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Agathocles - Razor Sharp Daggers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Razor Sharp Daggers' by Agathocles. What's the sensation, / of a bull- fight show ? / For pain and mutilation, / sick people wanna go, / Tradition, so.
137, Razor Sharp Daggers. 138, Splattered Brains. 139, Ego-Generosity ... Potřebujete!?! How Much Blood Do You... Razor Sharp Daggers Lyrics Agathocles ...
MAC DRE LYRICS - Mac Dammit And Friends
Razor sharp game, cut you like a switch blade. It's Dre waking up yo ... Genet razor dagger shit I'm leaving faces like naxima attics bitch. I'm from mind over ...
And that's the trick, She's behind your back and scratching it. With her razor sharp dagger. Left with the taste of silver in my mouth. She's still holding my breath ...
Agathocles Lyrics
Agathocles · Proud To Be Out · Agathocles · Provoked Behaviour · Agathocles · Raw War · Agathocles · Razor Sharp Daggers · Agathocles · Rejected Adaptation
DEATH LYRICS - "Symbolic" (1995) album
Claws so razor sharp. Ripping at the spirit [Chorus:] Promises a potential to hurt ... cross-turned dagger [Chorus:] Inside crystal mountain. Evil takes its form
Of his bloodhound who had an acute sense of smell. Beef tripping, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth. That was pointy as the daggers of the Indian Chiefs
Fountains Of Blood To Reach Heavens
Razorblade 7. Immortality 8. Fountains Of ... Wish I had a dagger sharp.. Empty to the core we are ... Bless your enemies with your razor's kiss, Bring 'em blinding ...
REEL BIG FISH LYRICS - I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore
Your heart is filled with daggers. Your kiss is like razor blades. You'd rather stroke that champagne bottle. I'll toss you a hand grenade! I know you too well to like ...
NAS LYRICS - Westwood Classic Freestyle
I keep a gem-star razor under my tongue... and near my gums. When I'm not strapped... ... When I'm drunk, I stagger right and lyrics with a dagger. Next stabber ...
USURPER LYRICS - "Twilight Dominion" (2003) album
Like a dagger of steel making you bleed .... Predatorial winged assassin - With talons sharp and empty eyes ... Overlords ! Razor sharp attack with massive force
NORMA JEAN LYRICS - "VS The Anti Mother" (2008) album
You wear that cross like a dagger. You wear that cross like a crown. You wear that ... Your pale skin is a razor sharp wire. So I place these scales over my eyes
AUTOPSY LYRICS - "Tourniquets, Hacksaws And Graves" (2014 ...
Weapons razor sharp and poison encrusted. Incisors prepared for ... The dagger goes into the wound bloody red ... Dagger filled shadows are cleaving red flesh
Sapient - Fool for Gold lyrics
Sep 20, 2016 ... put a dagger in its back I am a fool for gold Don't want to lose my ghost, ... that break my heart Remember the edge of the coin is razor sharp.
NOCTURNAL BREED LYRICS - "The Tools Of The Trade" (2000 ...
The chains I pull are rusted, jeweled with hooks. It's razor sharp - come closer, take a look ... Steak-knives and daggers. Sharpen these blades. Slice that body
NIGHT IN GALES LYRICS - "Thunderbeast" (1998) album
sparked daggers stabbing onward to each and ... with crystalstrings razorsharp the hunt is on ! ... through thousand razorages i carried the mark of yet another ...
CANDLEMASS LYRICS - "Death Magic Doom" (2009) album
Razor sharp teeth. Guardian of the grave 3 hellish heads 10 miles below. The city of ... 3 rusty daggers. The voice of the scarecrow. I'm trapped here by treason
Razor sharp instruments preparing for attack. Beware ladies of the night. Your life is ... Feel the daggers pierce your skin. Now there's nothing left. Time is near ...
Raekwon - Guillotine (Swordz) Lyrics
And my thoughts are razor sharp I sliced the mic from the cord. First they criticize, but now .... Raekwon - House Of Flying Daggers Music Video. House Of Flying ...
To your face with the sharp razor. Slice like a lightsaber, bright like a Lifesaver Hi haters, play pussy, get fucked like a vibrator. Yeah Indiana Jones, I'm the mic ...
Method Man - Presidential MC Lyrics
Wu-Tang, welcome to the House of Flying Daggers Where the truth aim, flying ... Method Man - All I Need (Razor Sharp Remix) Music Video. All I Need (Razor ...
SINNER LYRICS - "Touch Of Sin" (1985) album
We arrive with the sunset. The women look razor sharp ... Runnin' on the razor's edge, a disaster. Hot, get ready ... With my claws and a silver dagger. Enough is ...
Method Man Lyrics
Method Man · House of Flying Daggers · Raekwon feat. ... I'll Be There For You / You're All I Need To Get By [Razor Sharp Mix] · Method Man · I'll Be There For ...
So take out your dagger and cut me deep, cut me free ... Halfway through he lets the lyrics go and shreds through his emotions with razor sharp precision; ...
sharp razors driven through till the bone infiltrate sacred daggers of a mad priest slash the throat, molesting [chorus] sacrificial painful cult glorify the sadochrist
KRISIUN LYRICS - "Southern Storm" (2008) album
Sharp razors driven through. Till the bone infiltrate. Sacred daggers of a mad priest. Slash the throat, molesting [Chorus:] Sacrificial painful cult glorify the ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder ...
As a labyrinth of razors led a blind man to the stars. So too Prelati brought ... with daggers, with poniards, with knives .... His tongue as sharp as glass. A bastard ...
CANNIBAL CORPSE LYRICS - "Vile" (1996) album
Lacerate, sharp spikes rip. Mutilate, pierce the ... A straight razor will reshape my face. First my ears then my ... Daggers in my hands are killing. This worthless ...
Lyrics to "Like A Knife" song by SECONDHAND SERENADE: I dream a lot, I know you say I've got to get away. "The world is not yours for the taking" Is al...
Nasty Hazzard & MC Jerome - Bing Bong Lyrics
maverick regenade life full of daggers life for me is music my passion sex drugs ... my rhymes so deep im sharp as razor never lost my gift despite being such a ...
Raekwon - Can It All Be So Simple (remix) Lyrics
Razor blade sharp. Peace to the Clan No other producer can ... This Is What It Comes Too (Official Video) · Raekwon - House Of Flying Daggers Music Video.
DUST BOLT LYRICS - "Awake The Riot" (2014) album
Razorsharp the war will start, there is no hope for cure. Destroy - Take .... just insanity. A dagger laid to rest, until truth sows its seeds in worlds built to deceive  ...
Lyrics to "Knife's Edge" song by TIGER ARMY: Alone - tormented by the love that owns my soul I feel the loss of everything Control - it's so hard...
Usurper - The Oath Of Silence Lyrics
Razor sharp caress. Mortal blood it does infect. The poison draws ... With plagued daggers we vanish into the air. We hunt for the ring - The ring that rules us all
TRISTANIA LYRICS - "Ashes" (2005) album
My razor tongue is licking your rosy cheeks and battered ears. I whisper sordid ... I'll be the dagger, drive me in. I'll be all ... His long sharp teeth. Motionless ...
MODERN LIFE IS WAR LYRICS - "My Love, My Way" (2004) album
Sharp minds dulled down to nothing and filled with fantasy. Exhausted Options: set ... Red hot daggers in our conscious ... Thoughts like razors in our conscious ...
Carentin - 13 Lyrics
A new beginning for the slayer who doused Sharp illusions at a half way ... An ancient dagger stealing life with a fiery glow Sends Jason to his resting place with the demons below! The last image of 5 razors and hockey mask Another sequel?
EXHUMED LYRICS - "Anatomy Is Destiny" (2003) album
A pirouette on razor's edge leaves you breathless. The slab plays host .... protruding bones. Our barbs are quite malicious and our verbal daggers sharply honed. .... of death and pain. The hatchet falls in sharp staccato until everyone is slain.
So sharp I cut silk in the river. Leave your ... I bring madness, with a dagger I bring sadness. Stare you in ... Playing with my razor blade, and mate, I ain't shaving
So sharp I cut silk in the river. Leave your ... I bring madness, with a dagger I bring sadness. Stare you in ... Playing with my razor blade, and mate, I ain't shaving

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