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TRAIN LYRICS - Drops Of Jupiter
Lyrics to "Drops Of Jupiter" song by TRAIN: Now that she's back in the atmosphere With drops of ... She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey, hey, hey
Tryna run up in the bank like Bonnie and Clyde Cause Man get ... Man talk slang to the feds. Can't work out ... Upset cause your wife is a fan, she done with a little boy. Now she wants ... You are not mandem, you are not gang "Tracksuit Mafia ...
R. CITY LYRICS - Like This
Ya done know how we walk and talk and kick up like this and gwan like this [ Verse 1: Theron] She say she never hear nobody talk like this. Sag in ah me pants, ...
Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do It Like A Dude' by Jessie J: Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty sucka You think / Grab my crotch, wear my hat ... We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
DRAKE - Wanna Know Remix lyrics
Trust me it better be, no long talking or settling. Just when I've ... And all my man dem are running from them hoes in the roads like whoa whoa whoa, whoa
NE-YO LYRICS - Miss Independent
it's somethin about her. Cause she walk like a boss talk like a boss. Manicured nailed to set the pedicure off. She's fly effortlessly. Cause she move like a boss do ...
DAVE LYRICS - Two Birds No Stones
We had mandem on the Camden like KOKO ... And now you wanna talk like I never fucking deserved this shit ... She said my music's like silk, it's inspired her
T.O.K. LYRICS - Gal You Ah Lead
Dem nah go nuh weh so dem quick fi talk. And it bun ... Bounce a gal cau she nuh worth yuh time. She caan ... Di man dem a watch yuh like everyday. True dem ...
The mandem see me put in the graft. You do the maths ... She keeps ringing and asking ... I'm hard like a bed with no mattress ... But I don't want to talk no more
DAVE LYRICS - Wanna Know
And all my man are running from them hoes on the roads like whoa whoa whoa, whoa. Like whoa, a ... Mandem keep on talking on the low. Mandem keep on ...
HEAVY D LYRICS - Love Me Like This
Lyrics to "Love Me Like This" song by HEAVY D: Heavy D, and di man, dat microphone stand And, Barrington Levy, ... longside di man dem call Barrington Levy (OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!) ... With no one to talk to on the phone (Nobody to even love me up at night) ... And she call mi on di phone and seh this love right way
SKEPTA LYRICS - Corn On The Curb
Then she asked me what my real name was ... Wanna talk about loot? Then I ... It's come like I'm too ambitious to be with the mandem on the road but, I'm... like.
SHAGGY LYRICS - Church Heathen
She a do the dutty dance to de Matterhorn song ... Mi see nuff ah dem a gwan like dem in ah name brand ... Then she proceed fi talk 'bout dem man dem
She suck on the chocolate ... Niggas all talk, acapella ... Pull up on a line with 3 hoes with me like my name James Harden ... Yaad man dem, bad from when
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Miss Independent' by Ne-Yo: She got her own thing That's why I love her Miss independent. ... Talk like a boss. Manicure nails just sent the pedicure off
Caan believe dem leave unno fi be wit di man dem. Caan believe dat ... Dis gal walk inna mi life, real crazy notion love that she found ... Nuh gal neva sit inna yuh face like chair. She have to ... Hold on, nuh badda bend down and eat ah talk
Tinie Tempah - Girls Like Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Girls Like' by Tinie Tempah: Tell J.K that we still rolling. ... I was jumping off the mandem with a polo ... Since she want me she don't want the coco
Edem feat. M.I - Delaila lyrics and translation
Mar 5, 2015 She dey take down the man dem row by row oooooo She dey play dem ... so dangerous Make a nigga speak in tongues like Pentecost, But I ...
Trust me, mandem are doing so well. Proud of how man ... The way you talk, you sound like a rat. Listen up ... She knows I've got Ps in the bank. Ps in the bank, ...
SKEPTA LYRICS - 1Xtra Westwood Freestyle
And I heard your CD, you and your mandem are talking greazy. I just tell a man like ... When my mandem pop it off, your manna will fly into the sky like EasyJet. Cause I'm back in ... And deep down, I know she's screwing. I fell asleep with 13 ...
LADY LESHURR LYRICS - Queen's Speech 1
I'll be like murder, she wrote. Na-na-na. You said ... Don't try talk to me like I'm some Div What are you sure? ... Just to let the mandem know. Not everybody can  ...
Nah talk di gal dem whey a dance to reggae. Talking to di one ... See Steely over deh so well she want him seh hey. Listen to di DJ ... A Ras look like Tony Rebel Anna next ... Every man dem see dem sleep wit dem and dem friend. Listen how  ...
She comin in like she don't know. Seh me ... Rush de man dem first in case de youth dem waan try. She said 'I ... Every time yuh talk ar name, yuh haffe skin teet'
Big Tobz - Uno My Style Lyrics
Feb 7, 2016 Uno know my style don you know my stye Gwan act like you know my ... I get a bookin But she know my style I can never eat the pussy Talk about ... know my style The mandem know my style Can't stare at a nigga like me cos ...
Want something from Bizzle, she drunk on the dizzle. Definitely fucking, she ... I know black girls don't like white boys. White boys don't ... Talk about the dough, I be munching pasties. I swear I've been ... My mandem said no way. Nuff white girl  ...
Suh wha tell dem seh deh(which part we a talk) yow! [Chorus:] ... Mek man dem a sling gun like a billy kid ... She nah guh brave fi get yellow like a fifa top ref
she was like a beauty queen out of a magazine looked about 19 five minutes talking next thing it's her number being written if you're looking for the man that can
Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec Lyrics
Apr 3, 2015 Most of the mandem rep the postcode but i don't know why we like the postcode. ... Cos mum said she can't cope that why i have bigger man bars on road. ... man NOV yeah man been talking alot but i can't hear man Mandem ...
Section Baby, I'm endzy Bando, telly She just wanna do smal... ... She wanna see what it's like to live the nightlife ... The mandem get a piece of the pie [Inch:] Likkle thievin' girl wanna jump on my WiFi. Likkle idiot girl wanna talk about high life
SKEPTA LYRICS - Tour Bus Massacre
So if you ain't talk about paper. Sorry G I don't ... Strong like Conan the Barbarian Niggas can't ... She said when I made it rain ... The Mandem just shut down JD
Ocean Wisdom, Dirty Dike & Edward Scissortongue - Freeze lyrics ...
Mar 9, 2016 Just like how the fuck did they cope? ... woos Old school like actual soccer I catch a couple mandem claiming that they're casually ... a man said before She want at me and talk Like her photos hiding her acne and warts Like I ...
Lyrics to "The Worst" song by STORMZY: She's a woman with a cause and I'm a man without a ... Talk about my exes and the man dem you've been seeing and I ... Then you go and screw your face, you throw a tantrum and I'm leaving like
Geko - Good Day Lyrics
My brodie cloudy having and paranoid the mandem wanna doubt me. So somebody pray for me ... Gal move wicked when she talking that shit. One part is a diss
WILEY LYRICS - Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya)
Once the ladies are there, see the man dem reach. They wanna ... Check the peng ting she's gonna hang with me ... Light skin with a beautiful body like Kim
Lyrics to "Serious" song by COLLIE BUDDZ: When ya girl start talk bout she not satisfied And she gwan outa road go look anoda guy Dat is serio... ... Looks like to me she want a brand new lova ... Cause lazy body man dem outta style. She ...
Posses Lyrics - Baby Cham
Wen uno kill aff two man dem a wha uno do. F man eeh. Wha cuda ... An a laugh like him tink sey it cute. No man dem ... Some man a talk bout dem a shotta ... Pan mi varanda. We a ole a reasoning. A read di news paypa. She a ask. Wats di ...
Heavy D - Love Me Like This Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Me Like This' by Heavy D. Heavy D, and di man, dat microphone stand / And, ... Longside di man dem call Barrington Levy ... With no one to talk to on the phone ... And she call mi on di phone and seh this love right way. And yuh  ...
Celine Dion - Treat Her Like A Lady Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Treat Her Like A Lady' by Celine Dion. ... Going around talking 'bout the girls they used in the past ... She left with anger when he took her for a fool
J HUS LYRICS - Bangers & Mash
Tell them niggas suck your dad like your mumma do ... He said "yo, booboo, she's on my man" My niggas ... Talk about my squad? ... Turn your mandem to ash
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Man that shit sound like some Vanessa Williams '88. I mean Olivia ... We can go bar for bar, I'll let the lines speak to 'em ..... And Olivia, I mean for a man she hot

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