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The Planet Smashers - Missionary's Downfall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Missionary's Downfall' by The Planet Smashers. Everybody on your knees / 'It's God' say the 'Polyneese' / They worship me mistakenly / I say 'Tiki,
The Planet Smashers - Explosive Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Explosive' by The Planet Smashers. This is not a problem, this is not a test / Come young people let's protest / Now if you have a problem, get it.
The Planet Smashers - Unstoppable Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unstoppable' by The Planet Smashers. I have no alibi / i have no need for one / I'll fess to what I've done / Even if you thing it's wrong / Truth.
The Planet Smashers - My Decision Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Decision' by The Planet Smashers. Accusations fly with elements of violence / You're wondering whom to blame for your digraced name / You got ...
The Planet Smashers - Hey Hey Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hey Hey' by The Planet Smashers. Locked into the moment, things get so intense / No chance to take a second, see what you're up against / It was a.
The Planet Smashers - Opportunity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Opportunity' by The Planet Smashers. That's nice, forgive me for last night / If you haven't noticed / I'm your worst boyfriend - right / You know it.
The Planet Smashers - Whining Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whining' by The Planet Smashers. I can't get the movie I want / The cool video store's too far away / It's raining out so I'll have to put on with.
The Planet Smashers - Blind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blind' by The Planet Smashers. There's something wrong something so very wrong that's all that I know / Sitting up all night yeah I'm up all night.
The Planet Smashers - Holiday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holiday' by The Planet Smashers. A girl I met from Quebec city thought my / Accent was pretty I was looking pretty said / She liked grimskunk showin'
The Planet Smashers - Cool Your Jets Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cool Your Jets' by The Planet Smashers. So you say you like the heat / Can't slow down to kick up your feet / Comes a time for letting go /
The Planet Smashers - The 80 Bus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The 80 Bus' by The Planet Smashers. On my way from work, I'm on the 80 bus, / It's crowded as hell, someone's raising up a fuss, / Shove past an old.
The Planet Smashers - Retribution Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Retribution' by The Planet Smashers. Retribution. No change, victims of their action / Retribution. In fear, they failed to realize / They did not.
The Planet Smashers - Giants Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Giants' by The Planet Smashers. What if all we were told / Wasn't what it's all about? / Would it be earth shattering our lives filled without? /
The Planet Smashers - Super Orgy Porno Party Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Super Orgy Porno Party' by The Planet Smashers. (spoken) / pizza man / oh i didn't order any pizza / well somebodys gotta eat it /
The Planet Smashers - A Revolution Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Revolution Song' by The Planet Smashers. The moment came and us passed by / Is this our fate, complacency? / Nothing's changed and nothing will ...
The Planet Smashers - Recollect Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Recollect' by The Planet Smashers. It's ok to memorize / All your tears and all your lies / Recollect in photographs / If you don't look now you.
The Planet Smashers - Trip And Fall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trip And Fall' by The Planet Smashers. Life can go your way / Or it can go to hell / Too soon to say / Can't seem to tell / In a stagnant state /
The Planet Smashers - Until The End Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Until The End' by The Planet Smashers. If you're thinking you're forsaken / Then I guess that's up to you / We're so messed up and nothing's changed.
The Planet Smashers - Fabricated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fabricated' by The Planet Smashers. Eleven o'clock news today, fights for TV ratings / It's hard not to believe what I see, but take warning / Media.
The Planet Smashers - Change Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Change' by The Planet Smashers. I won't change, don't want to be changed / Why would I want to be like you? / The cutouts shout their insults as I'm .
The Planet Smashers - Hostile Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hostile' by The Planet Smashers. You sleep all day, and you sleep all night, / You're all busted up, 'cause you got in a fight, / You can't keep your.
The Planet Smashers - This Song Is For You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Song Is For You' by The Planet Smashers. What you say is what you get, keeps repeating through your head / This has now become your life, ...
The Planet Smashers - Police The Nation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Police The Nation' by The Planet Smashers. I don't want your perfection / No, I don't need that / I don't want anything from you / I won't give.
The Planet Smashers - Bullets To The Ground Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bullets To The Ground' by The Planet Smashers. Doors opened wide, there's no place to hide / "Come take my ride" the vacuum beckons me.
The Planet Smashers - Looking For A Cure Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Looking For A Cure' by The Planet Smashers. Tree tops burning in a forest fire / Water boils over steams for a while / We're lonely in this world /
The Planet Smashers - She's So Hot Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She's So Hot' by The Planet Smashers. She's so hot / So god damn hot / She's dressed to say. / whoa, man! / She'll give you all she's got / So you.
The Planet Smashers Lyrics
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The Planet Smashers - Romeo Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Romeo' by The Planet Smashers. My girlfriend is a lesbian / Not even bi -sexual / Am I just a thespian / Acting out Romeo? / We cruise chicks together.
The Planet Smashers - Uncle Gordie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Uncle Gordie' by The Planet Smashers. Shovel the snow off the frozen lake, / I start tying on my brand new skates / Shoot the puck with Uncle Gordie.
The Planet Smashers - Raise Your Glass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Raise Your Glass' by The Planet Smashers. Over the years we made some friends / While on the road with the touring bands / Good nights we've had,
The Planet Smashers - Do No Wrong Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do No Wrong' by The Planet Smashers. Expect to anticipate / Nothing comes for free / Except me, yeah the night's in front of us / Let's tempt fate /
The Planet Smashers - King Of Tuesday Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'King Of Tuesday Night' by The Planet Smashers. This one is for the king of Tuesday night / You can catch him out walking late / Beneath the city.
The Planet Smashers - Repo Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Repo Man' by The Planet Smashers. Everybody pay attention to what I' m gonna say / I'll tell you my story so you'll understand / What it means to be.
The Planet Smashers - Can't Stop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can't Stop' by The Planet Smashers. The boys decided / To start up a band / Wanted to get out there / So they kicked out the jams / Vin sang like an.
The Planet Smashers - Objective Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Objective' by The Planet Smashers. She said to me that she'll reach her objective / No matter what they said / She would not be affected / They.
The Planet Smashers - J'aime Ta Femme (I Like Your Girl) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'J'aime Ta Femme (I Like Your Girl)' by The Planet Smashers. Too bad you're her boyfriend / We're friends and I like it that way / But I like, I like.
The Planet Smashers - Attack Of The Planet Smashers Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Attack Of The Planet Smashers' by The Planet Smashers.
The Planet Smashers - It's Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Over' by The Planet Smashers. Don't want to see you again don't want to hear of you / When it is over it is over / Won't speak of you again /
The Planet Smashers - Cooler Than You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cooler Than You' by The Planet Smashers. I get and nervous and I shy away / When I see her dressed that way / She must have problems meeting ...
The Planet Smashers - Dirty Old Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dirty Old Man' by The Planet Smashers. He's out on the town wearing black leather pants and a button down / Whistling out of tune, the girls get.

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