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Paradox Interactive & Andreas Waldetoft - Ride Forth Victoriously ...
Lyrics for Ride Forth Victoriously by Paradox Interactive & Andreas Waldetoft.
Angie Lym - Superman Lyrics
In your majesty ride forth victoriously. Wash away all my iniquity. Strength and glory are in his sanctuary. Chorus: O yeah, I don't need no superman. Cos all i ...
GLORYHAMMER LYRICS - "Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards"
Victorious Eagle Warfare 7. Questlords Of Inverness, Ride To The Galactic Fortress! 8. .... Our cosmical enemies with full force, blasting forth without remorse
AMON AMARTH LYRICS - "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" (1998 ...
3. Without Fear 4. Victorious March 5. ... As we ride in the cold dark night. We're closing in our .... As twilight falls and the stars come forth. And the seawolves ...
Unleashed - Scream Forth Aggression Lyrics
Unleashed Aggression (Join us now). Now Scream Forth Aggression. Ride, ride my warriors. Fight proud victorious. Stand guard on every shore. Swords drawn ...
BATTLEROAR LYRICS - "Battleroar" (2003) album
Victorious Path 3. Egyptian Doom ... Ride on my warriors fight proud victorious. Onwards to battle .... Odin come forth show the way feed the beast. Through red ...
SABATON LYRICS - "Carolus Rex" (2012) album
Will die, by God and victorious arms. With the righteous that ... Lion come forth, come from the north, Come from the ..... Ride with the wind. Emerge from the ...
WATAIN LYRICS - "Sworn To The Dark" (2007) album
I ride its wings on paths of No Return ... Victorious heart of deceit. Shaped in red beauty yet carved ... Come forth from the North; Agios Daimon! With the hunger ...
MORTIFICATION LYRICS - "Hammer Of God" (1999) album
... "Hammer Of God" (1999) album, including "D.W.A.M.", "Ride The Light", " Extreme Conditions"... ... pouring forth, breaking dark. ... Christian ways victorious ,
EVIL SCARECROW LYRICS - "Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six" (2009 ...
And bade his messengers ride forth, to summon his array. East and ... The spider army is victorious. Trapped ... Will bring forth spider spawn avatar spider born.
DEMONICAL LYRICS - "Hellsworn" (2009) album
Come forth mighty serpent, arise. From an ocean of blood ... Bring forth the fury and endless pain. Ride for glory in victorious flames. Your life is descending, ...
LE GRAND GUIGNOL LYRICS - "The Great Maddening" (2004) album
7. Finis Coronat Opus 8. I, Who Brought Forth Myself .... On every breath you take they ride. They are the pupils of ... At last I am victorious. Over me, who brought ...
DEMONICAL LYRICS - "Death Infernal" (2011) album
Cast into the unlight, bring forth the pain and fear. Reveal the final dawn, the end of the earth is near. We ride the infested path ... Towards a victorious destiny
MYTHERINE LYRICS - "Dawn Of A New Era" (2015) album
Into The Unknown 4. The Storm 5. Ancient Path 6. Call To Arms 7. Victorious 8. ... On our ride over the waves. Journey ... Are rolling back and forth. Slowly ...
IMPIETY LYRICS - "Skullfucking Armageddon" (1999) album
Hellhordes victorious ... We summon (forth) desecration! ... Ride! Shaktikal liberty. Thy blackness immortality shields the light. Kings of pandaemonic bifrost
Bal-sagoth - The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Lyrics ...
In a dream I was bade ride the argent-eyed unicorn to the Ring of Stones... There a torrent of ... The land awash with spilled blood, and viscera torn forth from the sundered dead. ... XERXES: The outcome, master... who left the field victorious?
Bal-sagoth - The Splendour Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Lyrics ...
and viscera torn forth from the sundered dead. ... The glory of battle is nigh at last, into the fray we ride! XERXES: ... who left the field victorious? Did the king ...
IMMORTAL LYRICS - "At The Heart Of Winter" (1999) album
Tragedies blows at horizon : we ride as one our battle rages on... Tragedies blows at ... victorious, victorious we live over all strong men under us fall. The longer we ride this ... I'm staring forth the raven throne I know I'm at the heart of winter.
DRAGONLAND LYRICS - "The Battle Of The Ivory Plains" (2001 ...
Ride For Glory 5. ... Together we will defend this world... And victorious we shall be. Ride on..." We ride ... of undead and nightly creatures of the dusk crept forth.
Immortal - Where Dark And Light Don't Differ Lyrics
Barbaric tempered steel / Strike forth and toll our days / The red and black of our ... Victorious we live over all ... The longer we ride this yearn will make us find.
OAKENSHIELD LYRICS - "Gylfaginning" (2008) album
Victorious feasts and tales of the past. Waiting for the day ... then ride from the battlefield, reconciled, they sit ... Bring forth a trough of meat. Now, who will face ...
THY PRIMORDIAL LYRICS - "Pestilence Upon Mankind" (2004) album
Come forth and strike with fear. The dead inherit and walk the .... Branded by the mark of the beast. I ride with the wicked, victorious and with triumph at hand
Gloryhammer - Heroes (Of Dundee) Lyrics
Oct 1, 2015 Our battlecry echoing through the sphere Ride! ... We are heroes, heroes of Dundee, We are riding forth to free our galaxy We are heroes, ...
Of failure and rape comes the demon forth. Make no mistake ... Demonic glory ride. The hardening of true love .... Bloodstained cross. The victoriously insane
As twilight falls and the stars come forth. And the seawolves return to the bay. Corpses lie scattered all over the field. For the ravens to eat as they please
Sentenced - Capture Of Fire Lyrics
Come forth for thou art needed. Come... I was marked for thee. It was written in the ... On this victorious ride us all to guide ...And we shall... Set the world on Fire
Sentenced - Capture of Fire lyrics
Nov 8, 2010 Flame... thou wisdom the greatest Come forth for thou art needed ... Unleash the flame us all to reign On this victorious ride us all to guide .
Lyrics to "One More Chance" song by NOTORIOUS B.I.G.: All you hoes, callin' here for my daddy get off his dick. Like that Mommy? Hi daddy, how you do...
ENSIFERUM LYRICS - "1997-1999" (2005) demo re-release
Ride away through the land of storms... Unknown ar the ... So he had to set forth. He is the man ... for all of us. But now it's time to head back home victorious" ...
AKHKHARU LYRICS - "Nocturnal Impiety" (2000) album
Prince of Hell sen forth your hordes. Darkness ... Belial is victorious in armageddon. Dark angels of hell ... And we shall ride the blackened winds. For all eternity ...
LORD BELIAL LYRICS - "Unholy Crusade" (1999) album
[Lyrics: Dark] Gathered we are, the legions of destruction- who ride under the banner of death .... I; now victorious master of the seven blackened seas, hear my .... with a thousand sins he summons all demons of the eternal flames to come forth
WOLFSWORD LYRICS - "Beyond The Thunderclouds" (2013) album
Come forth from the darkness. Feast upon ... Lord of men and the victorious dead. The Einherjar in ... Join us and ride in the Lake of Blood your soul will be ...
CROSSWIND LYRICS - "Vicious Dominion" (2014) album
War hardened stallions they ride. Fire and steel by their side. Swords make ... Came forth to tear down the skies. Craving for pillage and murder, Black are the ...
Marduk - Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania lyrics ...
All demons ride high upon the bewitching Nightsky They are only disturbed by a new-born child's painful cry. Son of the great dragon, come forth to rule
GLORIOR BELLI LYRICS - "Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls" (2013 ...
Victorious beam, no sun can ever kill your flame. Wisdom bringer ... Many a man, shall ride with me, Who never ... Come forth, come forth, Azerate! Enlighten us ...
DESASTER LYRICS - "Divine Blasphemies" (2002) album
On victorious wings we ride. We command the claw of ... Grim lord of the mound. We call forth doom and death ... Forces of devastation ride. Gates fall to the ram
ASKA LYRICS - "Fire Eater" (2013) album
The human race is, victorious this day. All alien traces ... It has forever been man's destiny to go forth and conquer ... The Valkyries ride to on Odin's command
Phillips Anthony - Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times Lyrics ...
Once again he will ride with his King, for the honour of England, and strive to do ... Gazing forth from her Tower she views the pleasant verdant landscape. Beneath ... Heralds' Fanfare greets the returning, victorious army; the streets are lined ...
Marduk - Steel Inferno lyrics
Moments of glory and pride. Panzer death ride ... Black sun shine us forth. God s soldiers, without ... With Satan And Victorious Weapons · Materialized In Stone.
TSATTHOGGUA LYRICS - "Hosanna Bizarre" (1996) album
... will must be done. Satan The Great, we worship your victorious son ... Putting forth our souls. It is hate,hate,more than hate ... Storm and ride. How to forget ...

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