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Need to see the Xan man. Do you know him by ... I took a bitch out, let her shop til she drop. All these big bags come at once like nonstop. Riding droptop so I ...
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Thinking With My Dick
Don't want her if it don't clap when she walking ... With a bag full of zans. Got my Vans in ... First they swallow all my children then I kick them bitches out [Hook].
She take them Xans on the regular. I'm not so average, ... I jump out the whip, it ain't regular. I'm flippin' the ... Bag is Chanel and her bag cost a bale. I spend that  ...
I'm out here from a very far away place. All for a ... She remember my Sprinter, said "I was in the grape van" Uhm, well ... Even went out his way so you could check in an extra bag ... If I knew y'all made plans I wouldn't have popped the Xans
DRAKE LYRICS - Days In The East
She's not here right now, she's not here right now Why am I t... ... Take a flight here, pop a xan for your boy. Waking up in Amsterdam with ... You would probably fly out to Japan for the boy ... You just gotta pack a bag and hurry to the boy. Yeah.
Plus my nigga pop Xans unemployed. I can't stop, I'm goin' in, ... Sippin' out my cup, hell no, don't you taste that. Hundred ... Started off slizzered, they callin' me the wizard. Vetti got that ... I just hope she washed her mouth out before you kiss her. My downtown ... I throwed that money in the bag cause it was dirty. He got that ...
MIGOS LYRICS - Brown Paper Bag
Lyrics to "Brown Paper Bag" song by MIGOS: Hah, pussy Fuck all these niggas man Yeah we havin' this ... Cuffing that bitch when she fucking you going out sad (sad, huh, sad) ... I put your bitch on the xan then put her on perkys (xanny xanny, perky perky) ... I ended up in first place but I swore a nigga started last (I swear)
(She got) racks on racks on racks (They got) .... be foamed out. And all she want is more bags, but all I want is more ones ... Those Xans and the lean cause zones (zones) Somethin ... He might have the same whip, but check out how I roll mine
JUICY J LYRICS - Let's Get High
[Hook:] Ecstasy pills, Xanax pills and some Percocet Ambien ... I got a bag of pills, nigga I'm in a battlefield. I'm at the ... She started sucking on my dick, I was like wooh [Hook] [Verse 2:] Left out the bathroom cause I got to kill my beers. I told the  ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Digital Dash
Out in the streets like thermometers. You rats will ... Give a Xan to these hoes ... Got big with my bag with some Act on me. I'm single and shit and she lash on me
Rae Sremmurd - By Chance Lyrics
Need to see the Xan man. Do you know ... 'til she drop. All these big bags come at once like nonstop ... Straight out the blue, I got your attention (she love it, man)
No Ceilings, uh One xan, one xan, one xan, lord I'm tryna cut back Hol' up, hol'... ... Shout out Lauren on the wedding she playin' her role. Literally on the set she ...
CA$H OUT LYRICS - Let's Get It
Lyrics to "Let's Get It" song by CA$H OUT: Let's get it, nigga, let's get it If you about this ... Came over, she pulled my dick out, then she started blowing it kisses
Lyrics to "Watch Out" song by 2 CHAINZ: Yo, okay All my niggas with me All my niggas with it All ... Lil Que fucked the Xans up. Kinda hard to understand her. Duffle bags in the Escalade ... Watch out lil bitch ... Shawty said she want 5 million
Take back that bag, right? I guess that she just gon' go buy herself that purse, that purse. I guess that she ... All I hear hoes callin' out wildin', on the road like every day ... They sleeping on me like long flights, I pop a Xan on the way to France
Right out the backyard, rhymes out the crack jarred. The facts are ... in my book- bag. Learned about that Xanax and. ... Black bag full of kush, burn the same bush . Moses had a ... Momma looking for her boy she better call the morgue. I'm a ball  ...
And her feet she go to sleep. And when I leave she don't wake up [Hook: Rico Love & (Kevin Gates)] When I walk in with that bag. She know it's gon' be raining
First I turned her out because now she tore up, from the floor up. But know what? ... Beater started something, to keep my pockets tight. Lace em for a ... Big bag, smoke good, where the lean at? Pop two Xans take a wing-nap. Still right here ...
I hopped out the coupe and I'm fresh as a bitch. Since I was a ... I want 'em xans they get me off. I put the V neck on my ... I dont gotta act like a gangsta and she know. My backwood look like ... We don't got to put a bag on her. I took your hoe ya ...
I be rolling off them Xan's, I'm the man [Hook:] I'm the ... Hoppin' out the foreign whip to a new estate (damn) My ring looking ... Up inside the versace store, a whole lotta bag. A whole ... Rolling off of poper and she on the lower tap. Hoppin' out ...
I be rolling off them Xan's, I'm the man [Hook:] I'm the ... Hoppin' out the foreign whip to a new estate (damn) My ring looking ... Up inside the versace store, a whole lotta bag. A whole ... Rolling off of poper and she on the lower tap. Hoppin' out ...
BERNER LYRICS - Pass Me The Green
Berner like OG gas bag with his Hennessy Pourin' up, Peach ... My bitch take trips out of state, she from Sac Town ... I like to pop Xans, I can't lie, I'm an addict
Belly - Zanzibar Lyrics
Did the after party out in New Orleans the other night ... Let the lean calm her down, she was way too fucking hype. On them ... Bag full of xans, zip full of broccoli
2 Chainz - Xanny Lyrics
If I can't sleep, Imma pop a xan. Then I get some money ... Ok I done figured it out, I know what you niggas about ... I started sipping, got addicted just like nicotine
DRAKE LYRICS - Live From The Gutter
Straight up out the gutter, never had shit ... I went back inside the attic count it up and started laughing, ha ... She don't want pets but I'm a dog, yeah, yeah
KUR LYRICS - Hood Safari
Lyrics to "Hood Safari" song by KUR: Me and my homie fell out, I still love him Wish him the best, I ain't holding no grudges Bitches I f... ... I used to talk while she teaching, like fuck it ... Goyard on a fuckin bag, on these xans bout' to fuckin' spaz
Hey, check this out, tell it. ... I got a bag of weed and a bottle of wine. ... I took her to my house, cause she was fine, but she whipped out a dick that was bigger ...
G-EAZY LYRICS - Just Believe
Lyrics to "Just Believe" song by G-EAZY: Smokin' on the loudest out Tryna see ... A real good girl with a dirt bag guy. She could probably do better than me
Yo, shout out to everybody that worked on the album. You feel me ... In a bag and wrapping them in seran wrap bandages. Tossing ... My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda .... I started an empire, I ain't even old enough
Maxo Kream feat. Lil Family - Sold Out lyrics
May 28, 2015 No halves. No zips. No pounds. Sold out. No grams. No eighths. No shake. Sold out. No percs. No xans. No tan. Sold out. No X? No meth?
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
And I hope you black out before you see the cops. I ain't hot top for ... I knew you changed, when you started sleeping in that vest dog .... Fase yelling that's enough, let the coroner bag him up. Throw in .... And Olivia, I mean for a man she hot
Pineapple Fanta, it mixed with the Xanax, she loving the codeine. All of my killas ... Came with her friends, throwin' them bags, that Mitchell & Ness Young cold ...
AB-SOUL LYRICS - God's Reign
No masters but a mastermind, Master Kush up in my bag. Soulo in the ... Every project that I dropped she bought em, so now she read more than she Red Bottom Ab-Soul, Abstract ... Ain't no going against me man make another plan, pop a Xan Forget it ... Puto uh, Top Dawg out of this world pluto on pluto, you know
LIL WAYNE - Hot Nigga lyrics
Check out the complete Lil Wayne Hot Nigga lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. ... Till I shoot you in the head, now she grossed out. I'm the boss, ... Money bags under my eyes, money over rest ... Sip some lean, pop a Xan bar
Lyrics to "That Bag" song by RICH THE KID: Trap You know what I need Racks! ... Yo hoe putting up but she know the drill ... I might pop a xan and just go lazy
Woah Lyrics - 21 Savage
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Woah" from "21 Savage": Smokin outta bag (Woah ), Count a lotta cash (Woah), Drank a lotta syrup (Woah), Pop a lotta xans ... ... Neighbor callin 12 she say we making noise (making noise). I pull up in the coupe ...
In My Bag (UG Vavy) Lyrics - UG
Full and accurate LYRICS for "In My Bag (UG Vavy)" from "UG": Verse 1 UG Vavy, I Want a girl who nipple, Piercings still a secret, Fuck her good she can't, ... ... We up don't do no xans. If you can't run the play you get no playing time. Can't wait ...
... "I Can" song by MIGOS: Yuh, yuh, yuh, huh, Migos I can, I can, I can I will, I am gon count out them bands I bought a bran. ... Percocet, molly, and xans (percy) ... Everybody know she the cheap hoe ... Used to want a bag now I got ten of them
ZUSE LYRICS - On My Nerves
Out there. Waay out there. Chromatic Chromatic the ultimate, holiday season. Gas bag in a caravan. Muddy muddy with the xanny-xan. Choppin' chicken, no ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Perkys Calling
Roll up, jump out the car, squeeze the trigger. Gon' roll it up ... Started rockin' Balmain's like they Levi's Over time the ... Push illegal weight, we call it out the gym

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