Please keep me company cause i be on my own now lyrics

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If I fall asleep, please don't let me dream. I keep on wishing ... 'Cause there's no one I can turn to. I've got a ... I stand alone without a soul to keep me company
Mike Perry feat. Shy Martin - The Ocean Lyrics
You can be my guiding light Keep me Company in the night That's all I need All I want Is f. ... to stay a little longer now With arms around me Like a border Like the air I breathe I let you in Keep me warm underneath my skin 'Cause I'm Giving in ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Do Bad On My Own
Lyrics to "Do Bad On My Own" song by Z-RO: Say Mike Dean, dig these blues I remember situations as an adolescent I ... keep my money in my pocket, never leave it with ho's. ... and I don't need no company lil' mama, stop ringing my cellular phone ... killin' myself slowly on purpose 'cause humans made me nervous.
Beyoncé - I'm Alone Now lyrics
Verse One It really hurts to say this yes it does. But after a while sweet love just aint enough. So many settle for less just because. Maybe I'm more in love with ...
I got too much on my mind I don't need no company ... I'm in my own zone ... that nigga that's gonna let you take my last from me that's why I stay to, myself cause niggas do be bugging soon ... I'm toting stacks they hating cause a nigga on now,
'Cause I keep on running, There's no way... ... BAD COMPANY LYRICS. "Run With The Pack". You never give me my money, You only give me your sympathy. ... I'm leaving you, now who can I trust; You won't ... hold me back, On my own way,
Z-RO LYRICS - Call My Phone
And now one of my fake ass homeboys won't get none from me ... And I don't need no company lil momma ... Ain't even goin waste no gas, going to get some ass, I'm a keep my gas in my ... Put a ring on my own finger cause I sleep with Z- RO
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask me, I tell them (here's to Rocafella) ... Won't you please stop talking about how my dick head is ... And I was almost famous, now everybody loves Kanye ... I had my own apartment. ... uh, played the song 'cause he already spit his verse by the time I got .... company that'll say "naw .
Beyonce Knowles - I'm Alone Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm Alone Now' by Beyonce Knowles. It really hurts to say ... So many settle for less just because. Maybe I'm ... And I got possibility to keep me company .
Vanessa Hudgens - Gotta Go My Own Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gotta Go My Own Way' by Vanessa Hudgens: I've got to move on and be who I am I just don't ... Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. ... Life keeps getting in the way ... 'Cause I gotta do what's best for me ... But at least for now, I gotta go my way ... WALT DISNEY MUSIC COMPANY.
Lyrics to "No Help" song by TRAE: Don't come around my way, cause I don't need a 'Nother fat ... Now that I'm rapping, you see me and tell me to hit the weed ... But Joseph McVey, is enough company for me ... So instead of keeping my niggaz, get the steel with me ... I don't need no help my nigga, I can do bad on my own
Justin Timberlake - Carry Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carry Out' by Justin Timberlake: Number one, I'll take two number three's That's a whole lot of you and a side of me Now is a fool of myself to want.
Les Miserables - In My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In My Life' by Les Miserables: There are words That are better unheard, better unsaid. ... In my life. I'm no longer alone. Now that love in my life. Is so near. Find me now, find me here! Valjean: ... With only me for company. ... So dark, so dark and deep. The secrets that you keep! In my life. Please forgive what I say,
Les Miserables - On My Own Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On My Own' by Les Miserables: On my own Pretending he's beside me All alone I walk with him till morning Without him I feel his arms.
PHORA LYRICS - Written Words
Friends turn foes, foes turn jealous its hard to show my love cause growin up I never felt it. Misery loves company, so darling take my hand please come with me ... Keep your enemies the closest, the thing is if they were but I was too blind to notice ... about the show biz, my father use to give the cold shoulder to his own kids
THE AMITY AFFLICTION LYRICS - "Let The Ocean Take Me" (2014 ...
Never Alone 6. Death's ... 1. Pittsburgh. I've been searching for an exit, but I'm lost inside my head; ... Yeah I am lost right now as the ocean deep; I am low my ... And don't count on me, 'cause I am drowning, please don't drown with me. Just hold .... There has to be another way for me to keep on living .... Misery for company,
N-DUBZ LYRICS - Best Behaviour
Lyrics to "Best Behaviour" song by N-DUBZ: Drag my bags off the plane today A little too much fun on tour. Lord please help me find my keys or... ... be waiting for me. cuz I been thinking lately that life alone is crazy ... and now I'm crying on my own floor ... right now could do with some company ... I can't keep on riding solo
Bad Company - Run With The Pack lyrics
Run With The Pack lyrics by Bad Company: You never give me my money / You only give me your sympathy / Cause I keep on running / There Is.
PHORA LYRICS - Never Again
Kiss the the tattoos on my neck ... Is kept me company girls do never fuck with me ... cause that's your way to escape cux that's the way to scape ... Misery like company so please come and spend the night with me. I wanna talk rather then fight with me. It was your decision to leave me. Now your with the nigga that you want
PINK LYRICS - Don't Let Me Get Me
Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe somethin. A day in the life of someone else? Cuz I'm a hazard to myself. Don't let me get me. I'm my own worst enemy
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me. Everything gone ... I can get you locked up bae you stole my heart and hauled ass. Ain't no turning back now. You gotta part you ... I'm on my way. You don't ask where I'm goin cause you know I'm goin tah make some cake ... My bitch, my own one. Its miserable on ...
MORE THAN A THOUSAND LYRICS - "Volume IV: Make Friends ...
12. A Sharp Tongue Can Cut Your Own Throat Pt. 2 ... Someone please just put me to sleep 'Cause everyone keeps running away from me. Someone please just ... You won't drive a stake through my heart .... You keep company with wolves, ... I gave you my heart a thousand times but now it's just my fist covered in blood
The Animal In Me - Smoke & Mirrors Lyrics
Dec 21, 2014 I wanna stop but it keeps me at arms length It started as a single singe that ... The smoke fills my lungs I can't breath So save me now that I'm ... me Please stay with me now Cause I can't get control on my own .... Company.
Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble Lyrics
Who keep cowering at my feet. Oh I probably ... Cause I treasure my own company. [Chorus] ... Mac Davis - Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis ( lyrics.
Lloyd - Tru lyrics and translation
May 11, 2016 I lost it all, my friends, my loved ones But in life there's always a ... who I am And please accept me for what I do Cause there's no me without you ... that my lawyer said don't talk about it Just had to breathe, keep it cool 'til ... Kinda hurt me cause I could of had my own now Lost my baby damn it's .... Company.
Lyrics to "Alone" song by TECH N9NE: Somebody should have told me Life can treat you really coldly A lot ... I'm in the star coach now ... Because I put my music first, for that it's lonely days ... Feels like there's no reason for me to keep breathing if I'm gonna be alone ... Alone, please, I don't wanna have the lonelies on beat
Everything's on TV Lyrics - The Hellacopters
I have all i need because everything is on TV Well i burned all my ... I'll just stay inside - it keeps me company. I have all i need ... While i do as i please and bake in my own grease. I better keep my ... Now that's a tiny sacrifice. This song is from  ...
Wiz Khalifa - The Race Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Race' by Wiz Khalifa: It's nothing new 'Cause this is exactly what I do. ... Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. ... Them haters talking, I keep earning ... Now I just stunt on my own ... It's lonely at the top, got no company so ... See me, when I'm alone, wishing they could fuck with me
What's up niggas, ay yo, I know you ain't talking 'bout me dog. You, what? ... Gave y'all chapters but now I keep my eyes on the Judas With Hawaiian Sophie ...
Gary Valenciano - Take Me Out Of The Dark Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take Me Out of the Dark' by Gary Valenciano. Just what is it in me? / Sometimes I just don't know / What keeps me in Your love, / Why you never let. ... And though you're in me now, I fall and hurt you still. My Lord, please show me how ... To lean not on my own understanding ... 'Cause we don't want to be alone
Gary Valenciano - Take Me Out Of The Dark lyrics
Just what is it in me? Sometimes I just don't know. What keeps me in Your love, Why you never let me go. And though you're in me now, I fall and hurt you still
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH LYRICS - "War Is The Answer" (2009 ...
11. Canto 34 12. Bad Company ... You can't shake me down, I'm fucking bulletproof. All I've ... You can keep the fortune and you can have the fame. You can ... No one gets left behind, or we all die alone. Politicians ... But now that he is gone, she's ready to move on ... 'Cause it's almost like ... Please release me from this hell
Flame feat. J.R. - Tonight (All of Me) Lyrics
Nov 11, 2015 You will find me there Everything I am It's because of You It's because of You And now, we sing, Tonight I'm giving You all of me, Tonight I ... content Please keep me from my sin Let me quickly repent Please give me ... as they screamed for Pilate to crucify You I hear my own voice 'cause every .... Company.
IN FEAR AND FAITH LYRICS - "In Fear And Faith" (2012) album
Just let me fill your minds with my thoughts one last time. And give me the ... So make them shiver, but don't cause a scene. Do everything ... Now my lungs are failed with a creeping dose of. Bitter disgust for ... If I fall asleep, please don't let me dream. I keep on ... I stand alone without a soul to keep me company. And there's ...
NECK DEEP LYRICS - Tables Turned
I felt the weather getting better, but I couldn't feel my feet. I always felt so cold in your company. I guess that maybe ... I don't care anymore, won't you please just let me be? Bend the ... Because with you it's all swings and roundabouts ... And I hope that it kills you I'm happy now. I hope you hate the taste of your own medicine
Save me from this prison Lord, help me get away 'Cause only you can save me now from this... ... 'Cause only you can save me now from this misery. I've been lost in my own place and I'm getting' ... And I just keep on prayin', Lord And just ...
... Late at night in summer heat. Expensive car, empty street There's a wire in my jacket. ... I'm a company director, two kids and a wife. I get the feeling that ... Please take me dancing tonight I've been all on my own. You promised one day we ...
But everything seemed different and completely new to me. The sky, the trees, houses, buildings, even my own body. And each ... Baby don't worry cause now I got your back. ... then we will wait for it to pass and I will keep you company
Stephanie Rainey - Please Don't Go Lyrics
Sep 19, 2015 Lyrics for Please Don't Go by Stephanie Rainey. I'll hold your ... I've kept my own side of the bed, thinking you'd be home again. I hold myself so I can sleep. My pillow holds the screams of me. ... So lay yourself down on my chest, 'cause I know how to hold you best. ... Get the mobile app now ... Company.
TWIZTID LYRICS - Wrong Wit Me (Remix)
Lyrics to "Wrong Wit Me (Remix)" song by TWIZTID: Leave me all alone There ain 't nobody calling on my telephone Because I ripped that bitch right up o... ... Please don't walk away I want you to hear what I got to say I never had anyone ever ... Because I do, the mirror's turning blue And soul after soul keeps walking right ...

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