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Roland Bowman - Devil's Violin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Devil's Violin' by Roland Bowman. I'll never forger it,it was one fine day, when the devil came to see me I was startin' to stray. He pulled in my.
Roland Bowman - Weekend Country Cowboy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weekend Country Cowboy' by Roland Bowman. I work five days a week at the liquor store. / Stocking the shelves and sweeping the floor. / On Friday.
Roland Bowman - Middleman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Middleman' by Roland Bowman. I got a ninety nine Caddilac Coupe-de Ville. I live in the house on top of the hill. I got deals in Chicago, Detroit.
Roland Bowman - Same Plane Lyrics
Same Plane. Lyric Author: Roland Bowman. Everywhere I go, its the same same. And everyone I meet, is on the Same Plane. The human race is hurtin, can't get ...
Roland Bowman - Down The Road Lyrics
Down The Road. Lyric Author: Roland Bowman. Down the road I go. Where I stop , I don't even know. Down the road I go. Nothin' is for certain you just give it ...
Roland Bowman - Gloucester Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gloucester' by Roland Bowman. Gloucester / If you come to Gloucester. Be sure to fall / in love,Cause that is where I lost her. / To the angels up.
Roland Bowman - Have A Nice Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Have A Nice Day' by Roland Bowman. I don't wanna watch no TV. I don' t wanna wear no diamond stone. I don't wanna play, another no show.
Roland Bowman - Country Rap Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Country Rap Song' by Roland Bowman. Country Rap Song / I like Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and Biggie, and old Run D M C. / I like all those heavy.
Roland Bowman - Life Is A Song lyrics
Life Is A Song lyrics by Roland Bowman: The good things in life are free, / Like a favorite melody. / Life is A Song. So sing along in.
Roland Bowman - Middleman Rides Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Middleman Rides Again' by Roland Bowman. Daddy got da Caddy. Momma got da Continenal Me I got a pickup truck I ain't too sentimental.
Roland Bowman - Serenity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Serenity' by Roland Bowman. The smiling paper God I saw. In the forest, very deep, / Was as real, as you and I are here. And even though his heart /
Roland Bowman - Work Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Work Song' by Roland Bowman. You gotta have a Work Song. A song to help you make it Through the day. / You gotta have a Work Song. A song we ...
Roland Bowman - Tune In To Jesus Lyrics
Tune In to Jesus / Tune in to Jesus, wherever you are. Turn it all over, to him in the stars. / Tune in to Jesus, and then you will Know. Just turn to Jesus, then let it  ...
Roland Bowman - Between The Lines Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Between The Lines' by Roland Bowman. I'd like to be nice to the people I Know / I don't wanna let them down. Love is like a lotion you can let it.

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