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Pouya - Scrubs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scrubs' by Pouya . bad pussy / You drippin' blood out of your ovaries / Tell your hoe please to get over me / Know it's me when I pull up in the.
Pouya feat. Shakewell - Scrubs (feat. Shakewell) lyrics
Lyrics for Scrubs (feat. Shakewell) by Pouya feat. Shakewell.
Pouya - Scrubs Lyrics
Pouya Scrubs Lyrics. Scrubs lyrics performed by Pouya:
Lyrics to "Mfg" song by POUYA: I stuck to myself and it worked out Middle finger to you rappers in the dirt now Stop callin ma phon...
POUYA LYRICS - But Wait, There's More
Lyrics to "But Wait, There's More" song by POUYA: Yuh Yuh Yuh I pay my hoes my bills my homage I never been to college I sever the head of rappers I p...
[Pouya:] Don't be a hoe today, where is your momma? Where is your daddy? They would be ashamed of you. Probly would hate me too, behave yourself, I know ...
Lyrics to "Yuh" song by POUYA: YUH Come correct when you talk to me Rub my nuts while I whip the lease Can't be tamed and I'm off...
Lyrics to "Prime" song by POUYA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ay, yeah, yeah I'm Optimus in his prime Stick on me like I'm blind Snapchatti...
Lyrics to "Billy Mays" song by POUYA: Up to fye, kill them flies Tell no lies on my guys On the rise, tidal wave Billy Mays, Billy Mays Up...
POUYA LYRICS - Hunnit Hunnit
Lyrics to "Hunnit Hunnit" song by POUYA: Still sipping Act, got my migo in the kitchen If you try finessing once, then he shooting like the P...
Lyrics to "Fat Hoes" song by POUYA: In high school yeah I never was the confident type Couldn't be cause' a nigga liked to stereotype Bi...
Lyrics to "Energy" song by POUYA: Take a step away from me, I love my enemies You feel the energy, when you get next to me I am the ma...
POUYA LYRICS - Lick The Sweat Off My Nuts
Lyrics to "Lick The Sweat Off My Nuts" song by POUYA: Yuh, Yuh, Yuh No I don't wanna get violent, I just wanna count my money in silence Keep sucking dick...
Lyrics to "41" song by POUYA: Yuh, yuh, yuh I got no gas in the whip No cash in my wallet No one on my dick No missed call from yo...
POUYA LYRICS - Great Influence
Lyrics to "Great Influence" song by POUYA: We sharing Sharon at the Sheraton Cause sharing is caring and Karen is staring at me I know she feel...
Features All Pouya feat. Shakewell Song Lyrics and Pouya feat. Shakewell Discography, as well as Band Biography and User ... 1, Terminal Sex. 2, Scrubs ...
Pouya - Energy Lyrics
Pouya Energy Lyrics. Energy lyrics performed by Pouya:
Pouya - Don't Be A Hoe Lyrics
Lyrics to Don't Be A Hoe Login now to have your sent lyrics counted and climb our user rankings! Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you to add Don't Be A Hoe ...
Pouya - Drop Out Of School Lyrics
Lyrics to Drop Out Of School Login now to have your sent lyrics counted and climb our user rankings! Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you to add Drop Out Of ...
Pouya - Lick The Sweat Off My Nuts Lyrics
Lyrics to Lick The Sweat Off My Nuts Login now to have your sent lyrics counted and climb our user rankings! Lyricsmania staff is working hard for you to add ...
Pouya - Badonk Lyrics
Pouya Badonk Lyrics. Badonk lyrics performed by Pouya: Ying Yang Ying Yang Ying Yang Ying Yang Badonk Badonk Badonk Badonk.
Pouya - All On Me Lyrics
Pouya All On Me Lyrics. All On Me lyrics performed by Pouya:
Pouya - Hunnit Hunnit Lyrics
Hunnit Hunnit lyrics performed by Pouya: 2x Still sippin that, got my amigo in the kitchen if you trap for that shit once than he shooting like the Pistons Probably ...
Shakewell - Sleeping Bag Lyrics
Oct 21, 2016 Scrubs. Pouya feat. Shakewell ... Energy 2 (feat. Germ & Shakewell). Pouya, Shakewell & Germ · See more. Translations: Original.
Pouya - Boom Lyrics
Boom lyrics performed by Pouya: My diamonds are drippin' yours don't You say you gon' fuck but she won't My plug got it boomin' back home I go stuntin' just ...
Pouya - Save Me Lyrics
Save Me lyrics performed by Pouya: Movin way too fast on my drug shit Take another Xan, take another Perc can't feel shit I am all alone with a bad bitch See my ...
Pouya - Torch Lyrics
Torch lyrics performed by Pouya: Sleeping on the couch, just trying to get it how I live I got a few dollas on me, man I gotta get on my shit Selling weed to my boys ...
Pouya - Run It Up Lyrics
Pouya Run It Up Lyrics. Run It Up lyrics performed by Pouya: Syrup inside of me hitting Prada my step when I'm tipping Knots in my pockets I'm limping [?]
Pouya - Undecided Lyrics
Undecided lyrics performed by Pouya: These perkys got me living now If I [?] Down three oxys I can feel it now Pop shot out the uzi, blood gon' hit the ground.
Pouya - Perfect Lyrics
Perfect lyrics performed by Pouya: Swervin' Kawasaki, 30 flip a body Keep me feeling muddy, perkys in my tummy I don't need no bitch, I leave my dick running  ...
Pouya - Remember Us? Lyrics
Other Pouya Lyrics. Scrubs lyrics · Fat Hoes lyrics · Prime lyrics · 41 lyrics · Badonk lyrics · Energy lyrics · Yuh lyrics · Great Influence lyrics · Mfg lyrics · Don't Be A ...
Pouya - Middle Of The Mall Lyrics
Middle Of The Mall lyrics performed by Pouya: Been with the shit, stash a hundred in the walls All my diamonds flooded, ain't no middle of the mall My studs, they ...
Robb Banks - Half Bae Lyrics
[Verse 1: Robb Bank$ & Pouya] Nigga I been stunting hard since the tall tee's bitch. Bonafide game breaker, just scored two zits. Boy I lick it and I stick it
Lil mamma clean house scrub ground uncle Lou I'll have Lou .... Pouya). 4. Wit'. 5 . Chainswang. 6. Pressure. 7. Phone Sex (Feat. Lucki Eck$). 8. Pink Pussy. 9.

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