need my C-Notes, can you keep up with my lingo. Some a say life is a gamble, which means love is a casino . Everybody ... Baby you're a rider and I love when you ride it slow. ... She Don't Wanna
Lyrics to "Kno One" song by KEVIN GATES: She says I'm a dog, but it takes one to know one, alright And I can go for ... Shawty need some transportation, but she can't afford it. How bout you ride this dick to work, but just watch where you goin'
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Somethin' To Ride To
Lyrics to "Somethin' To Ride To" song by TOO $HORT: Ahhhhhh shit - now let me warm it ... And keep riding, high siding, but don't front ... I got to have it like a rabbit, fuck her like a champ ... They say young minds, make good times ... She wanna ride punk bitch you can ride my dick. Now Shawnetta, Shawnda, an Rida too
These bitch always gonna have a problem with you. For one you ... My theme song on repeat, Mesha she a rider. Throwing dick inside her. No Baby ... Them bitches mad, but my ho ain't complaining, I buy her what she want in New York, an understanding ... Say she feel it in her stomach, grip her waist, she making faces
LIL BOOSIE LYRICS - Greenlight Special
I love u too, she say nobody do it like I do. On top of dat I feel her juices comin down when she on top of dat. First class ... Fetuccini and steak and have some crawfish. You like ... Love a nigga so much if I die she wanna die ... Jump on the slab off one and a half and just ride ... But I hold ma nigga down no matter what the test
J. COLE LYRICS - Is She Gon Pop
Lyrics to "Is She Gon Pop" song by J. COLE: Yeah Yeah Art of seduction ... Niggas so thirsty it irks me, you keep on putting bitches over money but that ... lay with a bitch, while you play with her pussy, and let her play with your dick, ... Got a full grown woman wanna fuck my word, wanna ride my nouns, let her suck my verbs.
Lyrics to "Ride 4 Me" song by GUDDA GUDDA: And she gon' ride for me, stay by my side for me She rock and roll ... Long nights alone, no need for the phones, ... Let her get on top and ride the dick like a cowgirl. ... Are we trippin, maybe, prolly, but for now it feels perfect ... Cause I'm a straight rider, and I'm a good provider,
(I make her say) Oh, oh-oh-oh. Oh, oh-oh-oh (What up) P-p-p-poker face P-p- poke her face (Me first!) [Kid Cudi] She wanna have whatever she like. She can if  ...
While gambling the point we seen the money go. Touching me gently sayin she never wanna let it go [x2] Pressure when we sexin goin ugghh, feel that dick,
K CAMP LYRICS - Money Baby
I like having sex, I like girls who ride. I like my cup ... I like taking niggas hoes but I stopped doing that. Once I hit her with that dick she don't know how to act. Blowing up ... And a rider thats gon hold me down no matter what (stay down) Sipping ...
PLIES LYRICS - Ride Dick So Good
Lyrics to "Ride Dick So Good" song by PLIES: Man Bruh This little hoe just got through ridin his ... I told that little hoe she ride dick so good, I'm finna go get that hoe a purple. ... Keep talkin that shxt now I'm hittin her but and all she keep yellin is ... She asked me what I wanna do I told her baby just drive, put yo seatbelt on get,
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Wifin' You
I make lots of money, but I still make time for you. You're ... She cook me breakfast on the stove, I slide my dick in from the back ... While she ride this dick, I be rubbin' her tits ... Say yes or say no, the decision is yours ... I used to have lots of hoes, shawty thought I was a pimp ... Colder than winter, don't wanna lose her. She a ...
Mouth closed, take dick. Weed loud ... Can you do it on the dick I didn't know remind me. Slip and slide you ... She say she like the way I light it. We'll roll ... Ride this bone, fuck me to this song ... I all I have to say is fucking you was the shit to me
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
But I ain't try to hurt her, 'cause I've always been the best, At making my shawty feel it till she feel it in her chest. Sex, excellent, get ... I wanna touch her, not using my hands, ... When you say it 'cause you're mad and you take it all back. Then we ... Pull it out like a pistol, yo, kiss it on the balls like the dick the mistletoe. Tell her  ...
GUCCI MANE LYRICS - Fuck Something
But now that she want so I gave er yes 5 hunder. Skitted on er bum ... Babies say I'm handsome, 2 hoe that's a tantum. Booze your bitch, she only suck dick when she in a mansion. Yea my ... [Hook:] I just wanna know something, she just wanna smoke something ... [Verse 2:] Ride through the hood, hoes scream my name
NICKI MINAJ - Don't Hurt Me lyrics
Jun 15, 2016 She wanna spend some time, now that's a Rollie Shawty ride the dick, just like it's stolen ... They say that it's last call, so let's ball. Tryna have that ass thrown on that pole ... But let's face it, I'm Curry, with rings like LeBron
Girl I wanna kiss it, while you kissin your girlfriends. I wanna see a ... She got her friends with her and they a sight to see. All that ass, don't let it ... I long-dick her, I' ma go for hours ... Better ride this wave - bitch, surf it. Girl, you ... I need it now, not a minute late [Hook] ... the dick. But I don't trust her as far as I can throw the bitch
Lyrics to "Decline" song by LIL DURK: Ooo She keep calling Ooh shit Awwwe shit Gang Sosa baby I'm rolling She calling She stalking My ph... ... No opp shit but they can't hang with me. She got to pay for this dick bitch. You can't come hang for free. I ain't talkin' ... Shawty wanna ride with a real nigga. Shawty gone die for a ...
YG LYRICS - Hell Yeah
Lyrics to "Hell Yeah" song by YG: She asked me if I wanted right there I said: ... I got her saying "that's my dick" like she had it rented, ... I'ma get this dick to ride,
Trai'd - Gutta Chick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gutta Chick' by Trai'd. dats my gutta bitchx3 / i-i-i love her / she my gutta bitch gotta gutta bitchx2 ... you say you brawlin with me, bitch she be beatin you up ... plus she badd as she wanna be, and thats real talk, ... plus she hate suckin dick but she do it for me, ... riding through the city,i'd rather be with no one else,
Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that's all we need. We can ... I took her to my house, cause she was fine, but she whipped out a dick that was bigger than mine .
DMX LYRICS - How's It Goin' Down
Lyrics to "How's It Goin' Down" song by DMX: Whose dick you sucking? ... Knew she was a thug because when I met her she had a scarf on 5411, size 7 in ... Looking at that ass made me wanna do something tonight ... I'm getting at shorty like what you need, what you want ... I see you with your baby father but it don't matter
Lyrics to "Wild Ride" song by KEVIN GATES: Would I be wrong? I wanna fuck you with ... She'll pleasure, yeah we fuck her together, pussy to shit. Participate or ...
Lyrics to "DnF" song by P. REIGN: More rest and sex is all a nigga needs In a lifetime of stress ... But while we got this moment of peace alone, girl ... The type of dick to make that white girl say ''I love that nigga'' ... She love me for my drive, I love her cause she drive me crazy. What's up? [Hook] [Drake:] OVO I ride, OMO I ride
Cause we gonna take a ride tonight. So ma ... She looked at me and said use a baby right. I told her, I'm ... I promise you dick, usually have a problem with chicks
My little cool ass bitch, she from the Westside She let me hit from the back, say that's her best side ... She said, listen here, that's my dick so let me ride that [Hook ].
I see this one, I'm about to go in Then she said, I'm here... ... Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj). [Chorus:] So many girls in ... You got a BFF, I wanna see that girl, it's all women invited. Hair do's and ... You can suck on a dick, or you can suck on a ballsack. No no, I ... Hey hey what can I say? Day day ... "Nothing But The Beat" ( 2011).
DR. DRE LYRICS - Bitches Ain't Shit
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on these nut... ... Lick on these nuts and suck the dick. Get the fuck out after you're done. And I hope in my ride to make a quick run. ... But she was hangin' with a white bitch doin' the shit she do ... Motherfucker need to step back, hell yeah ... I ain't tryin' to say I suck every ding-a -lang
J. COLE LYRICS - Land Of The Snakes
Get my dick wet but I never let it soak there. Man I been ... Riding through South Side Queens like Fiddy [Hook:] ... She told me, "Watch the snakes cause they watching you" I told her ... Saying I'll hit her back knowing I'm never gon' call. She  ...
New Boyz - Frick My Shit Lyrics
Ok now put your ass, on my dick and pose on the shit. ... I say "Bitch you just addicted because of what a dick did." ... She ride a dick til it get early. Her pussy clean but she dance dirty. ... Be up here in flexin' I might have to drop it homes,
SOMO LYRICS - Ride (Remix)
Lyrics to "Ride (Remix)" song by SOMO: Whoah whoah whoah yeah Take off ... Poison in our veins, but we don't even care ... He there when you need him. All you got is your home girls. You let me ride on it. That pussy so good. Wanna make you my woman ... I'm a dick your ass down ... So she left old nigga he ain't act right
She ride me like a porn star. She ride me ... I hold her tight no letting go till she say she can't take no more ... She ride it like she never gonna ride this dick again
Lyrics to "Po Pimp" song by DO OR DIE: Do you wanna ride In the backseat of a Caddy? Chop it up with ... But when we in the room, she rubbing me with lotion
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - I Ain't Nervous
I say I swear to God I ain't nervous. I got her workin, ... She got a nigga, but he ain' t me bitch. I'm the ... She gonna ride this dick like the kentucky, derby [Verse 3: ...
Shawty wanna fuck with Young Casey At 21 they said ... I'm riding 'round windows tinted cause the city hot. I really run ... New name is CV, think she got it all but she need me. She down ... I love the vibe of a LA girl, I can tell it's her by the way she say it ... If you dick riding I don't fuck with you ... I'm so west side, baby [?] rider
50 Cent - Could've Been You Lyrics
I tell her stay she wanna go, I tell her go she wanna stay. That's my dog ... But you ain't ride with a rider so I ain't fucking with you. Say, say ... The reason you didn't get dick. Because ... She say it hurts when you supposed to win then you lose
JAY-Z LYRICS - Is That Yo Bitch?
With her hand on his dick ... Why she all in his ride? With her ... How she say Jay you can call the house for me? ... So she can have my kids and say it was yours ... Got your home, but that's not your bitch ... Can't help it if she yellin' with a ridah
And all the bitches who forget about me want to ride my dick. Harder than the ... I lace her, cause she gave me such a lot at such a young age 20, why didn't she ...
Say she wanna pop one pill baby try two ... You say you a street nigga but nobody don't believe you. I fuck yo bitch, pull her hair, she gone need a redo. I give her dope dick, like I stuck her with a needle. Choppa with a scope, peek-a- boo I can see you. We ride around with Glocks everyday like its legal ... Ambition Of A Rider

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