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POND LYRICS - Elegant Design
Lyrics to "Elegant Design" song by POND: Every day's the same, devoid of anything Walking around the broken fences and see never empty land B...
POND LYRICS - Waiting Around For Grace
Lyrics to "Waiting Around For Grace" song by POND: Don't you think I want it too, baby, when I look at you You'll miss the golden moment when everythin...
Lyrics to "Mr. Pond" song by CHAMELEON CIRCUIT: It's not the way she looks at you Like you're the first man in her life Cause I know Amy's true And...
POND LYRICS - You Broke My Cool
Lyrics to "You Broke My Cool" song by POND: Hey, come look out in the hall, man There's a bat hanging off the wall, man, wanna help it out You d...
POND LYRICS - Giant Tortoise
Lyrics to "Giant Tortoise" song by POND: Dream to sleep out in the dark, to the kind, a fragile heart And I'm too young to be tired, give on,...
POND LYRICS - Don't Look At The Sun Or You'll Go Blind
Lyrics to "Don't Look At The Sun Or You'll Go Blind" song by POND: Live in the ocean, give it a try If you won't live here, why won't you die? Don't look at the sun  ...
Summer of the lily pond how long I didn't know. Halfway there your golden hair. It just started to show. The way things tend to grow. It started out so slow
"Georgica Pond". One day when I'm gone. Scatter my ashes on Georgica Pond Litter my memory down Lily Pond Lane And that's where I'll stay. Oh come visit ...
POND LYRICS - Elvis' Flaming Star
Lyrics to "Elvis' Flaming Star" song by POND: Laura is learning how to love, see, can't you see It hurts to see her go to parties all alone And I...
"Fonz Pond". Off Lickity Trail, there's a pond. Where many a children died. It's a place to run to and disappear. A place where some folks hide. But they will tell ...
POND LYRICS - Eye Pattern Blindness
Lyrics to "Eye Pattern Blindness" song by POND: Everyday I wake physically weaker than before In my growing mind dreams have left behind a sign that...
POND LYRICS - Holding Out For You
Lyrics to "Holding Out For You" song by POND: What in the world ever made that young girl cry The tears down her cheeks she tries to hide And what...
POND LYRICS - Medicine Hat
Lyrics to "Medicine Hat" song by POND: Been walking in circles so long My head is spinning, direction's gone The night is darkest just befo...
POND LYRICS - Sitting Up On Our Crane
Lyrics to "Sitting Up On Our Crane" song by POND: Sitting up on our crane, it always feels the same When we're up high 'cause I feel like I fall and d...
Lyrics to "O Dharma" song by POND: If you listen and don't shout you can hear the way she feels If you squint you can make out the slid...
POND LYRICS - Midnight Mass (At The Market Street Payphone)
Lyrics to "Midnight Mass (At The Market Street Payphone)" song by POND: A girl was kneeling by phone this morning mumbling out some kind of prayer It ...
POND LYRICS - Moth Wings
Lyrics to "Moth Wings" song by POND: Stepped on some moth wings, think I nearly broke a wing I never thought seagulls love but you should...
POND LYRICS - Fantastic Explosion Of Time
Lyrics to "Fantastic Explosion Of Time" song by POND: Fantastic explosion of time, you slither over the light and you fade away Into a splendid design whe...
POND LYRICS - Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide
Lyrics to "Whatever Happened To The Million Head Collide" song by POND: Whatever happened when a million heads collide? I can't say I think and I feel so it ...
POND LYRICS - Allergies
Lyrics to "Allergies" song by POND: Everyday we wake outside the sea Forgetting all of our allergies to the world Space was a lie but t...
POND LYRICS - Man It Feels Like Space Again
Lyrics to "Man It Feels Like Space Again" song by POND: We can talk by the river, we can walk right out to the sea I haven't talked much lately, maybe, that...
"Pond Song". Pond mistress, yet you're undecided. I sprinkle looks to let you know. Hey there's a wave, Come on let's ride it. Jump on that oar, we'll have to row
Atta Boy - Walden Pond lyrics and translation
Apr 19, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Walden Pond by Atta Boy. I hope you spend your days writing verses on your page. May your life be a Walden Pond ...
POND LYRICS - Dig Brother
Lyrics to "Dig Brother" song by POND: It don't matter what clothes you wear It doesn't matter how you do your hair All that matters is tha...
Matt Pond PA - Starting Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Starting' by Matt Pond PA. We could start tonight, slide back the deadbolts / Let the pictures down, they hold no life / And if you've got some faith.
Matt Pond PA - Remains Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Remains' by Matt Pond PA. I can't remember which movie taught me purpose / I can't remember which movie taught me pain / I would've been the one.
POND LYRICS - Sweep Me Off My Feet
Lyrics to "Sweep Me Off My Feet" song by POND: Hey, you, I'm not bold or cool or masculine Maybe you're just waiting for the perfect Latin lover to...
Matt Pond PA - New Hampshire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Hampshire' by Matt Pond PA. New Hampshire / I saw a modest dream / The kind that can't speak up / And lost before it's let out / In the north we.
Pond - Holding Out For You lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Holding Out For You by Pond. What in the world ever made that young girl cry the tears down her cheeks she tries to hid...
Lyrics to "Frond" song by POND: Going green and following blue The dash lit up as if I queued With sounds of mermaids in hurrah Pac...
POND LYRICS. "Mystery". I'm never really sure where to go or what to do. All I really know is that I've got you. Every time I wake I focus on what I see. When I see ...
Matt Pond PA - Specs Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Specs' by Matt Pond PA. Up above I see specks of silver in the evening sky / Specks of gold in the river running from the deep moonlight / See us.
Lyrics to "Xanman" song by POND: Xanman, Xanman And don't you understand, you were crying for your man But it sure ain't tears for jo...
POND LYRICS - Moreno's Blend
Lyrics to "Moreno's Blend" song by POND: There's a shining light on my waking hours It's not the day, it's the night, not the morning shower...
POND LYRICS - When It Explodes
Lyrics to "When It Explodes" song by POND: Tell me how long I can float, don't want to sing the song That we wrote together so long ago, so lon...
POND LYRICS - 30000 Megatons
Lyrics to "30000 Megatons" song by POND: There's 30000 megatons pointed at her And him and you and me and everyone we serve I look out at th...
POND LYRICS - Sorry I Was Under The Sky
Lyrics to "Sorry I Was Under The Sky" song by POND: I woke up under the ... my way ... tomorrow Sorry I was under the sky Sorry I was under the sky Joy...
POND LYRICS - Aloneaflameaflower
Lyrics to "Aloneaflameaflower" song by POND: Whatever I'm doing here it's not fair Wasting water and wasting air Stay in bed and start a sound Ke...
POND LYRICS - Hobo Rocket
Lyrics to "Hobo Rocket" song by POND: Blast off, this is hobo rocket, star rider Star rider riding through the Universe at twice the speed...
Incredible String Band - Ducks On A Pond Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ducks On A Pond' by Incredible String Band. Ducks on a pond, ducks on a pond / Very pretty swimming round / The lion and the unicorn journey very ...

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