Ride in a foreign with me she gonna go on that pole lyrics

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If I don't answer, she gonna keep calling me back ... Me and B-U Double riding in a foreign flying past niggas that act like we don't know 'em. They say we won't ...
Lil D - Down for Me Lyrics
Aug 3, 2015 Lyrics for Down for Me by Lil D. When I need Lil mama 'round and I'm stressing ... I'm down and I'm out going through it man I know that she gone ride for me ... If another girl try to fuck with me and she finds out, that's your ass.
Lyrics to "We Gon Ride" song by DREEZY: Yo! Wop! Yeah Dreezy ... She gon' ride 'til the wheels fall off. Yeah we gon' ride ... And they ain't tryna go to rehab, just like Amy I just want me and my bitches in a foreign back to back. Used to post up ...
When it's time to ride, if you love 'em, nigga, prove it. You know all your lil' niggas gon' shoot shit up for you. I thought I ... She naked, I walk through the door. I promise, I ... I'm cold as the North fuckin' Pole I came a long way from the stove. I hop in the foreign, go slow ... I need me a real one, I need commitment, where ya at?
Lyrics to "Ride 4 Me" song by GUDDA GUDDA: And she gon' ride for me, stay by my side for me She rock and roll with me, we going straight to the... ... No stripper, but she grinding on my pole nigga. I go deep, I know how to touch her soul ...
Lil' Ru - Nasty Song Lyrics
She slidin down the pole ... So wont you put the pussy on me yea girl I said wont you put the pussy on me. Cuz a this here's another nasty song. I love the way she freak with no panties on now I say ... Now I ain't hittin it no mo And I got money for you shawty this is how it go ... Cuz will gon throw it up and ima make it rain
... who I am right? Mustard on the beat ho I got a fire red bone who go all night l. ... She ride this dick up and down the street. She like ... Cause it ain't nothin' to me , but you gotta work for it. Grind ... I'm in love with a foreign car, they both topless
Well one man's trash is another man's treasure. One man's pain is ... Yeah, go ahead and pop it like you do in the mirror ... She tell me I go that flame, your rhymes are so deep. Man, girl ... The ones that say they riders but never do ride with you. I'm tryna ... I ain't superstitious I make all these broads flip my pole. You dig it ...
Lyrics to "Down On Me" song by JEREMIH: She want it I can tell she want it Want me to push up on it 'fore she know when I'm all on it We get. ... Girl you got that secret treasure I'm 'gon put a lock on it ... Go buy another round and it's all on me
Jeremih - Down On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down On Me' by Jeremih: I love the way you grind that booty on me Shawty you a dime why you looking lonely We'll buy another round and it's all on. ... Fore she know when I'm all on it. We get the party going liquor flowing this is fire
AKON LYRICS - I Wanna Fuck You
I see you winding and grinding up on that pole, I k... ... don't tell, won't tell, baby said I don't talk Dogg but she told on me, oh well, take a picture with me, ... I'm stuck on pussy and yours is right, wrip riding them poles and them doors is tight ... so you looking at me now what's it gonna be just another tease far as I can see,
L'A CAPONE LYRICS - With The Shits
If a nigga try me, that's the day he gone meet Christ I'm getting hella ... Your man is boring, pull up in that foreign. Yo bitch, bet she gone (SKURT!) ... In the foreign riding fast. Just me ... But the hoes on me and they feel that pole on me. I'm just ...
Is that your bitch, cause she told me she's ready to go ... I'm so poker-faced, ladies going Ga-Ga ... Now she at my house sliding up and down that pole ... I'm at the afterparty 'bout to start another brawl ... I'ma need a ride home, I know myself
Bubba Sparxxx). She'd rather dance on the pole, act wild and drank free. Don't give a damn cause she wylin', wylin' She'd rather go with a wild ass boy like me
Lyrics to "Gutta Bitch" song by WEBBIE: Look hop in my ride Stash this, Hold that, Be cool turn The ... Just wait for me I'll be back I ain't gonna be gone long
E-40 LYRICS - Sliding Down The Pole
Lyrics to "Sliding Down The Pole" song by E-40: There she go sliding down the pole There she go sliding down the pole There she is There she is...
Word, she gon' help me like she's Santa's elves. She gon' ... I'ma move her out the trenches and buy her a Bentley ... She ride me, 200 on that pussy like a T-Rex
(It's whatever man, just go on ahead and rip that shit ... Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide ... Lil Bibby on the track with me, one mistake and he clap fifty ... And I never feed off another man cause I understand how a nigga lie ... Got a yellow bitch in the passenger, she gon' suck and fuck if I get her high
Mozzy feat. Rich Homie Quan, Iamsu! & Lil Blood - Round and ...
Jun 15, 2016 ... it's only 8's on me She like a red nose bully, bitch shake something Round ... round, she up the pole, now she slithering down And she gon' ride it like a ... hop another flight to go and get the bucks I like her in her gym pants, ...
Lyrics to "Wild Ride" song by KEVIN GATES: Would I be wrong? I wanna fuck ... Love the way you look at me, especially when you're tipsy. This is bound to ... She'll pleasure, yeah we fuck her together, pussy to shit ... Let's plan a visit overseas
Verses put me on, now 'I'm a blow this money 'till it's gone [x2] [Verse 1: Tink] ... I make a rack off foreign features ... Weak bitches gon' talk shit but a real bitch ain't gon' let it slide [Hook] ... Yo boyfriend a zero, I'm rollin' off a hero, yo baby-mama she deep-throat ... Play with me I let the nine off, commit a homicide then ride off
MIGOS LYRICS - Freak No More
She's a stripper naked dancer but she's begging me to wife her, (No!) ... (Go!) She don't wanna be a freak no more, (Freak!) She don't wanna take molly, get ... She don't wanna see the pole ... She wondering how she gon' take care the baby
MILOW LYRICS - Ayo Technology
She work it girl, she work the pole. She break it down, ... She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot. Dance in you're ... Why don't you come over here, you got me saying. Aayooh ... When she ready to ride, I'm ready to roll. I'll be in this ...
Mykko Montana - Do It Lyrics
She slowed me down then sat me down ... Dancin' on the pole,she playin' with that pussy ... So I told shawty go change clothes and meet me back right here
WYCLEF JEAN LYRICS - Perfect Gentleman
Yo, meet me at Suzy's Rendez-vous. For every ... I'm gonna send this one out to the gentlemen's clubs ... Just 'cause she dances go-go ... We gonna elope to Mexico ... Where they ride horses, no cars ... (Yo baby, can I get another lap dance?
T.I. LYRICS - Strip
You ain't neva meet guy like me. And when the valet pull up shorty ride with me. ... going down pop another go again panty to the floor again fuck her till she soar  ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Trap Queen
I was out here tryna get it being broke I can't go. I ain't never lacking I stay with the damn pole 30 and this ... riding for me. I lay back she ride it for me ... she gon' spark for her nigga ... Bring me back another broad then menage with her nigga
D4L LYRICS - Laffy Taffy
But your laffy taffy got me froze (oh) Gone get ... I know you wanna ride. You're a star ... Work that pole and work it well ... then she can go ... A what you gonna do
LYKKE LI LYRICS - No Rest For The Wicked (Remix)
Lyrics to "No Rest For The Wicked (Remix)" song by LYKKE LI: Love me too much ... let me do much She love me too much, at least she used to Then I used her, I... ... Can you give me just another ... Pretty motherfucker from the north pole ... Eazy-E riding on the big spokes, on the 6-4 ... If love don't work it's just gonna hurt
EAZY-E LYRICS - Boyz-N-The-Hood
Motherfuckers said wasn't gonna work (that crazy shit). Stupid shit man ... Jumped in the fo' hit the juice on my ride. I got front ... Don't quote me, boy, 'cause I ain't said shit ... me mad. She said something that I couldn't believe ... Then wrapped the 6 fo' round a telephone pole ... I'll throw it in the gutter and go buy another
She make a pole disappear like hocus pocus. You're ain't never gon' find another nigga this focus. I got every block, every street corners sold ... big face Benjamin's as she lookin' at me. Like ye'en ain't nothin' but a star if you ride with them you ain 't going that far. But if you ride with me, crib so big we can play hide-and-seek
She make me bow bow bow bow (Rocky Balboa) See I lovin it ... suck it up and yuck it up, baby work on that pole. Got them niggaz in a ... Give my hoe 10 G's, told her spend the shit (go 'head hoe) See my hot girl ride Lexus Coupe, bitch and she got the ... I tell her touch it, she gon' reach down and grab the dick. I bust a nut, ...
RIHANNA LYRICS - Pour It Up (Remix)
I'll shoot back if niggas shoot at me, you know it ... My foreign cars – domestic beefs ... Your girlfriend on both knees, she catch more balls than a goalie. Purple all ... Strippers goin' up and down that pole ... Four o'clock and we ain't going home
You a pro every time you hit the pole. I love it when ... Ohh, what oh, tell me how how, tell me how high high you can go oh. Ass like cocoa ... I love how she look when she on it. Tongue in ... Ride around my side of town on 22s but I'm on one
Lyrics to "Another Day" song by G HERBO aka LIL HERB: GANG! ... Another day, another body droppin' If I go broke then I'mma rob someb... ... I might high speed, so I think that I might go get me a Hemi ... She just suckin' dick, and she ugly
50 CENT LYRICS - AYO Technology
She work it girl, she work the pole. She break it ... If you want a good time, she gone give you what you want [Chorus ... Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you ... From side to side, let the ride, break it down (down down)
Another one Stay down with my day one niggas, and we in the club screaming No new friends, no n. ... Big homies all certified, nothing niggas gon' take from me
Willy Northpole - #1 Side Chick Lyrics
She aint goin no where / Shes my number one girl / she aint goin no where oh no / See alot of come ... Willy Northpole Lyrics ... And i kno she gone ride on me
NE-YO LYRICS - The Way You Move
Lyrics to "The Way You Move" song by NE-YO: She work at Onyx but she say it's ... You ain't playing fair sliding down that pole like ... Gonna quit the game, change your life and ease your pain ... If you are ready to ride with me girl here we go
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man, go that way B ... We gon' ride past with that iron blast ... It's almost 20 years later, now she finally sober

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