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Rhiannon Redemption - Walk Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk Away' by Rhiannon Redemption: SO tell me where shall I go? To the left, where nothing's right? Or to the right, where nothing's left?
Rhiannon Redemption - Beauty In The Broken Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beauty in the Broken' by Rhiannon Redemption: Same hell, just different devils.
Rhiannon Redemption - Cigarette Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cigarette' by Rhiannon Redemption. They say it's a metaphor. / I say it's much more. / Light me up, like you always do / Inhale my kiss, let me.
Rhiannon Redemption - The Dope Beat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Dope Beat' by Rhiannon Redemption. There's no rhythm in my chest. / You can't dance when you're dead. / I took death by the hand, & kissed her.
Rhiannon Redemption - “V Is For Valentine..... No Vodka” Lyrics ...
Lyrics to '“V is for Valentine..... No Vodka”' by Rhiannon Redemption. Remember those butterflies we felt in our stomach? / I drowned mine in opiates &
Rhiannon Redemption - Bite The Bullet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bite the Bullet' by Rhiannon Redemption. It's hard to Hide your story, when it's written all over your body. / We use pain to relieve the pain, oh.
Rhiannon Redemption - Marilyn Monroe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marilyn Monroe' by Rhiannon Redemption. Marilyn Monroe, / Take a mic, & let's steal the show. / I'll play these six strings, & you can sing. / Let's.
Rhiannon Redemption - Bottle Of Jack Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bottle Of Jack' by Rhiannon Redemption. When you drink enough, / Vodka tastes like Love. / Couple shots of whiskey, / To make myself believe you ...
Rhiannon Redemption - Anarchy, My Dear Watson. Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Anarchy, My Dear Watson.' by Rhiannon Redemption. I pledge allegiance, to the corporations, of the divided states of America. & to allthe companies,
Rhiannon Redemption - I Am The Reason Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I am the Reason' by Rhiannon Redemption. I want to inspire, within my music, these words coming from my soul, shouting from the rooftops, telling you.
Rhiannon Redemption - Love Yourself, 'cause No One Else Will ...
Lyrics to 'Love yourself, 'cause no one else will.' by Rhiannon Redemption. ( Verse I) / Heroin was the best girlfriend I ever had. / Piercing my veins, just to.
Rhiannon Redemption - Russian Roulette Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Russian Roulette' by Rhiannon Redemption. Our love is like a car wreck , you just can't look away. / Your words roll off your lips like rivulets. /
Rhiannon Redemption - Genocide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Genocide' by Rhiannon Redemption. (Chorus) / Genocide! / The End Is Nye! / Genocide! / We're all gonna die! / Genocide! / No where to hide! /
Rhiannon Redemption - Poetry, Is My Form Of Prostitution. Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Poetry, is my form of Prostitution.' by Rhiannon Redemption. You'd rather hear me recite my moans while we fuck. / Then hear all these narratives I.
Rhiannon Redemption - We Are The Kids Of The Night! Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'We are the kids of the night!' by Rhiannon Redemption. We are the kids of the night, your version of wrong, is our right. / Itf you're confused or.
RIHANNA LYRICS - Redemption Song
"Redemption Song". All the pirates, yeah, they rob them. Sold them on to the merchant ship. Minutes after they took them. From the bottomless pit. But their hand ...
Vanessa Hudgens - Walk Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk Away' by Vanessa Hudgens: I guess I should've / To believe that my luck had changed, oh I let my heart and.
Lyrics to "Nirvana" song by BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR: This is redemption for all my people in a song. Here's the key, this is what you need. That will ope...

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