Remember the nights that we both shared remember the times when we both cared lyrics

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Letting go of the nights we shared. Ocala is ... And this'll be the first time in a week . That I'll talk to you ... But we both know that I'm not that strong and. I miss the ...
LEE BRICE LYRICS - Friends We Won't Forget
Lyrics to "Friends We Won't Forget" song by LEE BRICE: Well, I remember Friday nights, We were full of bull and natural light Rock ... We heard all our stories a thousand times ... Here's to the nights we don't remember and the friends we won' t forget ... Here's to last call when we didn't care, holding' our shots up in the air
Take That - Like I Never Loved You At All Lyrics
... the stars? / The one that we used to call ours / Can't imagine it now / We used to. ... It's hard to remember, all that we shared. Now we both have separate lives ... One too many times. Guess it just got tired of waiting around. The night that we thought, if these walls could talk ... Oh, Did you ever care, baby was I ever there?
ALABAMA LYRICS - Very Special Love
And I'd really like to spend some time with you. And we ... And somehow we both shared the feelin' That we'd ... And I'll get back to takin' care of bus'ness, ... And somehow we will always remember. The night we shared a very special love.
AVIATION LYRICS - You Were My Everything
I remember when I first looked into your eyes ... But you didn't care when push came to shove ... I guess you forgot about the times that we shared. When I would run my fingers through your hair. Late nights, just holding you in my arms
Lyrics to "Tonight" song by FM STATIC: I remember the times we spent together All those ... I remember the days we spent together, ... And every night I miss you
Firehouse - The Nights Were Young Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Nights Were Young' by Firehouse. Can you remember from way back when / It was the summer that we became best friends / And we made a ...
Bob Seger - Night Moves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Night Moves' by Bob Seger: I woke last night to the sound of thunder How far-off, I sat and wondered ... 13 Old Time Rock Roll ... We weren't searching for some pie in the sky summit ... I used her she used me, but neither one cared. We were getting our share ... (Night moves) ain't it funny how you remember?
4tune - Just Let It Go lyrics
We both know it's better if we just let it go .... It's been a year after we let go each other but still it hurts me everytime I remember the old times we shared. I know ...
Beyonce Knowles - The First Day Lyrics
Remember the first day when I saw your face / remember the first day you smiled at me / you ... and we both had a beautiful night ... you see he cares for me
A Day To Remember - If It Means A Lot To You lyrics
7 explanations, 76 meanings to If It Means A Lot To You lyrics by A Day To Remember: [Verse 1] / And ... It feels like a few days after a huge fight and the night before he's coming home .... Then they both say "we knew itd happen eventually. .... me happy everytime I listen to this song it makes me remember the times we talk ...
Halfway To Hollywood - Last September Lyrics
Do you remember when we used to laugh and sing? / Didn't care too much about anything? / No idea what the. ... If we both remember what we said last September. Will you remember the nights we lay awake in bed? ... Jack Johnson, Phoenix, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Karmin share their most commonly misheard lyrics.
'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw ... Took your soul out into the night. ... I am here for you if you'd only care. ... Shared your dreams and shared your bed. ... And as you move on, remember me, ... And I will bare my soul in time ,
Lyrics to "Losing Teeth" song by NECK DEEP: We couldn't wait for the days to get longer, Spend nights sitting up, wasting ... I remember every night that we spent on the edge, ... Take care and please don't forget me ... All the times we shared
DIANA ROSS LYRICS - Where Did We Go Wrong
Lyrics to "Where Did We Go Wrong" song by DIANA ROSS: Where did we go ... And baby, remember the things we needed ... The feeling we would fly and on wings we needed to share ... If every little thing that we knew we needed to care was there ... We were the time of Crystal ... Both of us gave the things we receive
Major Lazer - Lean On Lyrics
Do you recall, not long ago. We would walk on the sidewalk. Innocent, remember ? All we did was care for each other. But the night was warm. We were bold and ...
Lyrics to "I'll Remember You" song by ATLANTIC STARR: Words have left us all ... Thoughts that chase you in the night ... The dreams we could of dreamed
J. Cole - In The Morning Lyrics
You fine as hell, I guess I met you for a reason, only time can tell. But well, I'm ... Yeah, when lights coming through the drapes and we both yawning. I roll over ...
Bobby Tinsley - Can We Get Back Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can We Get Back' by Bobby Tinsley. Remember When We Used To Be Close Friends / Remember When The Nights They Would Never End / But We Dont Even Talk. ... it's good to share. print correct ... Til We Both Can Say That We Will Work To Get ... Time Is Precious No Ones Guaranteed Another Day I Forgive  ...
Ohh-oh, ohh yeah. Remember love, remember you and me. Remember everything we shared. On this planet when we cared. Remember hearts, remember ...
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's Lyrics
Still I know you just don't care. And I said "What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?" She said "I think I remember the film. And as I recall, I think we both kinda liked it"
TAKE THAT LYRICS - Like I Never Loved You At All
The one that we used to call ours Can't imagine it now We used to lau... ... It's hard to remember. All that we shared. Now we both have separate lives. From lovers to ... One too many times. Guess it just got tired of waiting round. The nights that we thought, if these walls could talk ... Did you ever care, baby was I ever there?
Side A - Forevermore lyrics
48 explanations, 42 meanings to Forevermore lyrics by Side A: There are times / When I just want to look at ... I can still remember how deeply in love we were.
J. Cole - Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics
we should have known nothin lasts forever (x2). Hey ... one time fuckin' and we no longer upset about it ... shoulda looked both ways before i crossed you
Quietdrive - Without My Hands lyrics
Nov 24, 2014 Well we stalled and we crashed The time before didn't last but tonight I'm talking to you You play yours, I play mine, w. ... but tonight I'm talking to you You play yours, I play mine, we both high on lines ... Remember thinking it would be alright ? ... Cause if you don't care then I don't care I just want your hands, ...
Ariana Grande - Touch It Lyrics
... me why we're taking a break It's obviously insane 'Cause we both know what we want So why don't we fall in love? ... it's good to share ... Why do I even care? ... And I remember all the places you wanna go ... 'Cause every time I see you, I don't wanna behave ... Why don't we face the danger just for the night and forget?
BLACKSTREET LYRICS - Falling In Love Again
You remember the time when we first fell in love ... We didn't care about none of the materialistic things ... I remember when we both told each other these three words ... Because of the love that we've shared ... Candlelight Night (Interlude)
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up lyrics
They both silently hold onto the hope that someday they will be together. ... Nobody has the chance to be perfect, so we all need to remember that and leave people ... We all need to know when and where is the right time to apologize and when and ... People that do love & care about yyou will be there no matter what 4 ever ...
MAXI PRIEST LYRICS - Back Together Again
It seems we've weathered. Hard times we've been through ... Remember the fun we have when we're young. You thought it was ... It's the joy that we both share. Make love day and night. It's so easy to do when you care 'Cause you you and I ...
Dave Hollister - One Woman Man Lyrics
It's so funny runnin' into you / It has to be three years / Since we last seen each other / Many ... Of the wild and crazy times ... All the nights I used to beat it up ... Some of their names I can't remember ... Jack Johnson, Phoenix, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Karmin share their most ... Dave Hollister - Take Care Of Home ( Lyrics).
Pat Benatar - We Belong Lyrics
... Pat Benatar. Many times I tried to tell you / Many times I cried alone / Always I'm surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone. ... it's good to share ... We belong to the sound of the words we've both fallen under ... We can't begin to know it, how much we really care ... Pat Benatar - Shadows Of The Night Music Video.
Everyone wanted me to see that we could not thrive, so gouge out my eyes. ... Cause I used to stay up at night and picture myself looking into your eyes ... And darling if you're going to leave just remember who you are, ... And maybe our lives don't add up now but someday our graves will look the same when we both die.
Don't say you care, I know you don't. And I won't ... And as she leaves, I remember times we shared. Can we try this ... And as the night grows cold. Well, hold me ...
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "Common Courtesy" (2013) album
Where we can come to be ignored. This is our point where we return. This is where I came from. This is where I came from. Remember way back when?
Destiny's Child - I Know Lyrics
Remember the first day when I saw your face ... And we both had a beautiful night ... You see he cares for me ... Remember the first day we had an arguement
Hello Again Lyrics - Dan Hartman
There never was a time when I didn't care ... And we both remember much more than just being friends ... But there are some nights when it's all too much and I wake ... Can we share a rendezvous, can we share some times we knew? Can we ...
Lady Antebellum - We Owned The Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Owned The Night' by Lady Antebellum: Tell me have you ever wanted Someone so much it hurts? Your lips ... Do you remember when? We woke ...
Iron Maiden - Fear Is The Key Lyrics
In the heat of the night you can ... I remember a time we thought that. Passion was free. In the heart of the night, bodies aflame ... And nobody cares till somebody
HEART IN HAND LYRICS - "Only Memories" (2011) album
Nor will I fold, I'll remember all the good times we had, And the times we shared, ... I used to care, you were my oxygen, and every breath I took, and now my lungs have seen better days, I have to ... This night reeks of regret, we make mistakes,
I'm going to search night and day ... The last time we vowed ... Remember the good things. That we shared my dear. And so take care my dear. Don't throw our love away. Oh Claudia Girl don't leave it this way. It's gonna take both me and you

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