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LIL' WYTE LYRICS - Ball Baby Ball
Lyrics to "Ball Baby Ball" song by LIL' WYTE: Other rappers lyin, I'm everything they try to ... On a back road, ride ... Big rims on the Chevy, I'm always ridin heavy
David Ball - Riding With Private Malone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Riding With Private Malone' by David Ball: Out of the service. ... When an ad that said, "Old Chevy" somehow caught my eye. The lady didn't know the ...
WAYLON JENNINGS LYRICS - Defying Gravity (Executioner's Song)
Lyrics to "Defying Gravity (Executioner's Song)" song by WAYLON JENNINGS: I live on a big blue ball I never do dream I would fall But even the day that I do I'll ...
Cadillac Don & J-Money - Peanut Butter & Jelly Lyrics
Coulda had a Bentley but I'd rather ride Chevy Pistol in my lap give a fuck about tha law. Hoes see me comin' and they all gon' ball. Got 10 bad ... Big Tuck lyrics.
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Hickory Dickory Dock
[Verse: 8 Ball] Patrone, double ... We sittin tall, big ball, and MJ pushin to the limit. I'm reppin for ... Rich ass niggas can't ride in my Chevy (my Chevy) You don't ...
Lyrics to "Kick Mud" song by BIG SMO: This is for the 4 wheel Mud nut Jacked up Chevy truck Rollin in Ford ... Trail ride slip n' slide ... Gettin buck at the ball
Lyrics to "Rotation" song by BIG KRIT: Old school when I ride, forever sky high Workin' wood wheel, when the ... Candy coated pearl with the bowling ball swirl
Lyrics to "Ballin" song by SLIM THUG: Win, riding in a cock-eyed Benz Light blue lens, dro'd out with all of my friends ... Big ball shot calling, 20 inch crawling
Lyrics to "My Ride" song by NAPPY ROOTS: feelin easy like its sunday morning steak and eggs hey livin off some big rims lookin like some bla... ... later on he's eatin and ball in cleavland and I jumped ... keep chevy tint that twinkle so bright
Lyrics to "Big Tires" song by LENNY COOPER: Big tires, big tires I got some big tires, 54's coming down the road Got the ... I'm always ready, it's balls to the wall ... Riding down the dirt roads to find the spot ... My Chevrolet can do a all nighter
YELAWOLF LYRICS - Piss'n In A Barrel Of Bee'z
Fuck 'em all I'll hold my balls and urinate on the industry. Fuck 'em, I'm ... And if that don't drown ya', you'll hit the Chevrolet windshield; splat! [Hook x2] ... Ceiling is damaged, now you're really riding in a drop ... [Hook x2] Takes big balls!
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Just Like Candy
in my 77 Chevy, ass tight pull off cuttin ... if you ain't ridin wood, and leather, your ride ain't hittin a plane ... big Ball tellin you its all about the candy mane [Chorus ...
JUSTIN MOORE LYRICS - Lettin' The Night Roll
You looked so damn good climbing up in my Chevy Tried to play it ... I can ride you 'round town or drive you down some ol' back road. I love the way you lean that seat back, steal my ball cap ... Big Ass Headache[Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
I gotta a bad bitch in my Chevy Sellin Miley Cyrus in ... Now I'm riding in my Cadillac (Cadillac) Hammers and the ... Hate the way a nigga love to ball. All the war ...
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Country Shit (Remix)
[Ludacris:] Yeah I been waiting to tell them about this country shit. I'm a learn ya. You ready? LUDA! Let me tell ya bout these old school Chevy's Cadillac SS ...
We Buy Gold Lyrics - 8ball
Swanky slow when I ride everyday when I ball. Been official with mine ... Cuz they with big Ball Nigga we buy gold, ... In a minute, Chevy thang tinted. When I ride ...
Lyrics to "Did It For The Girl" song by GREG BATES: I got the Chevy all shined up Paid a ... Ironed up a pearl snap, left that old ball cap ... I did it for the moonlight, slow ride, slidin' over by my side ... There by the water's edge, big sky turnin' red
Riding big bucket, me and my girl KimYeing. Worried ... Pocket full of money, bitch I ball like a dog. Ride like ... I'm Cruzin' down the street in an old school Chevy
When the plug make the call, know that I can move the ball. Nigga can you flip it all, ... Put the Forgi's on the old school, riding Chevy T-top. When a nigga walk up ... I'm feeling like Big Meech I got a hundred million in my vases. I got GD in my ...
T.I. LYRICS - Dope Boi Fresh
I keep a piece on my side and some beat in my ride the window ... the AC blow snowballs drive a bitch up the wall with them ... with a big booty freak to make the pimpin complete. I go and ... dis chevy got they attention and fuckin dem hoes up
"Ride On". It's another lonely evenin' In another lonely town. But I ain't too young to worry. And I ain't too old to cry. When a woman gets me down. Got another ...
BIG TYMERS LYRICS - I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry
Lyrics to "I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry" song by BIG TYMERS: Follow me baby, come with me baby Follow me baby, come with me baby, come ... No I don't play ball but I'm a baller, ... Got 20 more hoes trying to get in my ride, ... Chevy's, Old Chevy's
(feat. Big Shasta). [Hook: Big Shasta] ... But I got cash ride around in drop Jags with my top back ... some niggas going broke tryna ball this weekend and TJ takin  ...
Lyrics to "Box Chevy V" song by YELAWOLF: I'm out the gate like a race horse, ... Give me the big bottle, fuck it, if I break it, I'll pay for it ... And ride around all day
Big trucks in the yard, big bucks on the wall. Country folks all ... With a bright orange hat and a bat underneath that Chevy seat ... Shit, I'm another lit cannon ball
EMINEM LYRICS - Detroit Vs. Everybody
Royce Da 5'9", Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf & Trick-Trick). Detroit! ... The Twin Eagles ol' air his coup might as well ride by in the ambulance. My pair ol' ...
Lyrics to "Control (HOF)" song by BIG SEAN: I look up Yeah and I take my time I'm a take my time, ... On some ground ball shit ... So I can kick it with my grandad, take him for a ride .... Put your trust in the Lord, pretend that your Chevy Nova
... by LIL BOOSIE: We got the phantoms on deck, lambo on the side, chevy sittin high yeah bitch that's how we ride That... ... Let me tell you what I make, money with big stacks ... Scarred up since I was small, ive been through some shit to ball
Gucci Mane - EA Sportscenter Lyrics
(intro:) / fresh, gucci / ball hard, ball smart like its sportscenter you see it / fresh ... 72' chevy caprice is a slam dunk, ... if you dont like it then dont ride wit me, ... day Ima murder him, na-mean, its gucci mane big boy flexin so icy entertainment, we  ...
Eminem - Crack A Bottle Lyrics
Got one riding shotgun and no not one of them got clothes ... Back with Andre, the giant, mister elephant tusk ... We ball out of control like you wouldn't believe
RICK ROSS LYRICS - Speedin' (Remix)
Car full of throw away big boy heat. Two brand new K's ... Only way up out the hood rap, crack, or playin' ball. Ain't nobody ... Killer come ride with me, know what I mean, holla at me. Trilla, Gun ... No insurance on the Chevy but it's OK Tell them ...
JARREN BENTON LYRICS - Cadillacs & Chevys
Big dick Benton, AKA, Ron Jeremy When you give ... Your hoes swing from my balls like a pendulum. If you don't like ... Macaulay Culkin bitch yeah I ride alone
T.I. LYRICS - 24's
in a drop top chevy with the roof wide open my partners looking at me to see if my ... in the islands in the fall, 24 inch rim shining when I'm riding cause I'm ballin I'm ... the click get shot like a dick with a stick, cause yall lost cause I'm a ball at all ...
Z-RO LYRICS - 25 Lighters
Man I can't wait 'til I get free cause I'm a ball. Put it in they face free my ... Looking for a yellow bone bitch with big ass ... Ride in Mercedes I know a nigga hate me. But I don't give ... Yeah I'm living like a motherfucking chevy baby. Or like a ford ...
EMINEM - Detroit Vs. Everybody lyrics
“Detroit Vs. Everybody” Detroit Posse cut featuring Big Sean, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, Royce Da 5'9" ... My homie wanted a Chevy so I put my dog in the vet
T.I. LYRICS - What You Know?
See me in ya city sitting pretty know I'm shining dawg. Riding with a couple Latin brawds and a china doll. And you know how we ball. Aye.. Riding in shiny cars
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Trap Queen
I used whip the Chevy sitting on them damn 4s. We strapped ... And I can ride with my baby. I just left the ... Big paper in pocket 'bout to fall out' So many ... Shawty riding for me. I lay back ... One sucking my dick one sucking the balls on a nigga
Wait wait, did I just go almost four bars without talking about my big dick? The other day me and ... Crooked livin' at. New York here's a piggyback ride to the motherland ... This time I never come down, deal with the blue balls. You ain't gotta fear ... deserve an ESPY In a Chevy like Andretti, put the Dezzy where his chest be
THREE 6 MAFIA LYRICS - Ridin' Spinners
Cause this the way we ball, I'm just lettin' you know. We like our music slow but our cars go faster. I'm in the V-12 with my cousin Big Shasta I'm Lil' Flipper and ...
SLEEPY BROWN LYRICS. "Margarita" (feat. Big Boi & Pharrell). [Big Boi:] 5 O' clock ... Only Throwin Balls No Strikes For Tonight So Walk Up To Tha Chevy For Some Heavy Thinkin Lets Ride To My Underground Bungalow Uproach The ...

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