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"Pictures". Flaunt your will at every wheel, Parachute your chocolate soul, Cobblestones under your wheels, I got pictures on my mind, I got pictures on my mind,
Eric Martin - Burning In My Mind lyrics
Burning In My Mind lyrics by Eric Martin: I've been walking through my life like / There's nothing to lose / Running when the light turns.
Lyrics to "What's Left Of Me" song by NICK LACHEY: Watch my life, Pass me by, ... Pictures frozen in time ... Like a burning, ... Just running in circles in my mind
Pictures of you and burning them in my head ... I'm tuned in to ya, something's on your mind ain't it? ... I know your body language, you ain't gotta translate it
NEIL YOUNG LYRICS - My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
Lyrics to "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" song by NEIL YOUNG: My my, hey hey Rock and roll is here to stay It's better to burn out Than to fade away My my, he... ... There's more to the picture. Than meets the eye. Hey hey, my my.
EYES OF EDEN LYRICS - "Faith" (2007) album
Pictures 5. Dancing Fire 6. Sleeping Minds 7. Daylight 8. Man In The Flame 9. From Heaven ... Clear air sharps my mind. Frozen lips ... Nothing touches my burning soul. Look up to the ... My body is a cage that I cannot break free. The life that's ...
GEORGE STRAIT LYRICS - Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left ...
"Nobody In His Right Mind Would've Left Her". I burn with desire each time my heart fans the fire. To that old ... I still carry her picture; I wish her well. With the ...
THE PRETTY RECKLESS LYRICS - The Walls Are Closing In ...
I hate the rope it's burning my skin. The food is burning ... it in my stomach mama. The human body fascinates me ... With a picture in my mind. A vision of the sun
GETO BOYS LYRICS - My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
Lyrics to "My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me" song by GETO BOYS: I sit alone in my four-cornered room ... Candlesticks in the dark, visions of bodies bein' burned
The Cult - Painted On My Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Painted On My Heart' by The Cult: But it's just not so / I've still got your face Painted on my heart Scrawled upon my soul Etched upon my memory. ... I thought . . .you'd be out of my mind. And i'd finally found a ... Burning on my lips
Lyrics to "Marsh Lagoon" song by TWIZTID: If everything is going my way Then why does it suck so much to be Eric Ritter ... Her picture's in my locker ... To Hell and back is where my mind has been ... I burned the body and I gathered the ash
an image burning in her mind - and between her thighs. A dying god-man full of ... body of Christ - she needs - body of Christ - body of christ. She'd like to know ...
Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages ... I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone ... I'm tryna erase you from my mind
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - If You Wanted A Song Written About ...
That took my place. And I hope this makes you happy now. That the flame we had is burning out. And I hope you like your pictures facing down. As even broken ...
Gene Watson - Her Body Couldn't Keep You (Off My Mind) lyrics ...
Her Body Couldn't Keep You (Off My Mind) lyrics by Gene Watson: I could call her up again tonight / And chances are she'll see me / She'd.
DARKWELL LYRICS - "Suspiria" (2000) album
Distorted pictures of my life ... All my desire are the flames of the eternal fire. Strange winds of ... My mind between day and night ... my soul is burning sweet salvation. The flames are licking at my shanks pain screams through my mortal body
ICE NINE KILLS LYRICS - "The Burning" (2007) EP
Her body's not moving, I'm assuming she's dead. This isn't a ... What you've implied has burned and stripped the whites of ... My God, you better fear me ' cause I'm gonna find you. 'Cause I'll .... Took a picture and hoped it would last, With you ... He hid a hate inside, and had a state of mind that put him in his grave! It began ...
Lyrics to "Wicked Ways" song by EMINEM: I'm getting by with my wicked ways I'm loading up and I'm taking names I wanna dig my ... Picture someone who revels in straight masochism ... Mind's like a pile of clay ... Circle jerk, touch my body
But burned into my brain are these stolen images, Stolen images, baby, stolen images. Can you picture it, Babe, the life we could've lived? Hello? Hello?
DRAIN STH LYRICS - "Horror Wrestling" (1997) album
Mind Over Body 11. Unforgiving Hours ... Hiding somewhere deep inside my head, you breathe my silent thoughts. Smell your breathe ... I still burn for you... I saw you bleed ... And I see broken pictures, floating body over...mine. Floating high
PICTURE LYRICS - "Every Story Needs Another Picture" (1986) album
PICTURE lyrics - "Every Story Needs Another Picture" (1986) album, ... Burning For Your Love 4. ... You Took My Money, You Took My Pride 9. .... The move the body away after takin' the pictures ... Aaaaah I think you're crazy, out of your mind
DESTINY POTATO LYRICS - "Lun" (2014) album
stalk my every move but I escape you ... Come take a picture, no you can't run away, I will hunt you down as if you were my prey. Come take a .... Blue Sun will rise and shine and burn its light, .... You control my mind and my body too. I thought ...
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER LYRICS - "Miasma" (2005) album
A Vulgar Picture ... I have made this place to lay my head ... Sleep in your arms tonight, I'm burning ... I hold your stiffened body so close to me ... Infect my mind
AVENGED SEVENFOLD LYRICS - "Nightmare" (2010) album
Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air, 'cause men like you ... I lost my. Deep inside. Where nothing's fine. I lost my mind. You're not invited. So step aside
I got sinning on my mind. Sipping on red ... One or two could free my mind. This is how it ends. I feel the chemicals burn in my bloodstream. Fading out again.
System Of A Down - Pictures Lyrics
Thought you'd relate every will. Perish it. Your chocolate soul. Help us wrong. Deny your past. I've got pictures on my mind. I've got pictures on my mind. I've got  ...
HATEBOMB LYRICS - "Suffering Mechanics" (2011) album
Body is here - mind is gone, All the feelings ... Vile flames will keep on burning. Painting ... Screaming loud inside my mind. There is a picture but I am blind
Impaled Nazarene - Blood Is Thicker Than Water Lyrics
The picture of deep love burning in my mind. And heavens cried for my love. The night was still as I lifted her body on shore. Nothing to live for, I'm better off dead
Lyrics to "Burning Love" song by ELVIS PRESLEY: Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising Higher higher It's burning through to my soul Girl, girl... ... The flames are now licking my body. Won't you help me. I feel like I'm slipping away
Yellow Claw - Till It Hurts Lyrics
Lay me down, blow my mind. Let's take it all the way ... Make my body burn. Love me till it hurts ... Slow it down till my heart is ready to explode. Bring it back, go ...
PICTURE LYRICS - "Warhorse" (2012) album
PICTURE lyrics - "Warhorse" (2012) album, including "Eternal Dark MMXI", " Stand My Ground", "We're Not Alone"... ... And of my soul and of my mind. Hell is an ... See their castles burning in the west. It never ends ... And shake my body down
Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Always On My Mind' by Elvis Presley: You were always on my mind / Maybe I didn't hold you All those lonely, lonely times And I guess I never told you.
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - The Number Of The Beast
I left alone, my mind was blank. I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind. What did I see? ... And I'll possess your body and I'll make you burn
MAJESTIC LYRICS - "Abstract Symphony" (1999) album
All the love shall burn. During mention ... The sun rise from my naked body, heart and soul. Glistens all the ... Oh! Don't you know that I'm losing my mind? Oh! Baby tear is ... The picture's worth a million, racing from the purple sky. Nasty liquid ...
Ellie Goulding - Burn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding : We're burning one hell of a something / We can light ... And we gonna let it burn burn burn burn ... Ellie Goulding - On My Mind.
NECROMASS LYRICS - "Abyss Calls Life" (1996) album
Vibrations Of Burning Splendour 3. Into The ... A look of ice deeply sad, impressed in my mind, I remember ... echo of (an) image wrapping me, once again, I look at this ... horizons burning, tremors perturbing: body, mind, soul (are :) Crossing ...
EBONY TEARS LYRICS - "Tortura Insomniae" (1998) album
I cannot hide from the sweltering fear etched inside my body. I can't control the subliminal thoughts that grow inside my mind. Day by day I'm drifting ... My soul is burned and I've been burned for the last time. Never again will I face the .... Or will you hide behind, retouch the picture and play the game. I try to see the real me, ...
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER LYRICS - "A Cold-Blooded Epitaph ...
3. Burning The Hive ... For days I travel north, leaving a trail of hollowed bodies in my frigid wake. Finding my way back home to ... My mind is flooding with the marrow of your bones. I cannot ... on my name. You'll choke on pictures of my face.
IMPALED NAZARENE LYRICS - "Suomi Finland Perkele" (1994 ...
My soul has been raped, I carry bestial mark / Inside me burns black flame and I'll never betray... my oath! / I am branded, I have power / I have vision of the new ...
I'm outta my mind but I feel like I'm in it. If I never ... Now picture me writin' when I was a kid tryna make it in music. I'm thinkin' ... Maybe you burned it! But either ...

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