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Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where The Time Goes? Lyrics ...
Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving. But how can they know it's time for them to go? Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming. I have no thought of  ...
Sandy Denny - Late November Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Late November' by Sandy Denny. The wine it was drunk, the ship it was sunk, / The shot it was dead, all the sorrows were drowned. / The birds they.
Sandy Denny - It'll Take A Long Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It'll Take a Long Time' by Sandy Denny. Oh, it's like a storm at sea / And everything is lost / And the fretful sailors calling out their woes / As.
Sandy Denny - Solo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Solo' by Sandy Denny. Good morning, good afternoon, / And what have you got to say? / Well I'm waiting, but I can't stay long, / It's such a lovely.
Sandy Denny - Full Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Full Moon' by Sandy Denny. Everybody else has gone, / But you're still here with me. / All the world is sleeping by and by. / Through the windowpane.
Sandy Denny - No End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No End' by Sandy Denny. They said that it was snowing / In astounded tones upon the news / I wonder why they're always so surprised / 'Cos every ...
Sandy Denny - One More Chance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One More Chance' by Sandy Denny. Calling all olive branches and laid- off doves / There is work to do before we say good-bye. / But who can see ...
Sandy Denny - Winter Winds Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Winter Winds' by Sandy Denny. Winter winds they do blow cold, / The time of year, it is chosen. / Now the frost and fire, / And now the sea is.
Sandy Denny - Blackwaterside Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blackwaterside' by Sandy Denny. One evening fair I took the air / Down by Blackwaterside / 'Twas gazing all around me / When the Irish lad I spied /
Sandy Denny - John The Gun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'John The Gun' by Sandy Denny. 'My shadow follows me / Wherever I should chance to go', / John the Gun did say. / 'If you should chance to meet me /
Sandy Denny - It Suits Me Well Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It Suits Me Well' by Sandy Denny. My name is Jan the gypsy I travel the land / There are no chains about me I am, me own man / I can tell a fair old.
Sandy Denny - Bruton Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bruton Town' by Sandy Denny. In bruton town there lived a noble man / He had two sons and a daughter fair / By night and day they were contriving /
Sandy Denny - Next Time Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Next Time Around' by Sandy Denny. Then came the question and it was about time. / The answer came back and it was long. / The house it was built ...
Sandy Denny - Fotheringay Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fotheringay' by Sandy Denny. How often she has gazed from castle windows over / And watched the daylight passing within her captive wall / With.
Sandy Denny - After Halloween Lyrics
Lyrics to 'After Halloween' by Sandy Denny. Red and gold, and Halloween have passed us by, / The charcoal branches lean against the rosy sky, / You are so ...
Sandy Denny - The Sea Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Sea' by Sandy Denny. Do I ever wonder? You don't know. / You'll never follow, and I'll never show. / D'you see the water and watch it flow / And.
Sandy Denny - You Never Wanted Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Never Wanted Me' by Sandy Denny. Wondering and waiting, my back agaist the wall / Not a word that passed between us comes to recall / Just ...
Sandy Denny - Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like an Old Fashioned Waltz' by Sandy Denny. Roses are red, and violets are blue, / Primroses pale on a velvet green hue, / Warm summer days by  ...
Sandy Denny - By The Time It Gets Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'By The Time It Gets Dark' by Sandy Denny. Baby, every cloud has a silver lining / Baby every dog really has his day / And it matters to me to see you.
Sandy Denny - I'm A Dreamer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm a Dreamer' by Sandy Denny. You make me nervous when I see you. / I can't imagine what it's like to be you. / It's a mystery to me every day, /
Sandy Denny - Geordie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Geordie' by Sandy Denny. As I walked under london bridge / One misty morning early, / I overheard a fair, pretty maid, / Lamenting for her geordie. /
Sandy Denny - No More Sad Refrains Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No More Sad Refrains' by Sandy Denny. Here comes the morning how it pleases / It always brings me something new / Its golden light will wash away ...
Sandy Denny - Milk & Honey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Milk & Honey' by Sandy Denny. Gold and silver is the autumn / Soft and gentle are her skies / Yes and No are the answers / Written in my true.
Sandy Denny - Man Of Iron Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Man of Iron' by Sandy Denny. Where are you riding to Sir Knight / Alone and armed for war? / If not to fight for right Sir Knight / Then what are.
Sandy Denny - Whispering Grass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whispering Grass' by Sandy Denny. Why do you whisper, green grass / Why tell the trees what ain't so / Whispering grass / The trees don't have to.
Sandy Denny - Carnival Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carnival' by Sandy Denny. The Summertime's escaping, and the carnival's away, / And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day. / Breakers.
Sandy Denny - One Way Donkey Ride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Way Donkey Ride' by Sandy Denny. There you may stand in your splendour and jewels / Swaying me in both directions. / One is the right one, the.
Sandy Denny - Crazy Lady Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crazy Lady Blues' by Sandy Denny. Missed the morning too, didn't rise before noon. / She's a lazy lady today. / Always yawning, you with your eyes on.
Sandy Denny - Tomorrow Is A Long Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tomorrow is a Long Time' by Sandy Denny. If today was not an endless highway, / If tonight was not a crooked trail, / If tomorrow wasn't such a long.
Sandy Denny - Friends Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friends' by Sandy Denny. I've watched you rise up and I've watched you fall down / 'Til you've lost everything but what money can own. / And you feel.
Sandy Denny - Here In Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here in Silence' by Sandy Denny. Summer skies are gone for ever / Nothing left but to remember / Morning leaves a bed of echoes / Tears of blood in.
Sandy Denny - Nothing More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing More' by Sandy Denny. My friend I know you've suffered / Although you are still young / Why was it you who'd not take help / From anyone? /
Sandy Denny - Rising For The Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rising for The Moon' by Sandy Denny. (Sandy Denny) / I travel over the sea and ride the rolling sky / For that's the way it is, that is my fortune /
Sandy Denny - The North Star Grassman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The North Star Grassman' by Sandy Denny. They stood upon the deck / As the ship went out to sea / The wind it took the sails / And left the land a.
Sandy Denny - What Is True? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Is True?' by Sandy Denny. Silver tongues are speaking long and hard into the night, / I must be myself and I'll do alright. / Oh please my.
Sandy Denny - Wretched Wilbur Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wretched Wilbur' by Sandy Denny. The summer was the reason / Why it took so long to see / That even if I do possess / Some seeds of honesty, ...
Sandy Denny - At The End Of The Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'At The End of The Day' by Sandy Denny. Oh, babe, you are the one I love, / You are the one I'm thinking of. / You know it's still a long long way, /
Sandy Denny - Blues Run The Game Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blues Run The Game' by Sandy Denny. Lyrics (sandy denny version) / Catch a boat to england baby / Maybe to spain / Whereever I have gone ...
Sandy Denny - 3. 10 To Yuma Lyrics
Lyrics to '3. 10 To Yuma' by Sandy Denny. There is a lonely train called the 3.10 to Yuma / And it's the only train left for me to ride on / I'll catch that.
Sandy Denny - Farewell, Farewell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Farewell, Farewell' by Sandy Denny. Farewell, farewell to you who would hear / You lonely travelers all / The cold north wind will blow again / The.

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