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ACE HOOD LYRICS - Hustle Hard (Remix)
[Ace Hood:] (Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle) [Chorus:] Same old shit, just a different day. Out here tryna get it, each and every way. Momma need a house
Lyrics to "Made For This" song by PROBLEM: Same old shit just another day Shit fucked up but I got to make a way Can't be mad cause the haters...
ACE HOOD - Hustle Hard lyrics
'Cause it's the same old shit, just a different day. Out here tryna get it, each and every way. Mama need a house, baby need some shoes. Times are getting hard,  ...
Just A Dream Lyrics - Hard Target
same old shit, just another day running from today but it's keeping me awake. I try to run away, could you wake me from a dream? and I know in my life that I ...
DMX LYRICS - Here We Go Again
Lyrics to "Here We Go Again" song by DMX: Same old shit dog, just a different day You know how niggaz do, when we play, how we play IT IS...
LIL' KIM LYRICS - Hustle Hard
(Aw shit!) Another day another dollar my homey (It's that Hustle Hard right here man!) You already smell, you know how it go (It's cold outside) Same old shit, just  ...
Ace Hood - Hustle Hard Remix Lyrics
G Mix I do it (Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle) (G mix) This the remix. Same old shit, just a different day. Out here tryna get it (get it), each and every way (way)
AUGUST ALSINA LYRICS - Survival Of The Fittest
Talking bout how one day we'll be balling out. Same shit it's just a different day. Same old niggas hustling trying to make a way. Same lame haters always finding  ...
Deniro Farrar - Same Ole Shit Lyrics
Brand new day, same old shit. Just another hood nigga trying to get rich. Everybody hurting so nigga jump in [?] And the plug got bopped, ain't nobody got shit
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Just Another Day
Lyrics to "Just Another Day" song by TOO $HORT: I woke up one day in ... To some funky ass shit from the dangerous crew ... Same gangstas same old scene
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY LYRICS - "Sonic Brew" (1999) album
Same Old Shit Just Different Day & Year Killed Myself But That Got ... While seeing all the same .... made you feel like another spoke in the wheel so you say im ...
Seven deuce old school Cadillac with the skirts ... And it ain't nothing new, it's just the same old shit. Another day, another dollar, another case to catch [Chorus]
Dead in his hands, She's just a woman. Never Again ... Never Again Just tell the nurse, you slipped and fell ... Same old shit, just on a different night. She grabs ...
YOUNG JEEZY LYRICS - Hustle Hard (Remix)
Young back on that bird shit. Shoes behind me ... While I was riding round in that new shit. Hundred grand in ... Same old shit, just a different day. Out here tryna ...
So come on, just say it. If there's a reason to be ... Same old shit but different day. Waving at the opposition, ... shit but different day, Another habit ready to break.
Everybody lookin for just a little more. Working late nights trying to fight off the day glow. ... Here we go again, same old shit just another name. Looking at the ...
WAX LYRICS - We Can't All Be Heroes
... I wake up in the morning, it's the same old thing Another day alone just rhyme writing (oh) It's get... ... Shit the verse I'm saying now could be way more clever
Lyrics to "Same Ol'" song by MUDVAYNE: Always just the same ol' thing Always just ... I don't mind going hungry, it's the shit that you feed ... Another day to me
JOHN CENA LYRICS - Just Another Day
Lyrics to "Just Another Day" song by JOHN CENA: This is just another day in the life Seven flight ... I got some plans to do shit that ain't never been done ... that I be in the same clothes from the night before. Shoes so old you can call 'em retros
UPON A BURNING BODY LYRICS - D.T.A. (Don't Trust Anyone)
"D.T.A. (Don't Trust Anyone)". I'm tired of the same ol' bullshit ... Work all day ain't got no time to play. It's the same shit just a different day. Ah shit - here we go ...
Hustle Hard (Remix) Lyrics - Yo Gotti
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Hustle Hard (Remix)" from "Yo Gotti": Same old shit just a different day, I can try to get it each and every way, Mama need a ...
KING LOS LYRICS - Hustle Hard Freestyle
Lyrics to "Hustle Hard Freestyle" song by KING LOS: Same old shit, just a different day I'm coming for the crown, the fuck a nigga say? Los And I'm the...
Lyrics to "Love Game" song by TYGA: The days go by, we argue all the time I want to make it right, 'cause that ... At all, and I don't need to say shit 'Cause I just like to see you happy even when you faking it ... Same old shit, different location
Hustle Hard (Remix) Lyrics - Ace Hood feat. Lil Wayne ...
[Chorus - Ace Hood] Same old shit, just a different day. Out here trying to get it, each and every way. Momma need a house. Baby need some shoes. Times are ...
Sit around and watch the tube, but nothing's on. I change the channels for an hour or two. Twiddle my thumbs just for a bit. I'm sick of all the same old shit
Lil Wayne - Hustle Hard (Remix)* Lyrics. [Ace Hood] (Hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle ,) [Chorus] Same old shit, just a different day out here tryna get it, each and ...
HAVOK LYRICS - "Burn" (2009) album
... no truth in sight, anxiety. Cannot count on others to live my life for me. Your games make me lose all dependency. It's the same old shit... just a different day ...
August Alsina - Survival Of The Fittest Lyrics
Rolling out, blowing out, talking bout how one day. We'll be ball enough. Same shit it's just a different day. Same old niggas hustling. Tryin to make a way
You ain't even gon' play my shit rock up just like cocaine. You a no name I'm preachin' you still reachin' for fame [Tall Cann] Same old shit but a different day
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere
Lyrics to "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" song by FABOLOUS: Same shit different day just riding through the city looking prettiest as usual It's the same old. ..
TRASH TALK LYRICS - "No Peace" (2014) album
I won't spend another day with anyone but me. It's just the way I ... I just wanted the sky so I climbed up to make an impact. And all I .... Same old shit different day
The same old heartbreaking story about some poor shit whose l. ... life sucks dick thinking he's gonna change the world through another angry song. Well I don't see progress just repetition same old songs about oppression. ... 24 Hours A Day .
Another day in the ghetto. One look ... Steps out it's the same old scene ... That's my Neneh Cherry shit, I got somethin slicker. Let me just sip up on this liquor
TRAE LYRICS - Same Thing, Different Day
Lyrics to "Same Thing, Different Day" song by TRAE: It's still the same thang ain't ... Niggaz thinking they just too cool, fifteen years old dropped out of school ... That shit ain't right you and I both know, your dog gon be the one to hold it down
B.G. LYRICS - Same Ol' Shit
Lyrics to "Same Ol' Shit" song by B.G.: What's happening (what's happening) You know it's real in the field (real, really real) You know it'... ... It's just real in the ghetto. From my block to ... It'll be one nigga, one key in broad day to come bang shit
ASH KARDASH LYRICS - Diced Pineapples
Cause this the same old thing ... Because every day. It's the same shit. We going back and forth. About a different bitch. And then I'm mad ... Cause I hate it when you do that shit ... It just means you're a rider who knows where I'm comin' from
Gangsta Blac - Tire Shop Lyrics
Sweetly stretch the dope up on the blunts and pass the shit to me. Lick it break it twist it ... Just another day up at the tire shop chiefin' hay, fucked up. Hook (4x) ... Just them same old hustlas to the game cause we grew up to it. Countin' up our ...
N-DUBZ LYRICS - Say It's Over
Baby its killing me this just isnt right for me ... days but as soon I touch base shel be all up in my face its the same old shit she enver ... I wont pretend another day
A PERFECT MURDER LYRICS - "Unbroken" (2004) album
... including "Another Day, Another Plague", "No Pulse In My Veins", "Die With Regret"... ... Just for fun, just like everyone wlse did .... I still see the same old shit
Los - Hustle Hard Lyrics
Same old shit, just a different day. I'm coming for the crown, the f-ck a n-gga say? Los And I'm the best rapper alive! Before I pull up to the spot, you hear my ...

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