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Hollies - Second Hand Hangups Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Second Hand Hangups' by Hollies. It's been such a long time / Since I had words with you / Tell me what you've been doing / Tell me baby what's new /
Hollies - Second Hand Hang Ups Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Second Hand Hang Ups' by Hollies. It's been such a long time / Since I had words with you / Tell me what you've been doing / Tell me baby what's new.
4, Second Hand Hangups. 5, Time Machine Jive. 6, Look Out Johnny (There's A Monkey On Your Back). 7, Give Me Time. 8, You Gave Me Life (With That Look ...
to give me a hand. The moon will be a spotlight ... and try to grab my glitter suit. Snatch your hand full of stars ... 4, Second Hand Hangups. 5, Time Machine Jive.
4, Second Hand Hangups. 5, Time Machine Jive. 6, Look Out Johnny (There's A Monkey On Your Back). 7, Give Me Time. 8, You Gave Me Life (With That Look ...
the hollies - you gave me life (with that look in your eyes) lyrics
4, Second Hand Hangups. 5, Time Machine Jive. 6, Look Out Johnny (There's A Monkey On Your Back). 7, Give Me Time. 8, You Gave Me Life (With That Look ...
The Hollies Lyrics
Secondhand Hang-Ups · The Hollies · Separated · The Hollies · Set Me Free · The Hollies · Shadow In The Street · The Hollies · She Gives Me Everything I Want
Sugababes - Shape Lyrics
I live my life in chains / Got my hands in chains / And I can't sticks with the cards that I got / With a deal like ... I'm taking it into my hands ... Second after second
Michael Mcdonald - I Second That Emotion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Second That Emotion' by Michael Mcdonald. Maybe you'll wanna give me kisses sweet / But only for one night with no repeat. / And maybe you'll go.
Hollies - I Won't Move Over Lyrics
How you used her. Oh, I know she'll refuse you. You're a two-timing loser. And I won't move over. Verse 3. Verse 4. Say what you want and think what you like
Hollies - For What It's Worth I'm Sorry Lyrics
Don't think that you've been used. It's just today that I don't feel so sure of wanting more. For what it's worth I'm sorry. For what it's worth I still can see the light of ...
I was on my second drink and. Feelin' sexy, now what ... Aint' got no hang-ups. Oh I Come to have fun ... If you like swingin' get your hands up. Be bop be bop be  ...
Stand by Me Lyrics
... Long Dark Road · Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress · The Baby · Magic Woman Touch · Second Hand Hangups · Give Me Time · The Air That I Breathe ...
THE HOLLIES LYRICS - 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
Lyrics to "4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" song by THE HOLLIES: Sandy the aurora is risin' behind us Those pier lights our carnival life forever Oh love me ...
Hollies - Caracas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Caracas' by Hollies. Gonna fade my jeans in the deep blue sea / Wash my cares away / Feelin' the breeze going through the trees / Just the music of.
Hollies - Mexico Gold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mexico Gold' by Hollies. Thought I'd take a trip down to the old world / ' Cause I heard a lot of things about the North American girls / I was.
Hollies - 4th Of July Asbury Park (sandy) Lyrics
Lyrics to '4th Of July Asbury Park (sandy)' by Hollies. Sandy, the aurora is risin' behind us / Those pier lights, our carnival life forever / Oh, love me.
Hollies - When I'm Yours Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I'm Yours' by Hollies. Turning me on and with your eyes / Playing along and with your eyes / Coming on strong and with your eyes / You burn me ...
Hollies - Russian Roulette Lyrics
chorus. Headed for the tables I'm wearin' my shades. Got to find me a lucky green top, Can't be one I've played. My hands are shakin' don't wanna lose my cool
Hollies - Write On Lyrics
Who'll give you a hand on your one night stand. Rock on, baby, rock on. Give 'em your licks, getting off on their kicks. Swayin' in motion to a rhythmic potion
Hollies - It Doesn't Matter Anymore Lyrics
There you go and baby, here am I. Well, you left me here so I could sit and cry. Well, golly gee, what have you done to me? I guess it doesn't matter anymore.
Hollies - If The Lights Go Out [First Version] Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If the Lights Go Out [First Version]' by Hollies. They say the world must end somehow / They say the end's not far from now / I think they're wrong /
Hollies - Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Star' by Hollies. I was jiving along in my big Cadillac / Saw a thumb going up, I said Driver go back / Played her a track from my latest LP /
Hollies - Sanctuary Lyrics
Touched my hand. You are my sanctuary. When I'm in your arms. You take me away. You are my sanctuary. When I'm in despair. I reach out and you're always ...
Hollies - Lady Of The Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady Of The Night' by Hollies. Chilled to the bone I see a lady / stalking like a black cat in the night / Shivers down my spine my mind's racin' /
Hollies - C'mon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'C'mon' by Hollies. Tell me tell me how I'm doing tonight / I could take this forever / The more I get the better all right / C'mon and spoil me / Let.
Hollies - I Got What I Want Lyrics
I never settled for second best. And I wasn`t denied. Songwriters KIPNER, STEPHEN ALAN/BLISS, PAUL. Published by. Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing.
Hollies - Maybe It's Dawn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maybe It's Dawn' by Hollies. Out of the sky the rain comes driving down / Washing away the hills of darkest brown / Heading out through another.
Hollies - Maybe Baby Lyrics
Maybe baby, I'll have you. Maybe baby, you'll be true. Maybe baby, I'll have you for me. It's funny honey, you don't care. You never listen to my prayer
Hollies - My Island Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Island' by Hollies. Sailing on a summer breeze, going back to my island / Nearly done my time, my life will be mine once again / The distant past.
Hollies - You're All Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You're All Woman' by Hollies. I'm uptight, gotta give a little / slow down, take my time / Ease up, learn to relax a little / So close, so close /
Hollies - Midnight Shift Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Midnight Shift' by Hollies. Well, if you see old Annie give her a lift. / ' Cause Annie`s been working on the midnight shift. / Annie puts her hair.
Hollies - Stranger Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stranger' by Hollies. Down down down town, east side of the river / Bowery boys are living off the street / There stands a stranger all dressed in.
Hollies - Casualty Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Casualty' by Hollies. Driving home I was miles away / When I thought that I saw your face / Late at night, a lightning flash / Put reality in it's.
Hollies - Wishing Lyrics
Wishing, dreaming, wishing. Wishing that I could see you every day. Wishing that I could steal your heart away. Dreaming of the time I could hold you tight.
Hollies - Layin' To The Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Layin' To The Music' by Hollies. Bright light city's high / Maybe we're gonna fly / Get on the scene / King and Queen / Laying to the music if you.
Hollies - Son Of A Rotten Gambler Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Son Of A Rotten Gambler' by Hollies. And his love will be his vision, / And he'll take you where you stand. / And will you stand your life by his, /
Hollies - Think It Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Think It Over' by Hollies. Think it over what you just said / Think it over in your pretty little head / Are you sure that I`m not the one? / Is your.
Hollies - Everyday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everyday' by Hollies. Every day, it's a-getting closer / Going faster than a roller coaster / Love like yours will surely come my way / Every day,
Hollies - Stand By Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stand By Me' by Hollies. Three o'clock in the morning / I got a pain in my heart / Lying awake I see you / just a shadow in the dark / Why do I fall.

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