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Rhett Akins - Kiss My Country Ass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss My Country Ass' by Rhett Akins: If you don't love the American flag You can kiss my country ass.
Rhett Akins - She Said Yes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Said Yes' by Rhett Akins. He never had given much thought to dancing / But she gave a lot of thought to being asked / Well he'd never been good.
Rhett Akins - That Ain't My Truck Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Ain't My Truck' by Rhett Akins. She's been goin' out with him / She's been goin' out with me / Said she'd let us know by tonight / Which one it.
Rhett Akins - Don't Get Me Started Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Get Me Started' by Rhett Akins. Well it was January, not the Fourth Of July / A snow white morning and a clear blue sky / We were miles from.
Rhett Akins - Heart To Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heart To Heart' by Rhett Akins. I pulled in her driveway / Turned the radio down low / And I sat staring at what she was wearing / Waitin' by the.
Rhett Akins - Driving My Life Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Driving My Life Away' by Rhett Akins. Well the midnight headlights blind you on a rainy night; / Steep grade up ahead, slow me down, makin' no time,
Rhett Akins - More Than Everything Lyrics
Lyrics to 'More Than Everything' by Rhett Akins. / He chose the rivers where to run / Struck the match that lit the sun / He writes the songs the birds sing /
Rhett Akins - Where The Blacktop Ends Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where The Blacktop Ends' by Rhett Akins. Call me computer illiterate / Red neck dot com on the internet / I don't need it if I can't find it in my.
Rhett Akins - Happy As We Wanna Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Happy as We Wanna Be' by Rhett Akins. I've hung out with people with money, / And I've hung out with people without / I've had friends in high cotton.
Rhett Akins - Carolina Line Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carolina Line' by Rhett Akins. I guess she caught that plane early this morning / 'Cause that 'I've decided to stay' call never came / And right.
Rhett Akins - That Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Girl' by Rhett Akins. Green light turning red / I slowed down, turned around / Looked in the window next to me / She took my breath away / Red.
Rhett Akins - What They're Talkin' About Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What They're Talkin' About' by Rhett Akins. Stole the keys to my daddy's ride / And I took my baby for a midnight drive / Our hearts were racing as.
Grandaddy's Gun Lyrics - Rhett Akins
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Grandaddy's Gun" from "Rhett Akins": Rhett Akins / Dallas Davidson, It sets above the mantel on a couple rusty nails, and its ...
The Bone Collector - Buck Fever - Feat. Rhett Akins & Dallas ...
Jan 4, 2016 Lyrics for Buck Fever - Feat. Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson by The Bone Collector. Your hands start shakin Your heart gets to pumpin Your ...
Rhett Akins - Every Cowboy's Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Every Cowboy's Dream' by Rhett Akins. She's got a sticker on her pickup says made by Smith & Wesson / She's a little Texas twister in a big old black.
Rhett Akins - Not In The Cards Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not in the Cards' by Rhett Akins. Got another postcard today / This one was postmarked Santa Fe / All she had to say / Was thanks for givin' her the.
Rhett Akins - Kiss My Country Ass lyrics
Lyrics for Kiss My Country Ass by Rhett Akins. Tearin' down a dirt road, rebel flag flyin', 'Coon dog in the back. Truck bed loaded down with beer, An' a cold one ...
Rhett Akins - She Was Lyrics
"SHE WAS" RHETT AKINS. Tuff Guy On The Outside Always Been The Story Of My Life Noone ever Got The Best Of Me Thought I Was In Control Of My Destiney
Rhett Akins - If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away' by Rhett Akins. Every day I drive to work across Flint River bridge / One hundred yards from the spot where me and.
Hung Up Lyrics - Rhett Akins
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Hung Up" from "Rhett Akins": Now he's hung up down in the holler, I strung up that old boss gobbler, When he broke that strut ...
Rhett Akins - Highway Sunrise Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Highway Sunrise' by Rhett Akins. There's somethin' pulling' on me / Out of nowhere like a mystery / And I won't find it here in my backyard / So I'm.
Rhett Akins - K-I-S-S-I-N-G Lyrics
Lyrics to 'K-I-S-S-I-N-G' by Rhett Akins. Hearts beatin' like a drum in a rock band / Parked in the car that I borrowed from my old man / Well it's hard to get.
Rhett Akins - You Rock Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You Rock Me' by Rhett Akins. Got hooked on Country when I was a young boy / Nothing changed my world like Bocephus did / Then I found the ...
Rhett Akins - White Lies And Blue Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Lies And Blue Eyes' by Rhett Akins. Your daddy bought you a new car / Your mama says you're gonna be a star / And you ain't worried 'bout.
Rhett Akins - Right Back Atcha lyrics
Lyrics for Right Back Atcha by Rhett Akins. We've been standing on the edge of something Bigger than the both of us And neither one of us had said it yet But ...
Rhett Akins - Where Angels Live Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where Angels Live' by Rhett Akins. (Mark Wright) / Every dream I ever dreamed / Thought they had seen the last of me / When nights were slow and ...
Rhett Akins - Love You Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love You Back' by Rhett Akins. Seventeen, Kara Leigh Baker was settin' my dreams on fire / Back of the class I was sinkin' so fast / Drownin' in my.
Rhett Akins - Friday Night In Dixie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friday Night In Dixie' by Rhett Akins. There was a cloud of dust down lonesome road one full moon Friday night / The county sheriff and old man Jones .
Rhett Akins - Must Be Livin' Right lyrics
Lyrics for Must Be Livin' Right by Rhett Akins. Munchin' on a hot dog, sippin' on a cold beer Got my seat propped up on the back of seat twenty four Sittin' in the ...
Rhett Akins - Ain't That Just Like A Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ain't That Just Like a Woman' by Rhett Akins. Closet full of dresses and not a thing to wear / No matter the occasion can't do nothin' with her hair.
Rhett Akins - Rest Of Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rest of Forever' by Rhett Akins. He hurt you, she hurt me / Now trust doesn't come so easily / Love isn't the fairy tale / It was before / So we're.
Rhett Akins - Dream The Rest Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dream the Rest' by Rhett Akins. I've not a man of vision, it's never been my strength / They see them bigger picture although chasin' after dreams /
Rhett Akins - Don't Get Me Started lyrics
Lyrics for Don't Get Me Started by Rhett Akins. Fui no chaku mero de anata kara yobidasareta yoru Oya mo okiteru shi gokinjo no me datta aru desho? Katte na ...
Rhett Akins - I Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight' by Rhett Akins. Well, I was doin' alright, keepin' you off my mind / Goin' one three days in a row / But pullin'
Rhett Akins - I Brake For Brunettes lyrics
Lyrics for I Brake For Brunettes by Rhett Akins. Well I brake for brunettes Blondes in Corvettes Redheads that stop on a dime Now the way I drive It's a wonder ...
Rhett Akins - What Livin's All About Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Livin's All About' by Rhett Akins. Mama's holding on as I was letting go / Not sure where I was heading to, well, on my own / I remember all the.
Rhett Akins - Better Than It Used To Be Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Than It Used to Be' by Rhett Akins. Now it ain't like me to talk about the way my woman makes me feel / But since you asked and I've got a.
Rhett Akins - Love Rules Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Rules' by Rhett Akins. You never know thirty minutes ago / That we were at each other's throats / Like a couple of kids, who don't care who they.
Rhett Akins - In Your Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Your Love' by Rhett Akins. All of my life, I thought I knew the answers / Until you came along, I never questioned why / You showed me what it.
Rhett Akins - She Said Yes lyrics
Lyrics for She Said Yes by Rhett Akins. He'd never had given much thought to dancin' but she gave a lot of thought to bein' asked well he'd never been good at c ...

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