Pull up pull up bitch i pull up on the scene snd my neck full of gold lyrics

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21 SAVAGE LYRICS - No Advance
Lyrics to "No Advance" song by 21 SAVAGE: Fuck in my Rollie Fuck in my Rollie I 'm a fuck in my Rollie, ... I told that bitch I got a bitch so don't you leave me with hickeys ... And plus I'm rich bitch, I ain't gon' need me no pension ... All my niggas pull up on the scene in that motherfucker bloody, leave a pussy nigga whacked
TURN UP [Hook: Future] I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new Bugatti I woke up in a new ... OK, niggas be hating I'm rich as a bitch ... you and your model put that on my list oh there he go in that Foreign again. Killing the scene bring the coroner in ... neck full of Gold Olympian shit ... pull up a seat, bon appetite
TRINIDAD JAMES LYRICS - All Gold Everything (Remix)
I pull up on your set and make a mess little nigga. Okay, I got a kilo of gold 36 O's Wrapped around the neck of a dope boy. Gold yacht, that's the presi' diamond ...
Lyrics to "Up In Here" song by CHINX DRUGZ: Ayo Chinx You know it's murder one When we ... Pull up in the truck, o... ... Like your bitch tracks nigga we up in here. ... Have mercy I just kill the scene and pull the foreign up ... Diamonds to cover the neck and my wrist ... Michael Phelps in the money, got on two gold medals
Lyrics to "Trick Or Treat" song by GUCCI MANE: ("Listen to the track bitch!") It's Gucci Funky feet (funky feet) funky feet Pull up with that stupi...
Valet when we pull up to the scene. I'm with my nigga Trinidad, bitch we clean. You don't know me or ... I'm just chilling, all this ice on my neck. In VIP, bitch I'm ... The price of balance and the wayne, they think it's from the mo. An open ceremony ... My whole crib is now a closet, wear from G shots to gold watches. Went from ...
SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Talking Winning
I walk inside the club, gold bars to be specific. Everything gone ... Pull up and I'm flexin' on rodeo drive. I've got 55 racks ... I create art every time I pull up on the scene. Gold on my neck and I keep a full magazine ... Champagne money bitch.
We do what we wanna Rich Homie Tell 'em Got my groove back lik. ... After they told that lil bitch to swallow my vanilla ... Pull up on a line with 3 hoes with me like my name James Harden ... Three on my neck, that's a chain, chain, chain ... [Fab:] Ain't nobody tryna Netflix and chill you, like, like damn, like watch it with me real ...
Lyrics to "Rolex On My Wrist" song by SOULJA BOY: I got this rolex on my wrist, So you know I'm getting money Nigga know I'm getting money ... I got this ice on my neck ... Came through the hood with more gold than master p ... And I'm scrapped off any bitch nick named max payne ... 3030 has arrived, pull up on the scene
Flexin so hard, pull up to the block go hard. And I'm livin so large, house like Debarge Soulja Boy flex, 100k sittin on my neck ... I'm on the scene ... Got yo bitch and she lookin at my chain dog ... And I'm throwin this out, gold in my mouth
Nigga act so tough and startin' a scene. In Blue flame, I'm ... Pull up in a cream Range Orange seats ... Rose gold watch, but my bottle pink gold. Three red hoes ... Take a black bitch outta Magic make her Nicki ... Pockets full of money match the big cake. National ... Flood your ear you neck your wrist your fingers. And put it ...
I took a turn for the worse again, for stickin' my neck out for another friend ... And everywhere that you ain't, you got a bitch tryna get you to admit it's ... The scene up in that coma, I'm a wake 'em up just like I'm folgers! ... Rock and roll, solid gold ... Ambulance, clear the ditch, had to come and pull your ass up out of the dash
So when he says "catch up, nigga" it looks like an accident. Um, flowing like my ... My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda ... Yea my nigga Ace will pull the black jack ... Op Dom neck shit in your wish list ... Belly full of chicken and a fifth of old petroleum ... Stay gold 'til the case closed and the story end
Ace Hood - We Here(dunn Dunn) Lyrics
Ayo Chinx / You know it's murder one when we pull up on them niggas, hah / Ace ! / Pull up in ... Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics. ... Fat shout to my haters, big crib with no neighbors, ... Like your bitch tracks, nigga we up in here ... Have mercy I just kill the scene and pull the foreign up
Bitch im sittin so high, I believe I can fly ... I'm gold but you don't hear me, four to the dome if you can hear me. They say I need a pull-up when I pull up I'm the shit man ... I'm high as the moon and I'm flyer than a mosquito stacking my chips I got a bank full of doritos. I'm too ... my wrist is tricked in ice my neck is dripped in ice
Gucci Mane - Trick Or Treat Lyrics
Funky Feet(Funky feet) / Funky feet pull up wit' that stupid beat / Orange Camaro / Trick or Treat / Stupid geek (Who. ... 2 Mouth Full Of Gold ... Home girl seen my Audemar and said lets go and have a ball ... Make a stupid horror scene. Orange Ferrari purple trees. Whippin' like I'm Gold D's ... Gucci Mane - Icy Lil Bitch Lyrics.
MIKE WILL MADE IT - Buy The World lyrics
Check out the complete Mike Will Made It Buy The World lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. ... I'mma pull up in a Rari at your grandmama's house
NOTORIOUS B.I.G. LYRICS - Running Your Mouth
Icy Audemar, hendy gold band. With a mean girl ... Scene told u he keep it G We can bang like the two chains on my neck ... The coup's up take the new Lame for a sec 12" up ... Fuck around and feel the fury of a high nigga ... Bitch raw, and let me continue to bring the heat ... Pull up the Phantom, show 'em how we switch
And these voices in my head saying niggas ain't for you ... I'll have Armelle walk up on him when we run into him ... So I'ma own this bitch until I'm buried in dirt
Guwop Home Lyrics - Gucci Mane feat. Young Thug
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Guwop Home" from "Gucci Mane feat. Young Thug ": Verse 2 Young Thug, My teeth white like a toilet tissue, Stop the cappin' boy ... ... Nigga act so tough it's startin' scene. In blue flame, yeah the ... Nice guy, mean chain, pull up in a cream Range ... Take a black bitch outta Magic make her Nicki
Lyrics to "Tear It Up" song by YOUNG JEEZY: Jeezy?... What up. Where u at? Shit I'm in tha hood ... Red dogs hit my trap ... [Verse 1] Got one baby mama, no bitch, no wife. Like pac, ya need a thug in your life (yea…) A young nigga to straight come through and beat it up ... We pull bad hoes, rip them, push them to the side
Peewee Longway feat. Offset & Young Thug - No Squares Lyrics ...
Sep 25, 2015 ... I might John Cena (scene her) Got in a nigga, aye, no meal Momma duck ... on her look like a gold tooth Pop pills every week Your bitch gon' suck me, ... like John Cena Catch a nigga bitch while I'm eating Diamonds on my neck, ... fettuccine Pull up and drop my top off like Houdini Giuseppe's on my feet, ...
I wanna Benz, I wanna look good with my friends I need my money, that don't ever end I wanna blow some bands, and still ... So I could pull up on a bitch and tell her "bitch, get in" ... Diamonds on my wrist, on my neck and other wrist ... So you can see the gold glow when the sun shine in .... Los Campesinos – 'Sick Scenes' ...
Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top. Chillin on the scene, smokin pounds of green. Oooh-wee, you see, the ... Gold tooth shine like TA-DOW! ... You come up in my room look bitch you takin it off. Follow me, I ... And fuck your crew because all of y'all niggaz full of ca-ca. The way ... and pull yo' head right out yo' asshole!
Lyrics to "Strokin'" song by KEVIN GATES: Say my name out loud And the pussy deep, you ... Oh, oh, damn your tities soft ' lifting up ur skirt, slip your panties off oh , oh ... Skip to this bed room scene ... No walking around, but you're a bad bitch,
SoMo - The Only One lyrics and translation
May 23, 2014 Lyrics and translation for The Only One by SoMo. ... a star in the scene throw your hands in the air throw your hands in the air, in the air, ... just hold on my.for atornish shit up, oh yeah Pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up in a two ... go muffin on my.go the colo on my neck come a nigga right me out bitch I'ma walk ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 ... Now I'm moving on up to George and Weezy's spot ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines .... Pull the brim low, if they don't get it. Bentley Coup on gold daytons, I was the first one with it
Ace Hood feat. Future & Rick Ross - Bugatti Lyrics
I deliver the beef Real niggas only enjoyin' the feast Pull up a seat, Bon Appetit No ... Ricky Rozay and Ace Hood, we hella trill Yeah I come looking for you with ...
ACE HOOD LYRICS - We Them Niggas
Tell her bring more liquor All my dawgs in the building, and we smokin' on... ... I pull up in a two-seater, you see him with a badass bitch. Lil' nigga, that's a must ... Way the bezel gold is shining on a 100 grand Rollie Boy, it really ain't a choice ...
Bricc Baby - F It Up Lyrics
Bricc Baby F It Up Lyrics. F It Up lyrics performed by Bricc Baby: Got me a check on 'em Ballin' like emo Got wrist like a free throw Fuck up the scene on 'em. ... Ch, Check out the gold on my neck. I'm feelin' I got it ... foot on their neck. I pull up in rari and flex ... Bitch I'm slaughter gang, you know that I'm braggin' 200 thousand  ...
TRINA LYRICS - Look Back At Me
Slap it in my face shove it down my throat. Nigga where ... I can spin around and keep the dick still inside ... Collard greens neck bones nigga chew this ass ... We turned the camera on we did a sex scene ... I'm gonna have you saying no please let me get up ... Kanye tell them gold digging hoes that we pimping in the South
Lyrics to "U.O.E.N.O." song by SCHOOLBOY Q: I fucked up the rap game and you ain't even know it ... Now bitch nigga, tell me how that tar taste ... Her big ass where my palm hit, pull my dick out, she gon' balm it ... The tortoise only makes progress when his neck sticks out. Just a little token of gold if you ain't know it, though
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
cause Im comin with Big Moe, My Kici and Po-yo. I even gotta tight ... Big Moe wassup, in this bitch and this niggas singin comin through ... and we comin up fixin to pop up on the scene ... nigga wassup, yeah we got gold grill ... you know he's comin through with a pocket full of chrome .... and that man pulled and we what.
... "Therapy" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: Good evening Mr. 4-1 Payroll What up tho? ... My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent
Gucci Mane - Guwop Home Lyrics
Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics... Submit ... Nigga act so tough it's startin' scene ... Nice guy, mean chain, pull up in a cream Range ... Rose gold watch, but my bottle pink gold ... Take a black bitch outta Magic make her Nicki ... Flood your ear, your neck, your wrist, your fingers. And ...
Lyrics to "Session One" song by EMINEM: Ladies and gentlemen, make some noooooise! ... So suck my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion the blow ... You should, pull over like a sweat-shirt with a hood. It's neck work, get her polly on, you and me both ... You're screamin fuck the world with your middle finger up
Lyrics to "Shabba" song by ASAP FERG: Short nigga but my dick tall What I told ... Run up in this shit raw ... If she caught me, then that bitch would be pissed off ... Coupe full of bad hoes, they all wanna come with me ... Eight gold rings like I'm Sha-Shabba Ranks ... And tell her that my niggas wanna bang, in a little green
All this gold around my neck, they think I come from Asia Gucci Mane got stupid grown so you can fire that weed up. Go on and call yo hairdressed cause I'm a ...
Trae - Bugatti Lyrics
I woke up in the new Bugatti I woke up in a ... Say they the truth I say get off my dick. Fuckin with ... Put they bitch out, and go get in they shit ... Killin the scene bring the coroner in ... Neck full of Gold Olympian shit ... Pull up a seat, bon appetite
Chris Brown - Bitches N Marijuana Lyrics
Pull up, got the fat sack. With some ... Yeah we suited and booted, you know your bitch 'bout to toot it. She want ... I'm known to keep my bitches on a leash nigga

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