She eat the dick now she talking bout a sore throat lyrics

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And if she make this dick hard, she woke up a sleeping giant. Man your bitch ... She want me to eat her sugar I say why you in a hurry ... Now take your fucking clothes off, let me see that donkey kong ... You know I fuck them both, sore pussy and sore throat ... I would talk about my dick, but man that shit would be a long story
[Talking: Lil Boosie] ... We street niggas, we eat niggas off tracks from Mouse and B You betta be bout ya bread ya talk to me ... Wrap ya dick up cause ya dick will have the hiccups, you're rich if ya marry a bitch, get a prenupt ... Fuck a bitch she wanna mingle, ha, she want my jingles, one hit wonders gettin rich off a single.
[Intro:] I'm bout to tell you some shit. I ain't never told nobody. You gon' see where the aggression come from. You gon' see where all the pain, all the hatred ...
And the pussy deep, you talk to me! Looking at ... And the way that you call, like you never had dick at all. Kissing in ... I'll be diving when I be diving she be dick dick dick ... Eat the dick with a lot of spit ... I'm stroking, now hold on ... Die Bout It
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
Now who else wanna fuck with Hollyweird Go? ... Take her out to eat then I make a bitch pay ... Problem is, she addicted to the real nigga shit ... Loving the club because we fill the section with pain, c'mon ... Just copped more 4 5's and 9s, I ain't talking bout no J's ... My flow was opium, we cock bottles and open them
[Kim] Bout to "get money" ... Tattoo on tit-tie sayin B-I-G, now check it ... "Damn, why she wanna stick me for my paper?" ... Suckin dick, runnin your lips ... Rather count a million while you eat my pussy. Push me to the limit get my feelings in it. Get me open while I'm cummin down your throat ... I'm talkin bout some presidents
(Rich) She fucked up when she gave me some puss... ... She say Tune, "I'm 'bout to cum, " I say, "I'm cumming with ya." ... She ride this dick her titties jiggle ... Eat that pussy ... Oooooh deep throat (Rich Gang) ... And your talk about religion
TWIZTID LYRICS - She Ain't Afraid
Lyrics to "She Ain't Afraid" song by TWIZTID: So whats up man this shit ain't goin down Trust me, trust me I know her man itt's ... A freak just for fucking with my balls and my dick ... And now it's time to depart it ... It ain't the same without the pain
And you can show me what that's 'bout. Girl, nobody ... I know I'm sinning but before I eat it I'll say my grace in it. What? [Hook] ... You know it fire when she's telling you to nut in her. But I'm a ... [Girl:] fuck dat bitch I want some dick [YG:] Hold on ...
K KOKE LYRICS - Fire In The Booth
From young I felt pain life's not what I thought ... I ain't proud even talkin bout this strap stuff ... Made my dick hard in the park is where I let her go ... Plus she helps me eat when I'm in need of some funds ... But in jail get a uh in your throat fam
Oh Dean, that's my dog, them words y'all will eat 'em ... Now I'm talkin' 'bout the bodies buried in my basement ... I'm feelin' no pain, I'm in a whole 'nother dimension ... She got me and my lady's cum rag, that's just one of the things I done bad ... I put syphilis dick down her throat and that's without her havin' a notion
Nicki Minaj - Freaky Girl Lyrics
She's A Very Freaky Girl She Get It From Her Mamma / First You Get Her Name, Then You Get Her ... I Mean Come On Now You Know My Fuckin Name, Let's Get It ... How Bout I Cum All On Your Dick And Then I Lick It Off. ... And If I Let Him Eat It I Can Be His Old Girl. ... Ma Deep Throat Have You Squirtin Like a Water Gun.
What could I do to kick it off how bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off. ... Tell me that I get the fattest pussy in the whole world and if I let him eat it I can be his ... [Talking:] (okay Lil Kim on this thang now) [Verse 2: Lil Kim] I'm a very freaky girl ... My deep throat have you squirtn like a water gun, coochie over flowin like ...
ASHER ROTH LYRICS - Bastermating
Stop stroll? nah yo I'd rather eat hot crow. Closed throat, gross bro, don't forget to swallow. Hollow ... Man I came to bring the pain ... Then she got a trean, everybody bring in the stash house ... I ain't talking bout no games today ... Walk into the most expensive strip club with my dick out ... Now, show me wear the cake is
Faces that she make, disgusting. Can't see you niggas. Throwing dick inside her stomach ... Rocking shades to hide the pain ... Now I can't see you niggas
payroll giovanni feat. big quis, chef tony & clay - dolla signs lyrics
She talking 'bout she mad at me, Im like "bitch so. You can pick up ... And since you so money hungry, you can eat my dust (I'm Out) What? ... Dick suck everybody, probably got strep throat ... Now driving down Fenkell tryna' find me like Nemo
TYPE O NEGATIVE LYRICS - "The Origin Of The Feces" (1992) album
1. I Know You're Fucking Someone Else 2. Are You Afraid 3. Gravity 4. Pain 5. ... His tongue down your throat ... You had cock on your mind and cum on you're breath ... "Yeah, eat shit, ya fat bastard!" "Yeah ... Kill yourself now ... Ain't talking ' bout self-preservation ... Make a joke and I will sigh, and she will laugh and I will cry
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
Dick in your mouth while you yawning, I'm goin in, ... And I'm so unfit cause all I eat is rappers, ... Cause after she get off my dick I be like find the front door bitch,
She come through late night on them Xannies Don't tell me you ... I'm back with that double cup, now I done tripled up ... I got that bitch on that dope dick. She ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Fuck Her Brains Out
Girl go on and show me what that brain 'bout. When I go ... She say she love me cuz always fuck her brains out. I always ... She suck this dick just like a vacuum
I've been thinking 'bout all the O's in my bank account. X the O's in my bed is ... Barely even conscious, talking to my conscience ... Burger flippin', eat, sleep, shittin' human bein', you would be in. Trouble to ... Wouldn't hit that shit with my worst enemy's penis. Bitch when I ... Now many Asian bitches lay with me. The face is ...
and the days of House of Pain are gone. And if you talk about my little girl in a song again. I'ma kill you ... Confused as fuck cause now your music sucks dick. Mr. Mr. Ass ... Shit in five years we'll all be "Eating at Whitey's" ... Talkin 'bout you packin pistols but it's funny to me ... All you underground bitches get your throats cut
CupcakKe - Deepthroat Lyrics
... me choke (you better) Hump me, fuck me My tunnel loves to deep throat. ... I want to eat yo' dick ... In an interview with Complex, up-and-coming rapper CupcakKe revealed why she ... listen now 11 Delicious Misheard Lyrics About Food.
Bubble butt busted in her throat. Smoking bubble ... Baby baby mek me tell you ' bout the body yah. Make you ... By the end of the night my knees are now on your chest. Fuck me ... Who's bad? Let me wind upon your cock ... I go in from under, she wetter than a surfer. I ate the ... Damn, bitch, talk much, I don't want interviews
Classified - No Pressure Lyrics
Now I'm just paying the price. High cost ... What this nigga 'bout - Knockin' ... She made my dick disappear then reappear, do it down ... And then we gonna eat out - or Digiorno I'm worn out, with a sore throat, and hungover ... No pain, no gain
D-12 - American Psycho Lyrics
I'm like a walking, talking, Ouija board. Speaking in ... Fist first with scissors to slit throats of just hoes ... You bout to, journey into the mind of a psychopath killer ... You'll feel his pain and his silent screams ... She'll come to your door, suck your dick on the floor ... My girlfriend had a miscarriage (I'm sorry) I had to eat it (ohh)
While Syd is telling me that she's been getting intimate with men (Syd, shut the ... This the revenge of the dicks, that's nine cocks that cock nines. This ain't no V ...
Nicki Minaj - Wanna Minaj Lyrics
I mean come on now, you know my fuckin' name (Let's get it). She's a very freaky girl, don't bring her to momma. First you get her name ... How 'bout I cum all on your dick and then I lick it off ... You can eat it like a treat, you can squirt it, you can skeet. I'm a freak, ... My deep throat have you squirtin' like a water gun. Coochie ...
SKYCLAD LYRICS - "Irrational Anthems" (1996) album
It sticks in my throat - my stomach's in knots, while your box is so ... Two average men eat their average meals ... a cock and bull story. You're talking through your hat, you're full ... to kiss Cleopatra - a pain in the asp. Charming .... The great thing 'bout eternity - they never call last orders! ... Now she is my mother in darkness.
Kid Cudi - Soundtrack Of My Life lyrics
She copped the toys I would play with in my room by myself "Why he by ... It's all said and done and my cock's been sucked. So now I'm in the cut, alcohol in the wound. My heart's an open sore that I hope heals soon. I live in a ... And a happy ending would be slitting my throat ... Don't give a shit what people talkin' bout fam
ANGEL HAZE LYRICS - 6'7 Freestyle
Lyrics to "6'7 Freestyle" song by ANGEL HAZE: Shut up and let me talk I said shut up and let me talk I'm better ... Eat em with my mouth, straight Captain Crunch
You say you tryna ride this dick, you need to ride it right now. Thotty ass ... 'Bout to cut the dope up, got to sell it right now. Falling off in ... that she with. If you looking for your bitch she sitting in the lost and found ... Talk a lot of shit, lot of poppin' lot of shit. I ain't flexing ... Got to have the throat, know you fucking with the goat
I wanna break full, cock me back ... Now they money's gettin stuck to the gum under the table ... Now that thought was just as bright as a 20-watt light bulb
Asher Roth - Bastermating Lyrics
Stop stroll? nah yo i'd rather eat hot crow. Closed throat, gross bro, don't forget to swallow. Hollow ... Man I came to bring the pain. Twelvey ... Then she got a train, everybody in the stash house ... I aint talking bout no games today ... Walk into the most expensive strip club with my dick out ... Now, show me wear the cake is
Rich Gang - Tapout Lyrics
She say Tune I'm 'bout to cum, I say I'm comin' wit ya. And she don't like them pretty niggas, sidity niggas. She ride this dick, her titties jiggle, that's my pillows
Lil Kim:] [Talking:] Oh I Get It Oh Okay Niggas Tryna Niggas Tryna Tryna Be On ... I Mean Come On Now You Know My Fuckin Name "Let's Get It" [Chorus: (2x)] She A Very Freaky Girl Don't Bring Her To Mamma ... What Can I Do To Kick It Off How Bout I Cum All On Your Dick And Then I ... Sex em all I did was let him eat my.
Gimme your bitch, she got a cuter face and bigger butt. I ain't gon' do shit but .... Terror is over you can eat now, Jayceon(Jason) killed Freddy The WHOLE world  ...
Maybe she born with it, maybe it was Maybelline All white Blanco ... Eat these bitches alive, no water ... I'm cut-throat bitch, I cut throats bitches keep away. Now ... Now a bitch about to get money, they wanna love me ... I'm bout to sour you niggas ... If you's a dick rider you gon' dick ride forever, nigga ... 5, Shit Talking Creep.
Eminem - 8 Mile (O.S.T.) Lyrics
I'm here to eat, speak until these hoes feel this, (for sure...) ... now shorty momma in the precent hollar'in rape, ... I thought lil-kim was hot before she started fucking with her nose, (God Damh) ... and Big Ben taught Charlie abit more then deep throat. .... glock made out of plastic, cock-it and get blasted, run nigga and stash it.

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