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Lyrics to "The World" song by PHORA: Yeah, It's crazy how cats are trading their respect for some likes Talking their shit on twitter but...
PHORA LYRICS - In A Perfect World
Lyrics to "In A Perfect World" song by PHORA: Ain't nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect Ain't nobody perfect See, in a perfe...
Phora - The World Lyrics
Phora The World Lyrics. The World lyrics performed by Phora:
Lyrics to "My Story" song by PHORA: Yeah, this is for anyone who's ever had a broken dream Or a fucked ... The world taught me never to love and never to trust
PHORA LYRICS - Nobody But You
Lyrics to "Nobody But You" song by PHORA: We've been looking for love in a world full of hate Tell me what's it take, to find somebody true Fi...
PHORA LYRICS - Fake Smiles
Lyrics to "Fake Smiles" song by PHORA: It's like, the more I try, the less I feel In desperate need of ... I'm living in a world so fake, I lost touch of the real me
PHORA LYRICS - Reflections
Lyrics to "Reflections" song by PHORA: Well, I know what its like to feel alone I know what its like to have ... I met this girl, she thought the world was against her
PHORA LYRICS - Venice Waves / Changes
Lyrics to "Venice Waves / Changes" song by PHORA: As my pen touches the paper, I start to drift away Into a world that is way different than what It i...
Lyrics to "Gods Plan" song by PHORA: God gives the toughest battles to the strongest of his people ... Cause the world is cold and it'll never respect how you feel
PHORA LYRICS - Make You Feel
Lyrics to "Make You Feel" song by PHORA: Listen Long, long enough, you can love me I'll be just yours, you ... Cause fucking with me baby its a different world
PHORA LYRICS - Halos & Devil Horns
Sometimes I feel like I got a halo over my devil horns. Not really knowing was worse or better for it. The world turns and over time I really learn. Never judge ...
PHORA LYRICS - Dragonflies
Lyrics to "Dragonflies" song by PHORA: What you gonna do when you ain't got any more friends, ... Got two things in this world, that's my balls and my word.
PHORA LYRICS - Time Will Tell (We'll Find A Way)
I'm riding till the wheels fall off and the smoke in my engine. I got dreams of the world saying Phora's a legend. But for now I'm just being patient, doing what I do
PHORA LYRICS - Deeper Than Blood
Lyrics to "Deeper Than Blood" song by PHORA: Sometimes pain runs deeper than blood Sometimes karma ... In this world full of hate, just a child of neglect
Phora - Before It's over Pt. 2 Lyrics
Dec 23, 2015 Lyrics for Before It's over Pt. 2 by Phora. ... I just want to be me Just want to be free from the world and shit that's all on tv Seems like im dodging ...
PHORA LYRICS - As The Wind Blows
Lyrics to "As The Wind Blows" song by PHORA: Its kind of funny I'm old enough to go to war but not to drink When they ... Cus in this cold world thats all I got
PHORA LYRICS - Open Letter
Lyrics to "Open Letter" song by PHORA: I had to do this for my city once This for my Anaheim niggas rolling blunts ... Cause I don't hate not a soul in this world
PHORA LYRICS - I Think I Love You
Lyrics to "I Think I Love You" song by PHORA: Roses are red and violets are blue Why does every ... Some people travel across the world and still don't ever find
PHORA LYRICS - Where Will You Be
Lyrics to "Where Will You Be" song by PHORA: I've been trying to ... When the world is getting colder and all the weight is on my shoulders, I won't let it break me
Lyrics to "Stay True" song by PHORA: Where the fuck were you when the teams feeling low? No money in ... Us against the world you was no where to be found
[Verse 1: Phora] All she bump is 2Pac and biggie she. Ain't fuckin' with iggy she outta this. World pretty but she come from the city. She know she gorgeous from ...
PHORA LYRICS - Tears Of An Angel
Lyrics to "Tears Of An Angel" song by PHORA: We all make mistakes, head high, ... My only weakness is havin a heart, and if I could change the world I wouldn't ...
PHORA LYRICS - Wish You Knew
Lyrics to "Wish You Knew" song by PHORA: My eyes are only for you Say I just wish that you knew After all that we've been through I just ... You were the world,
PHORA LYRICS - Nothing Like
Lyrics to "Nothing Like" song by PHORA: Yo, there's nothin like a smart woman ... There's a lot of things that folks don't know in this world, and one of them's the ...
PHORA LYRICS - What It's Like
Lyrics to "What It's Like" song by PHORA: I know what it's like to feel so hopeless But you gotta keep going ... Cus it ain't that bad, as the world keeps spinning
Lyrics to "Distance" song by PHORA: Yeah, well, tell me why we been so distant ... I ain't got no patience I been tryna show the world that I was made for this shit
Lyrics to "Lately" song by PHORA: Look, lately, all the stress been takin' me under They can stab me in ... This world's as cold as the blood circulating inside me
PHORA LYRICS - Don't Worry
Lyrics to "Don't Worry" song by PHORA: Don't worry if we fall In love We will never touch the ground.. Ain't no trouble in this world whe...
PHORA LYRICS - Before It's Over Pt. 2
Lyrics to "Before It's Over Pt. 2" song by PHORA: Visions of me and my peeps at ... niggas to see me thrive and live my dreams and watch me change the world
Lyrics to "No Other Way" song by PHORA: I never fucked anybody over in my life. All I have in this world is my boss and my word, and I don...
Lyrics to "Sinner" song by PHORA: So much shit goin' on right now Way too much When ... Why the world don't care about no one else's life till they already dead
PHORA LYRICS - The One For You
Lyrics to "The One For You" song by PHORA: I regret the things that I've done to you But I just got ... See, I would give you the world, the stars and all the planets
PHORA LYRICS - Forgive Me Mother
Lyrics to "Forgive Me Mother" song by PHORA: He had the heart of a soldier in a city full of ... It's just him against the world, all his homeboys turned on him
PHORA LYRICS - Small Circle
Lyrics to "Small Circle" song by PHORA: I got a long road ahead of me, but I'm moving steadily Tried to stay ... And we ain't capable of raising a kid in this world
PHORA LYRICS - The Beauty Inside
Lyrics to "The Beauty Inside" song by PHORA: Baby your beautiful Don't ever let these ... That's what makes you special I told the world so they can all see
Lyrics to "So Far To Go" song by PHORA: Yeah, it's like these days it's so hard to accept it How far ... But when I was lost in this world my soul would lead the way
Lyrics to "Father" song by PHORA: Yeah, alone in this room, just me and my conscious Wondering if the lords ... Father why is the world never holding me up
PHORA LYRICS - A Letter To Her
Lyrics to "A Letter To Her" song by PHORA: I know this girl Dark skin, beautiful smile Used to be ... Cause In a blink of an eye they can take you out the world
Lyrics to "A Song For Her" song by PHORA: What is love, love? Is it you and I, sharing lips ... I wanna tell the world how much I love you. I wanna show everyone ...
PHORA LYRICS - The White Owl
Lyrics to "The White Owl" song by PHORA: I got my game from the man who lived his life on the ... And all you trying to do is to show the world you got potential

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