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PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Delivering The Black" (2014) album
King For A Day. Can't change the past, the future's unknown. Don't turn your back , you threw the first stone. I gave you love - I give you hate. I've granted all your ...
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Unbreakable" (2012) album
PRIMAL FEAR lyrics - "Unbreakable" (2012) album, including "Unbreakable (Part 2)", "Give Em Hell", "Blaze Of Glory"...
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Rulebreaker" (2016) album
PRIMAL FEAR lyrics - "Rulebreaker" (2016) album, including "Don't Say You've Never Been Warned", "Final Call", "Raving Mad"...
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "New Religion" (2007) album
Sign Of Fear. Do you see me in the light. All the ember I ignite. You can't control my will. I will sign your testament. It's a prophecy, no argument. When the sun ...
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Nuclear Fire" (2001) album
PRIMAL FEAR lyrics - "Nuclear Fire" (2001) album, including "Living For Metal", " Fire On The Horizon", "Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove"...
Primal Fear - Rollercoaster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rollercoaster' by Primal Fear. Swimming in a pool of sharks / Diving in a sea of snakes / Oh, I'm going insane / The needle still injects my blood /
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Devil's Ground" (2004) album
PRIMAL FEAR lyrics - "Devil's Ground" (2004) album, including "Die Young", " Devil's Ground", "Heart Of A Brave"...
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're ...
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. [Instrumental]. 2. Riding The Eagle. Countless miles he carried me. Crossed mountains and the seas. Roaring on I got a ...
Primal Fear - Angel In Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Angel In Black' by Primal Fear. Feeling the anger inside me / I'm chosen to loose in this game / To get me will not be so easy / To kill me not even.
Primal Fear - Metal Is Forever Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Metal Is Forever' by Primal Fear. Free choices always had the chance / To play the music you like true and faithful / You support this sound and.
Primal Fear - Metal Nation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Metal Nation' by Primal Fear: Everybody join the metal nation Adapt to the beat of our hearts Let the music spread the word.
Primal Fear - The End Is Near Lyrics
Lyrics for The End Is Near by Primal Fear. The battle is on When the lightning strikes The full moon's rising in the middle of a nigh...
Primal Fear - Hands Of Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hands Of Time' by Primal Fear. The hands of time are moving on / Didn't know its been so long / Clocks are ticking time away / It's sad to see / So.
Primal Fear - Tears Of Rage Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tears Of Rage' by Primal Fear. Out here alone, I will wear a thousand faces / I'm still waiting, the master of disguise / Can't you hear me calling.
Primal Fear - Angels Of Mercy Lyrics
Jan 30, 2016 Lyrics for Angels Of Mercy by Primal Fear. Are you awake - are you alive Are you ready for a fight Gonna raise some hell tonight Ris...
Primal Fear - Final Embrace Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Final Embrace' by Primal Fear. I came back tonight / From the field of the fight / They collected parts of death / A dimension unknown / I heard.
Primal Fear - Fighting The Darkness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fighting The Darkness' by Primal Fear. Awakening, I open up my eyes / Befallen me, doomed to this unlife / Still I am determined not to break / I.
PRIMAL FEAR LYRICS - "Black Sun" (2002) album
PRIMAL FEAR lyrics - "Black Sun" (2002) album, including "Controlled", "Cold Day In Hell", "We Go Down"...
Primal Fear - Scream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scream' by Primal Fear. you look into the mirror and see the walk of life / the flame in your hearts still burnin - no one can change that / always.
Primal Fear - Born With a Broken Heart lyrics
Lyrics for Born With a Broken Heart by Primal Fear. Ain't a fire on the guilty place The ghost is still inside me. I throw this bottle at the wall. When you fight fire with ...
Primal Fear - Under Your Spell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under Your Spell' by Primal Fear: Where is the faith, where is the trust? I 'm under your spell Forgive me, I still believe I'm under your spell.
Primal Fear - Controlled Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Controlled' by Primal Fear. Infinite communication / Hyperflash in information / We are flooded by this media overkill / Involuntary education /
Primal Fear - Killbound Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Killbound' by Primal Fear. Ever since I was born I was different to the others / No one ever like my company / Virtual thrills feed my hunger / Six.
Primal Fear - At War With The World Lyrics
Jan 29, 2016 Lyrics for At War With The World by Primal Fear. There is something deep inside me That keeps my faith alive tonight You're gonna burn, the...
Primal Fear - In Metal Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Metal' by Primal Fear. The longest night / All systems are ready to go / We could not prevent it / As the final threat grows / A secret origin /
Primal Fear - Die Young Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Die Young' by Primal Fear. Yell with the wind, though the wind / Won't help you fly at all your back's to the wall / Chain the sun, and it tears away.
Primal Fear - In Metal We Trust Lyrics
Jan 28, 2016 Lyrics for In Metal We Trust by Primal Fear. In metal we trust For metal we live In metal we trust Give all you can give Watch me now ...
Primal Fear - Breaker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breaker' by Primal Fear. Rollin' just like thunder / Tryin' to get you down / Mistreatin' ev'rythin' / If you were king he'd take your crown / If you.
Primal Fear - Fight To Survive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fight To Survive' by Primal Fear. Don't you see the danger, / Coming over you / Don't act like a stranger / Don't live like a fool / Corruption -
Primal Fear - Out In The Fields Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Out In The Fields' by Primal Fear. It doesn't matter / If you're wrong or if you're right. / It makes no difference / If you're black or if you're.
Primal Fear - We Walk Without Fear Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Lyrics for We Walk Without Fear by Primal Fear. The ocean's calm and blue Just waiting for a storm One more look into your eyes I'm baptiz...
Primal Fear - Seek & Destroy lyrics
Lyrics for Seek & Destroy by Primal Fear. Alright We are scanning the scene in the city tonight We are looking for you to start up a fight There is an evil feelin...
Primal Fear - Question Of Honour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Question of Honour' by Primal Fear. I, I've seen it all before / Heading north the parole / I sit here and watch it all come down / A mile away from.
Primal Fear - Kill The King Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kill The King' by Primal Fear. Danger, danger the queen's about to kill / There's a stranger, stranger and life about to spill / Oh no move me out of.
Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bad Guys Wear Black' by Primal Fear. The sound of distant thunder / World's crushing down / And we're back again / See the dark skies coming close /
Primal Fear - Cry Havoc lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Cry Havoc by Primal Fear. Jimmy needed some stitches But it was never too late to die Danny found his fame And ended...
Primal Fear - Black Sun (by Primal Fear) lyrics
Lyrics for Black Sun (by Primal Fear) by Primal Fear.
Primal Fear - Sacred Illusion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sacred Illusion' by Primal Fear. No one can take my dreams away / No one will turn my night into day / I was born individual / I'm as unique as the.
Primal Fear - Kiss Of Death Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss Of Death' by Primal Fear. Your tragedy was to believe me / I had bad feelings for your relief / You try to offend me, in your selfish way / My.
Primal Fear - Play To Kill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Play To Kill' by Primal Fear. If you like the jeopardy and if you / Have the guts / You think your life is boring / You say it drives you nuts / If.

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