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Aeternus - Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance' by Aeternus. we dwell in purity content with the nurture of our native land beneath a sea of abundance ...
aeternus - possessed by the serpents vengeance lyrics
Aeternus - Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance Lyrics. Aeternus Miscellaneous Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance we dwell in purity beneath a sea of ...
AETERNUS LYRICS - "Ascension Of Terror" (2001) album
Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance. we dwell in purity beneath a sea of abundance content with the nurture of our native land we are awakened in torment
DEATHCHAIN LYRICS - "Cult Of Death" (2007) album
Deathammer 2. Hour Of The Exorcist 3. Pit Of The Possessed 4. Serpent Of The Deep 5. In The Crypt Of Vengeance 6. Witchstorm 7. Necrophiliac Lust 8. Cult Of  ...
WYKKED WYTCH LYRICS - "Angelic Vengeance" (2001) album
WYKKED WYTCH lyrics - "Angelic Vengeance" (2001) album, including " Bastards Are Mine", "Rising From ... Embrace The Fear, Possess My Faith I Now Come To Expedite Her Quest ... Beware Of The Wisdom Please To Meet The Serpent
SKELETONWITCH LYRICS - "Serpents Unleashed" (2013) album
SKELETONWITCH lyrics - "Serpents Unleashed" (2013) album, including "More Cruel Than Weak", "Born ... Destroy as serpents unleashed ... Consumed in the fires of vengeance ... Triumph only comes to those, to those that possess the will
KRISIUN LYRICS - "Apocalyptic Revaltion" (1998) album
Vengeance's Revelation 7. Rites Of Defamation ... Raised up from a serpent's stream. At the realm of ancient ... Possessed by repulsing command. Let the fatal  ...
KRISIUN LYRICS - "Black Force Domain" (1995) album
Blind Possession 5. Evil Mastermind 6. ... deadly as the serpent's strike. Messiah of the double ... just leaving to spread tha black vengeance enjoying every kind ...
HEXEN LYRICS - "State Of Insurgency" (2008) album
The Serpent 8. No More ... To strive for vengeance in the night they spawn, Killing sprees .... The hate built from vengeance my soul was possessed, That only ...
Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ascension Of Terror' by Aeternus. i am hear to bring fear into your life like the icy north wind i live i will be there i will tease you endlessly no.
MÅNEGARM LYRICS - "Legions Of The North" (2013) album
Cowards licking the poison of the snake. Forgotten kings, lost in ... With vengeance in our minds. We march towards .... Possessed by the hate. Behold, this is my ...
EXCITER LYRICS - "The Dark Command" (1997) album
Possessed - by Ritual Death Possessed - by ... Striking with vengeance - the glory and pride. Battle hymns are ... The serpents are deadly evils. Their will is not ...
FOLKLORD LYRICS - "Resistance" (2004) album
They have taken possession of the steel's riddle. The earth ... The warrior steals the "Serpent's eye" Tasting all ... Only the wish of vengeance lives on. Rage and ...
CULTES DES GHOULES LYRICS - "Angel Of Poison And Death ...
... En-Soph", "Angel Of Poison And Death", "Serpent's Curse Burns The Wound Of Christ". ... Aren't these nails vengeance? ... Creating new entities - possessed.
PEST LYRICS - "The Crowning Horror" (2013) album
Possessed by this obsessing sight, now make me the one, ... The serpent's eyes. Penetrate my shadow .... A burning lust for vengeance. Hiding in the night
NILE LYRICS - "In Their Darkened Shrines" (2002) album
Serpents fall Upon us Dragging us Away ... and possessed all the correct magickal spells to navigate the treacherous and ... Thy Vengeance Against The Living
Aeternus - Denial Of Salvation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Denial Of Salvation' by Aeternus. for all the thousands i've killed for all the children i've tortured for all the souls i've burned hear a demons.
Aeternus - The Essence Of The Elder Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Essence Of The Elder' by Aeternus. leaving the dismay of the world behind traveling in the essence of chaos a journey beyond death time and.
Aeternus - Slaying The Lambs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slaying The Lambs' by Aeternus. i walk the landscape i see the land infested as a newborn plague by gods holy worms scattered around they lie.
THE CROWN LYRICS - "Deathrace King" (2000) album
Possessed with Murder - Angels of death amphetamine sped. At the Mountain - A .... One last statue I'll put on there, showing the face of vengeance! Feel...your ...
ACRIMONIOUS LYRICS - "Perdition Gospel" (2006) EP
... hearts from a mighty kingdom, reign in war and blasphemy, trumpets of evil possession. Calling forth the powers of the Serpent god, unleashing legions powerful, ... Vengeance's complete as a pest upon humanity, demonic yelling cries of ...
RITUAL CARNAGE LYRICS - "The Highest Law" (1999) album
Striking like, the fangs of a snake. Genocide, of all ... In the name of vengeance, I will take your life. With blow to ... For I possess the numbers 666. Impeled by ...
MARTYRIUM LYRICS - "Awakening The Ancient" (2010) album
We possess the Seventh Seal All shall be ... For we speak of vengeance and anger. For we are one ... The serpent of the pit, victorious and almighty. Awaiting  ...
Aeternus - The Lair Of Anubis Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Lair Of Anubis' by Aeternus. breathe the scent of death lie in sacred forms tombs of ancient souls ruler of the dead speak the names of might.
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "V - The New Mythology Suite" (2000) album
The Bird-Serpent War/Cataclysm 7. On The Breath ... shadow into the land - Vengeance by my hand ... unaware that the power they possessed would ultimately ...
HOODED MENACE LYRICS - "Effigies Of Evil" (2012) album
Resurrection through vengeance. They seek unholy rebirth ... Statues reanimate possessed by the dead. Pulsating plasma ... Queen of serpents. Ancient tablets
SPAWN OF POSSESSION LYRICS - "Incurso" (2012) album
SPAWN OF POSSESSION lyrics - "Incurso" (2012) album, including "Apparition", "No ... Begged in tears for deaf ears, serpents from the other side his body now
BORIS THE BLADE LYRICS - "The Human Hive" (2014) album
I can hear the serpents constrict the veins of the weak. Their lungs will ... Your life is the only possession obtained .... Now I'm seeking vengeance, For every ...
AZARATH LYRICS - "Blasphemers' Maledictions" (2011) album
Holy Possession 11. Harvester Of Flames ... The almighty chaos dragon recites the curses of vengeance. .... And as the Serpent of eve we sow the flaming seed.
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Dusk... And Her Embrace - The ...
And the serpent of truth. Eats the nomad ... Vengeance climbs Babel's ivory tower . Masturbated by a ... A casualty when my mother, possessed. Cursed at the ...
ANCIENT LYRICS - "Proxima Centauri" (2001) album
for that which my mind had possessed dying and doomed I ... the serpent god threatens the cosmic order ... vengeance comes and violence goes give them a ...
AKHKHARU LYRICS - "Nocturnal Impiety" (2000) album
Lucifer discarded one reap thy vengeance. With the blood of ... 4. Garden Of Desire. Bitten by the serpent of desire ... Possession of the soul. Descend to the ...
NILE LYRICS - "Those Whom The Gods Detest" (2009) album
... deep ones exact. A terrible vengeance upon them ... Save me from these snakes which are in Rosetjau Which live on the ... I have taken possession of the sky
USURPER LYRICS - "Twilight Dominion" (2003) album
Luring the Serpent to rise ... My return/sworn vengeance/blood must be spilled ... Possessed with the spirit of the hunter of man known as Hermes, Cernunnos ...
NOCTURNAL BREED LYRICS - "No Retreat... No Surrender" (1998 ...
No Surrender" (1998) album, including "Armageddon Nights", "Possessed", " Roadkill Maze"... ... The taste of vengeance tightens ... Son of serpent blood
EZURATE LYRICS - "Eve Of Desecration" (2010) album
... between the spheres. Conqueror of the serpents of the sea and keeper of the Seven Gates!!! .... We are the fallen ones, we have returned for our vengeance. We have killed the one ... Possessed is the blood of mortal life. Thy Infernal Entity  ...
KULT OV AZAZEL LYRICS - "Destroying The Sacred" (2009) album
Serpents gather. Lords of war. Conjure forth the ... Destroy the Holy Spirit Unleash the possession ... Storming vengeance upon humanity. Crimson the blood that ...
NILE LYRICS - "In The Beginning" (2000) album
Of my Vengeance The Mighty Voices ... Upon a plain of writhing Serpents I call upon the ... I now possess the secrets of the Tides of Blood I have traveled on the  ...
STEEL PROPHET LYRICS - "Messiah" (2000) album
Kiss of the queen, bite of the snake. I see your ... Vengeance is mine so sayeth the lord, God strike my poor soul down ... To possess her soul, was foolish to try
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "Paradise Lost" (2007) album
The Serpent's Kiss 5. Paradise Lost 6. .... All you need's in my possession. Just believe - come take my ... Vengeance and Fury - Screaming and eye for an eye ...

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