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PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Terrifyer" (2004) album
Pretty In Casts. Maybe she'll snap her wrists doing cartwheels or her ankle dancing drunken at some rave. Maybe she'll go through a windshield and have ...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Prowler In The Yard" (2001) album
Jennifer. Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snow cone stand and began licking at the girls eyeballs, as if they were sugar cubes.
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Painter Of Dead Girls" (2004) album
PIG DESTROYER lyrics - "Painter Of Dead Girls" (2004) album, including "Down On The Street (Stooges)", "Painter Of Dead Girls", "White Sand"...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Book Burner" (2012) album
PIG DESTROYER lyrics - "Book Burner" (2012) album, including "Permanent Funeral", "King Of Clubs", "Kamikaze Heart"...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Phantom Limb" (2007) album
PIG DESTROYER lyrics - "Phantom Limb" (2007) album, including "The Machete Twins", "Waist Deep In Ash", "Girl In the Slayer Jacket"...
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "38 Counts Of Battery" (2000) album
Deflower. To enter your thoughts for just a few seconds as your pick their faith from your Teeth. The obscene dance of your memories.What you touched and ...
Pig Destroyer - Starbelly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Starbelly' by Pig Destroyer. Dear everything. / Today I witnessed a crucifixion in pink and lavender and gold. / I've heard people say that beauty is.
Pig Destroyer - Trojan Whore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trojan Whore' by Pig Destroyer. Half in darkness she stands in a dress / Of shrapnel, smoke and torn flags / Dragging off cigarettes of human skin /
Pig Destroyer - Thumbsucker Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thumbsucker' by Pig Destroyer. My eyes have changed color / Some sick yellow that I've never seen / That I've never seen / My stomach is knotted ...
Pig Destroyer - Forgotten Child Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forgotten Child' by Pig Destroyer. a sliver of star dances through my sky to crash into another lifetime always the journey never the destination.
Pig Destroyer - Pixie Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pixie' by Pig Destroyer. Young unicorns snatched from the impossible / Skies precious horns, ordinary chainsaws / I am left with horses revolting in.
Pig Destroyer - Pornographic Memory Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pornographic Memory' by Pig Destroyer. An entire year of you / In a single speck of blood / The gun smiles your smile / And the razor whispers your.
Pig Destroyer - Body Scout Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Body Scout' by Pig Destroyer. My skin has atrophied. / It has been so long since the last touch. / The maggots play their dead instruments for me. /
Pig Destroyer - Scatology Homework Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scatology Homework' by Pig Destroyer. They heckle the gunshy assassin, led away in shame / The chameleon is my favorite animal / I learned that ...
Pig Destroyer - Sheet Metal Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sheet Metal Girl' by Pig Destroyer. I sneak a sniff of her live wire hair. / It is bright red with random sparks. / My bionic sister teaches me.
Pig Destroyer - Jennifer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jennifer' by Pig Destroyer. Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground / Infront of the snow cone stand and began licking at the / Girls.
Pig Destroyer - Murder Blossom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Murder Blossom' by Pig Destroyer. Dyed red hair, a forest green dress / And a pair of kitchen knives / It was the last time I ever saw a rose.
Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Diplomat' by Pig Destroyer. We never ever change. / We make the same mistakes. / If yours gonna have roads. / You're gonna have roadkill. /
Pig Destroyer - Sourheart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sourheart' by Pig Destroyer. With trembling fingers I trace her jawline / Geometric mystery of celestial design / Her fragile lips for delicate grins.
Pig Destroyer - Cheerleader Corpses Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheerleader Corpses' by Pig Destroyer. Semen tastes like gunmetal she said smiling / The arms of boys drowning in fire reaching for the rungs of my.
Pig Destroyer - Sis Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sis' by Pig Destroyer. My sisters dangerous. / She climbs the barbed wire fence. / Changes clothes in the back seat. / Medical gown to red jeans. / I.
Pig Destroyer - Dark Satellites Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dark Satellites' by Pig Destroyer. rebellion impossible your cabal crushed in its infancy they watch you conspire / from distances beyond your.
PIG DESTROYER LYRICS - "Mass & Volume" (2013) EP
Mass & Volume. Time presses down. Harder than gravity. Just as relentlessly. Watch the clock. Fall a thousand stories. Still can't step out of harm's way
Pig Destroyer - Junkyard God Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Junkyard God' by Pig Destroyer. My knuckles are bleeding on your front door / and these flowers are wilting in the rain. / They were for you and now.
Pig Destroyer - Treblinka Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Treblinka' by Pig Destroyer. Late term abortion, three decades late / Be sure to empty all ten commandments / Into his chest, for only holy redneck.
Pig Destroyer - Pretty In Casts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pretty In Casts' by Pig Destroyer. Maybe she'll snap her wrists doing cartwheels / Or her ankle dancing drunken at some rave / Maybe she'll go.
Pig Destroyer - Intimate Slavery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intimate Slavery' by Pig Destroyer. Happy birthday, you broken child / Of the barbed ribs and the poison heart / I would show you the view of life.
Pig Destroyer - Snuff Film At Eleven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Snuff Film At Eleven' by Pig Destroyer. This is an advertisement for the skin machine / Paid for by the people that supply the lash / For these.
Pig Destroyer - Under The Fingernails Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Under The Fingernails' by Pig Destroyer. You think I am listening / But I am really just watching / The candlelight between us dim / Trying not to.
Pig Destroyer - Lost Cause Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost Cause' by Pig Destroyer. Someday I'll find a way to win her over / She knows it's me calling again / Can feel her rolling her eyes / These words.
Pig Destroyer - Deflower Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deflower' by Pig Destroyer. To enter your thoughts for just a few seconds / As your pick their faith from your teeth / The obscene dance of your.
Pig Destroyer - White Sand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'White Sand' by Pig Destroyer. like a rabbit drowning in quicksand i say as i try to imagine the death whisper of your heart dissolving through my.
Pig Destroyer - Honeymoon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Honeymoon' by Pig Destroyer. I always thought it fitting / The way they chose the next victim / With a bouquet of dying flowers / And how happy they.
Pig Destroyer - Alcatraz Metaphors Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alcatraz Metaphors' by Pig Destroyer. While we used long fingernails to carve epitaphs into the floor / You were scratching freedom from concrete /
Pig Destroyer - Evacuating Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evacuating Heaven' by Pig Destroyer. Certain things fascinate me / First I went blind and then the sun went out / The way you hold a match so steady.
Pig Destroyer - Unwitting Valentine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Unwitting Valentine' by Pig Destroyer. the sunlight rips through the overcast skies of my concious. through the / crack in the closet door warming.
Pig Destroyer - Heart And Crossbones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heart and Crossbones' by Pig Destroyer. Stitched together into this beautiful monster animated by starlight. / Pose like a fashion corpse and shed.
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer Lyrics
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Pig Destroyer - Scarlet Hourglass Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Scarlet Hourglass' by Pig Destroyer. She rolls out of bed / With the blankets wrapped around her / Around her dragging like the / Virgin's wedding.
Pig Destroyer - Flag Burner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flag Burner' by Pig Destroyer. Quixotic concept of examining foreign cultures / As opportunities for brotherhood and mutual cultivation / Instinctual.

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