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Rocky Votolato - Suicide Medicine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suicide Medicine' by Rocky Votolato. A brain that never stops ticking / Sometimes an on-off switch would sure come in handy / A mind that's.
Rocky Votolato - Red River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red River' by Rocky Votolato. This is what life feels like on the ground / I had a brother who was stationed up in Northern Hill Country / You know.
Rocky Votolato - Montana Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Montana' by Rocky Votolato. Driving north on 35 heading into the night / The suns getting easier for me to look at / I've been singing these songs.
Rocky Votolato - White Daisy Passing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Daisy Passing' by Rocky Votolato. Please slow it down / There's a secret magic past world that you only notice when you're looking back at it /
Rocky Votolato - Alabaster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alabaster' by Rocky Votolato. On the outside looking in / I've never been able to crack the code / To break the secret spell / That would open up the.
Rocky Votolato - Portland Is Leaving Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Portland Is Leaving' by Rocky Votolato. Come along with me now cause there are things I've been / Dying to tell you / The best of the worst things.
Rocky Votolato - I'll Catch You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'll Catch You' by Rocky Votolato. The days behind you are haunting / The ones your living in now / The ghost of your past carries / The weight of.
Rocky Votolato - Mix Tapes/Cellmates Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mix Tapes/Cellmates' by Rocky Votolato. I am a prisoner in the sunlight / You are my cellmate in the darkness / There's a box full of mix tapes with.
Rocky Votolato - Makers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Makers' by Rocky Votolato. Death keeps calling me, she's gonna set me free / No more / Sunshine sidewalk streets or misery / Like she did for you /
Rocky Votolato - Tinfoil Hats Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tinfoil Hats' by Rocky Votolato. He reminded me that the only way to / Keep aliens from reading / Your mind / Is to wear a tinfoil hat friend and.
Rocky Votolato - Tennessee Train Tracks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tennessee Train Tracks' by Rocky Votolato. Come dry me out / 'Cause I' ve been drinking all night / Before I pass out I need your ghost to tell me.
Rocky Votolato - The Light And The Sound Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Light and the Sound' by Rocky Votolato. Are you gonna die with that music inside? / Did you catch the twilight on your way into work? / You can.
Rocky Votolato - Automatic Rifle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Automatic Rifle' by Rocky Votolato. The night I turned twenty five it was legos on the floor / It seemed like a safe enough game / For a man to play.
Rocky Votolato - Treepeople Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Treepeople' by Rocky Votolato. What do I care? I'll clean up to make things / Look their very best, to feel my worst / What's inside is no longer.
Rocky Votolato - Every Red Cent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Every Red Cent' by Rocky Votolato. We're moving on, the bags are all packed / I'm feeling like less of a wreck / The plans for revenge have all been.
Rocky Votolato - Crabtree And Evelyn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crabtree and Evelyn' by Rocky Votolato. I catch a hint of how you smelt / On the 1st day that we met / As I hang up your blue pants / Next to mine,
Rocky Votolato - I Remember Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Remember Music' by Rocky Votolato. Listen to me partner / I'll speak to you of happiness / I'll tell you about a breakwater / But that was long ago.
Rocky Votolato - Blue And Gray Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blue and Gray' by Rocky Votolato. I don't want to fight about who's pulling the weight / Wait for me upstairs I'll be up to rub your neck / I want to.
Rocky Votolato - I'd Be Fine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'd Be Fine' by Rocky Votolato. I'd be fine / To change into you / I'd be strange / But I know your eyes / They're true.
Rocky Votolato - Don't Walk Out On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Walk out on Me' by Rocky Votolato. I'm gonna start at the beginning / I'm gonna make something out of nothing / No I don't know anything about.
Rocky Votolato - The Rain Will Come Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Rain Will Come' by Rocky Votolato. Sometimes you have to be brave / And let things fall where they will / It's not yours to decide / How this.
Rocky Votolato - Like Silver Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like Silver' by Rocky Votolato. You're in the kitchen, I stare at our bed frame / I'm hearing your voice through the door / I will work my fingers to.
Rocky Votolato - Secrets Of A Salesman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Secrets of a Salesman' by Rocky Votolato. These baby secrets have grown into children / Through dirty adolescence and now into manhood / I locked  ...
Rocky Votolato - She Was Only In It For The Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Was Only in It for the Rain' by Rocky Votolato. She swore out the lights when she said that she was / Only in it for the rain / She made of her.
Rocky Votolato - The Night's Disguise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Night's Disguise' by Rocky Votolato. The clouds are holding up the dawn / They're stilts or crutches / I can't tell which one / To keep the short.
Rocky Votolato Lyrics
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Rocky Votolato - Without Eyes Still Seeing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Without Eyes Still Seeing' by Rocky Votolato. Everyday has a song / Some get sung while others go unheard / Take a good look around / It'll never be.
Rocky Votolato - October Lyrics
Lyrics to 'October' by Rocky Votolato. Everyone will sing songs of lost mothers / Every debt will be paid in the end / Lives lived will be brought back into.
Rocky Votolato - A Discourse On Killing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Discourse on Killing' by Rocky Votolato. All of the healing will take some time / We both have had psychotic men in our lives / And I know that.
Rocky Votolato - Death-Right Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Death-Right' by Rocky Votolato. You'll die young if you live so carefully / There are risks you must take to pay this world / I know it would never.
Rocky Votolato - Cut Me In Two Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cut Me in Two' by Rocky Votolato. Oh, night sweat / Sleep it off is exactly what I should do / I won't come through / I won't come through / Nobody.
Sparks Lyrics - Rocky Votolato
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Sparks" from "Rocky Votolato": Prayer flags in primary colors, On the wall to remember the real meaning of failure, Golden ...
Rocky Votolato - The Hereafter lyrics
2 explanations to The Hereafter lyrics by Rocky Votolato: [Verse 1] / I learned to starve and beat this animal / Until I found out I lived.
Rocky Votolato - Uppers Aren't Neccesary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Uppers Aren't Neccesary' by Rocky Votolato. Lead me through these cities of imaginary trends / Something's gonna be changing come the morning ...
Rocky Votolato - Red River Lyrics. This is what life is like on the ground I had a brother who was stationed up in northern hill county, no he never really came ...
Rocky Votolato - Streetlights Lyrics. We can go and walk in the darkness Get relief at each streetlight I don't know how much it would cost us Probably more than ...
Rocky Votolato - Wait Out The Day's Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wait Out The Day's' by Rocky Votolato. When the memory is a blank page / And the teeth in your / Mouth are all cliches / You heart is a bag of rocks.
Rocky Votolato - Holding Onto Water Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holding Onto Water' by Rocky Votolato. Some things can't be bottled / See how it's draining out the bottom / Just like holding onto water / My eyes.
Rocky Votolato - Prison Is Private Property Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Prison Is Private Property' by Rocky Votolato. The have nots have had enough and now they're out to kill the king / Of what looks to be an evil.
Kris Orlowski, Rocky Votolato & Lotte Kestner - Always Bring Me ...
Lyrics for Always Bring Me Back (feat. Rocky Votolato & Lotte Kestner) by Kris Orlowski, Rocky Votolato & Lotte Kestner.

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