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Regurgitator - Everyday Formula Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everyday formula' by Regurgitator. Everyday I shit into the sea / It's strange but it doesn't mean much to me / I'm living in a porcelain dream / And.
Regurgitator - Happiness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Happiness' by Regurgitator. uh...yeah (x4) / uh... / i love pointless effluent / it seems to love me / it's sticking to my heart like polythane glue.
Regurgitator - Black Bugs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Black Bugs' by Regurgitator. i got killed by black bugs on video game / and then although to myself it doesn't mean too much / i keep dying and dying.
Regurgitator - I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I sucked a lot of cock to get where i am' by Regurgitator. i sucked a lot of cock to get where i am / i only want to be the best that i can / my.
Regurgitator - Polyester Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Polyester Girl' by Regurgitator. All I want you to say is nothing at all / And all I want you to do is stare at the wall / I love your plastic hair.
Regurgitator - Fat Cop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fat Cop' by Regurgitator. Fat cop hey look what you got / it's not a lot when you're out on the job you spot / with all them criminals are out on the.
Regurgitator - Superstraight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Superstraight' by Regurgitator. Gimme love gimme good good times / Here in suburbia the best you can buy / This is my home I keep my family inside /
Regurgitator - My Ego Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Ego' by Regurgitator. One night while I lay sleeping / A phantom ghost came creeping / He entered through my door / And tip toed across the floor.
Regurgitator - ! The Song Formerly Known As Lyrics
Lyrics to '! The song formerly known as' by Regurgitator. I don't go to parties baby / 'cause people tend to freak me out / Watch their lips you can work it out.
Regurgitator - Freshmint! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freshmint!' by Regurgitator. we're on the way up / i don't want to stop / we're goin' to the top / there's nothing stopping us now / we're not going.
Regurgitator - Kong Foo Sing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kong Foo Sing' by Regurgitator. happiness is a kong foo sing / with good fortune that it brings / so quit your moping / and crack one open / smiles.
Regurgitator - Just Another Beautiful Story Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Just Another Beautiful Story' by Regurgitator. all that i am and all i'll ever be is a brain in a body / and all that i know and all i'll ever see.
Regurgitator - Blubber Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blubber Boy' by Regurgitator. I'm your blubber boy, you should rub me / I look like your love drowned in the sea / I'm fishing in the sun, I'm.
Regurgitator - Like It Like That Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like it like that' by Regurgitator. i like my girls silicone-filled / chilled freshly killed / snuffed i like them retouched / stuffed buffed / coke.
Regurgitator - I Will Lick Your Arsehole Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Will Lick Your Arsehole' by Regurgitator. I'm like Mr. Clifford Richard, I' m wired for sound / When I get myself a mic you won't want to be around.
Regurgitator - F.S.O. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'F.S.O.' by Regurgitator. He beats you black and blue / He loves you black and blue / He leaves you black and blue / He's just a criminal / You think.
Regurgitator - The Drop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Drop' by Regurgitator. Drop it now x3 / Can you drop it now and watch the crowds go wow / Step up to the mike and rock it real tight / Don't.
Regurgitator - World Of Sleaze Lyrics
Lyrics to 'World Of Sleaze' by Regurgitator. The world of sleaze / Welcome to the world of sleaze / Pretty baby, we've got everything you need / You'll fit in.
Regurgitator - Ghost Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ghost' by Regurgitator. i saw a ghost beside my bed / she said to me she wasn't dead / she wore a ribbon in her hair / she smiled and vanished in the.
Regurgitator - C'mon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'C'mon' by Regurgitator. ... kick it with the hobo sound / We... lofi right down to the ground / And... good to see you do what you do / Yeah... i see.
Regurgitator - I Like Repetitive Music Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I like repetitive music' by Regurgitator. i like repetitive music (x6) / turn it up 'cause i know how to use it / i like to let the loopy stuff do.
Regurgitator - Feels Alright! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feels alright!' by Regurgitator. You know it feels alright / Every time you walk in the room / And you look so fine / And I let you know I'll dance.
Regurgitator - Mr T. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mr t.' by Regurgitator. Keep pushing straight ahead / I've learnt from the past that there's no time to regret / The woman makes me feel alive / She.
Regurgitator - I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff' by Regurgitator. I see your band now, and it's not too bad / You're nothing like you used to be /
Regurgitator - Couldn't Do It Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Couldn't Do It' by Regurgitator. If I could calculate a score of unbelievable acts / Stand my head juggle three alley cats / Take out the king kong /
Regurgitator - Miffy's Simplicity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Miffy's simplicity' by Regurgitator. I sit and wait until that moment arrives / I'm so excited that I tingle inside / She picks me up in that long.
Regurgitator - Art Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Art' by Regurgitator. and from the darkness came the spot / and from the spot came the earth / and from the earth came the nude lizard / can you see.
Regurgitator - 7'10'' Lyrics
Lyrics to '7'10''' by Regurgitator. could i be 7 foot 10 / built like a bull then / full of shit / and proud of it / i like to get funny with my 8 foot buddies.
Regurgitator - Unit Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unit' by Regurgitator. See the unit / Eat the unit / Love the unit / Kiss the unit / Touch the unit / Lick the unit / Feed the unit / Feel the unit /
Regurgitator - Nothing To Say Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing to say' by Regurgitator. i have nothing to say but then i'll say it / so you've words with your music can i speak bullshit? / yes i can what.
Regurgitator Lyrics
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Regurgitator - Social Disaster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Social disaster' by Regurgitator. Social disaster, sad young bastard / Used to feel alone 'cos I didn't get plastered / But I'm past it though I.
Regurgitator - The Man: Part 1 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Man: Part 1' by Regurgitator. There he goes just walking down the street / He's a big piece of man with a big piece of meat / He's brash in a.
Regurgitator - Manana Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Manana' by Regurgitator. Imagine you and your partner / Sailing on the seas / You can sail for 10 days free / South pacific breeze, oh / Put it off.
Regurgitator - I Like Your Old Remix Better Than Your New Remix ...
Lyrics to 'I like your old remix better than your new remix (!/modern life single)' by Regurgitator. i've got your photograph fifty times on my wall / i've got.
Regurgitator - Fuck You Sweetness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuck you sweetness' by Regurgitator. Your eyes like all day suckers, shining bright, / Your dandruff hundreds and thousands, glitter in the night. /
Regurgitator - The Virtual Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The virtual life' by Regurgitator. I've got everything / That I could ever need / It's under lock and key / Just survive all alone me and my screens.
Regurgitator - Hullabaloo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hullabaloo' by Regurgitator. Well you know I got the get go / Comin up one gouroujina 3.30 / Fast it's like I got a cracker up my ass / Crass.
Regurgitator - Strange Human Being Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Strange human being' by Regurgitator. cells divide, multiply / and when you get out you'll be doing your time / it's an easy face for a pretty place.
Regurgitator - 1234 Lyrics
Regurgitator - Regurgitator - Music Is Sport Lyrics Lyric Video. Regurgitator - Music Is Sport Lyrics · Regurgitator - Regurgitator - The Lonely Guy Lyrics Lyric ...

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