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Z-Ro - Im A Soldier Lyrics
[21 second instrumental to open]. [Z-Ro] If somebody got a problem with me, come and address it. If the shoe fits it then walk in it I'm talkin to Texas See I'm from ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Mo City Don..Freestyle
Shit, Z-Ro the Crooked, I know y'all. Been waiting on this here, yeah shit R.I.P. Big Mello, Screw, Mafio, Big Boo, Gator All the fallen soldiers man, Southside
Z-RO LYRICS - 25 Lighters
Lyrics to "25 Lighters" song by Z-RO: Hold up Z-Ro the crooked AKA king of the ghetto ... Screwed Up Click soldier for life ... Soldier Boy love Z-Ro is who I am
Lyrics to "Soldier" song by EMINEM: I'm a soldier, i'm a soldier, i'm a soldier, i'm a soldier... Yo', never was a thug, just infatua...
DIXIE CHICKS LYRICS - Travelin' Soldier
"Travelin' Soldier". Two days past eighteen. He was waiting for the bus in his army green. Sat down in a booth in a cafe there. Gave his order to a girl with a bow ...
Scarface - Soldier Story (feat. Z-Ro) Lyrics
Jul 6, 2010 [ Chorus Z-ro] The Streets always been my daddy And Momma Is The County Jail Imma Solider And Im About My Mail Nd If I Get Busted Im Not ...
TOBY KEITH LYRICS - American Soldier
"American Soldier". I'm just trying to be a father, Raise a daughter and a son, Be a lover to their mother, Everything to everyone. Up and at 'em bright and early,
[Z-Ro] I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner. King of the ghetto, even when I was a new comer 24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under. If they people  ...
Z-Ro Lyrics
View the 200 full and accurate lyrics we have for "Z-Ro" on Find them now! ... 25 Lighter by Z-Ro · Z-Ro · 25 Lighters · Z-Ro ... Im A Soldier · Z-Ro.
Lyrics to "Make It" song by Z-RO: Forgive me for my sins, cause I'm not perfect Just trying to get it like I live, but is it ... Cause even though I'm a soldier, I feel pain
Z-RO LYRICS - Respect My Mind (Load My Ak)
[Z-Ro] Dubya-dubya-dubya-dot, fuckallayall dot com. Run up if you want to nigga ... [Z-Ro] I become a soldier when it's war time. That's all I really know cause all ...
The Killers - All These Things That I've Done Lyrics
I am so much older than I can take. And my affection, well it comes and goes ... I got soul, but I'm not a soldier. I got soul, but I'm not a soldier. I got soul, but I'm ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Talkin' Down On Me
Lyrics to "Talkin' Down On Me" song by Z-RO: Since I been out by myself, I keep ... Z-Ro haters be making my attitude, rude ... Soldier that's what I be, so bitch
Z-RO LYRICS - Love Ain't Live
Lyrics to "Love Ain't Live" song by Z-RO: Z-Ro the Crooked, AKA King of Da Ghetto Representing Assholes By Nature I always been a soldier, b...
Z-RO LYRICS - World Wide
Lyrics to "World Wide" song by Z-RO: Uh, seem like they got my life on the big screen Z-Ro versus the ... Cause I'm a soldier, trying to keep his mind at ease
Z-RO LYRICS - Betta Watch
Lyrics to "Betta Watch" song by Z-RO: Better watch your feddy mayn, better watch your back ... Might uh come and clear out your block, like a wet up Iraqi soldier
Z-RO LYRICS - One Thug
Lyrics to "One Thug" song by Z-RO: This is dedicated to the motherfuckers That think ... But if you a soldier, who gone fuck around with you if you mobbing with
Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm weak. Maybe I'm blinded by what I see. You wanted a soldier but it wasn't me 'Cause I could never set you free. So fly on your own
Z-RO LYRICS - Gripping Grain
[Z-Ro] Rap game phenomenon, lyrically I drop bombs. With feddy up in my palms , and I show you why I'm the Don Z-Ro the soldier, with a chip on my shoulder
Z-RO LYRICS - Will I Go Crazy
Lyrics to "Will I Go Crazy" song by Z-RO: My mind just goes off and wonders, cause it ain't ... Been a guerilla in the midst, this matching soldier be marching
Z-RO LYRICS - Will I Go Crazy
Lyrics to "Will I Go Crazy" song by Z-RO: My mind just goes off and wonders, cause it ain't ... Been a guerilla in the midst, this matching soldier be marching
Havana Brown - Warrior Lyrics
I think you made a mistake, I am a warrior. I stand like a soldier, yeah. Strike like a tiger. I stand like a soldier, yeah. Punch like a champion. I'm gonna dance, ...
I am a semi-automatic lonely boy. You're dead! I'm well fed. Give me death or give me head. Daddy's little psycho and Mommy's little soldier. I testify like a lullaby ...
THE CAB LYRICS - Angel With A Shotgun
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be. I'm an angel with a shotgun, Fighting ' til the war's won, I don't care if heaven won't take me back. I'll throw away my ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Never Take Me Alive
[Z-Ro] They'll never take me alive, I'ma be dumping till it's over. A soldier, with a 50 caliber pistol in my holster. Ready to brandish my weapon, on the bitch made
I'm a soldier at war. I have broken down walls. I defined. I designed. My recovery. In the sound of the sea. In the oceans of me. I defined. I designed. My recovery
There's a soldier, soldier in my mind. And I can't sleep, but I'm fine. There's a soldier, soldier in my mind. There's a soldier, soldier in my mind. There's a soldier  ...
Z-RO LYRICS - And 2 My G's
Lyrics to "And 2 My G's" song by Z-RO: One of my partnas have been shot And all that's going ... You use to call me G.I., but to me you was s soldier indeed
Lyrics to "Life" song by Z-RO: Too many niggas be trying to take me off of my game They see me balling, ... But I'm a soldier y'all can't catch me without my pistol
I'm a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight. There's nothing more for me - lead me away... Or leave me lying here. Sound the bugle now - tell them I don't ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Let The Truth Be Told
[Chorus: Z-Ro] ...Time to let the truth be tooooold, It ain't no brighter dayyyyyys, Cuz when it all unfooolds, A nigga gon' just pass awayeeeee. These haters ...
Z-Ro song lyrics collection. Browse 453 lyrics and 104 Z-Ro albums. ... 182, Im a Soldier. 183, One Night. 184, Mirror, Mirror On the Wall. 185, Smokers Anthem.
[Hook: Z-Ro] Ain't no such things ... [Hook: Z-Ro] [Verse 2: Z-Ro] ... A soldier. Where they kill a real nigga make a mo daycloder. I never fold up. I'm a do my time ...
Johnny Rebel - I'm A Good Old Rebel Lyrics
Oh, I'm a good old rebel, Now that's just what I am, And for this yankee nation, I do not give a damn. I'm glad I fought a ganner, I only wish we won. I ain't asked ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Dirty Work
Lyrics to "Dirty Work" song by Z-RO: All you sure ass niggas out here, got the game fucked up All this old friendly ... My composer, a soldier, you can call me one
Say I'm still the soldier in your eyes. I may not have the softest touch. I may not say the words as such. And though I may not look like much. I'm yours
Z-RO LYRICS - King Of The Ghetto
Lyrics to "King Of The Ghetto" song by Z-RO: This is my wooooooorld Z-Ro, king of the ... Z-Ro, king of the ghettoooooo ... I'm leaning over, but still a soldier
Z-RO LYRICS - Another Song
Lyrics to "Another Song" song by Z-RO: Hold up let me hit my Hypnotic aight you rollin? I'd just like to take a minute to apolgize to my li...
GREEN DAY LYRICS - Still Breathing
I'm like a child looking off in the horizon. I'm like an ambulance that's turning on the sirens. Oh, I'm still alive. I'm like a soldier coming home for the first time
But everything I am, she's my influ. I'm already boss, I'm ... Beside every great man, you can find a woman like a soldier holdin' him down. [Fabolous] And she ...

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