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Saint Vitus - Patra (petra) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Patra (petra)' by Saint Vitus. When they told me you / were leaving / I began to feel sick inside / Because I never,never / got to tell you / What.
Saint Vitus - Patra (Petra) Lyrics. Saint Vitus V Patra (Petra) When they told me you were leaving I began to feel sick inside Because I never,never got to tell you.
SAINT VITUS LYRICS - "V" (1989) album
album: "V" (1989). 1. Living Backwards 2. I Bleed Black 3. When Emotion Dies 4. Patra (Petra) 5. Ice Monkey 6. Jack Frost 7. Angry Man 8. Mind Food ...
Patra - Queen of the Pack Lyrics
Lyrics for Queen of the Pack by Patra. Watch this and watch out Anything nah shack out get wash out Watcha deh King deh bout And ...
Iggy Azalea - Lady Patra Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady Patra' by Iggy Azalea. Classic, Sinatra, bad, Phantom of the Opera / Shuffle the deck, I be the queen in the pack / Gotcha, Lady Patra /
PETRA LYRICS - Lovely Lord
Lyrics to "Lovely Lord" song by PETRA: You are filled with compassion and mercy and grace With Your banner of love over me I am longing t...
PETRA LYRICS - Run For The Prize
Lyrics to "Run For The Prize" song by PETRA: Alone on the sidelines without any guidelines You've been running to fast with no place to go You'...
PETRA LYRICS - We Hold Our Hearts Out To You
Lyrics to "We Hold Our Hearts Out To You" song by PETRA: Here we are gathered once again under Your Name Thinking of the ways we all have caused You ...
Petra - Beyond Belief Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beyond Belief' by Petra: We're content to pitch our tent when the glory's evident Seldom do we.
PETRA LYRICS - St. Augustine's Pears
Lyrics to "St. Augustine's Pears" song by PETRA: Late one night I heard a knock at the door The boys were really painting the town I was just anoth...
Petra - The King Of Glory Shall Come In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The King of Glory Shall Come In' by Petra. The Levites returned with the Ark of the Lord / The presence and strength of the God they adore / The.
PETRA LYRICS - Till Everything I Do
Lyrics to "Till Everything I Do" song by PETRA: I could never hide away in a place that You won't see Caught between the way I am and the way I wan...
PETRA LYRICS - Ancient Of Days
Lyrics to "Ancient Of Days" song by PETRA: Blessing and honor Glory and power Be unto the Ancient of Days From every nation All of creation Bow...
PETRA LYRICS - Killing My Old Man
Lyrics to "Killing My Old Man" song by PETRA: I think its gone far enough I can't take it anymore I've got to even up the score Before he sweep...
PETRA LYRICS - Thankful Heart
Lyrics to "Thankful Heart" song by PETRA: I have a thankful heart That you have given me And it can only come from you... There is no way to...
PETRA LYRICS - Amazing Grace
Lyrics to "Amazing Grace" song by PETRA: Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now I'm found...
3, Jack Frost. 4, Patra (Petra). 5, When Emotion Dies. 6, Saint Vitus (live). 7, Prayer for the (M)asses (live). 8, Zombie Hunger (live). 9, Clear Window Pane ( live).
PETRA LYRICS - Jekyll & Hyde
Lyrics to "Jekyll & Hyde" song by PETRA: I have a secret that I let nobody see An evil shadow that's been hanging over me My alter ego that...
PETRA LYRICS - Salvation Belongs To Our God
Lyrics to "Salvation Belongs To Our God" song by PETRA: Salvation belongs to our God Who sits upon the throne And unto the Lamb Praise and glory Wisdom...
PETRA LYRICS - Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
Lyrics to "Lord, I Lift Your Name On High" song by PETRA: Lord, I lift Your name on high Lord, I love to sing Your praises I'm so glad You're in my life I'...
Lyrics to "Mine" song by PETRA SIHOMBING: Girl your heart, girl your face is so different from them others I say, you're the only one that I'l...
PETRA LYRICS - Show Your Power
Lyrics to "Show Your Power" song by PETRA: He is the Lord and He reigns on high He is the Lord Spoke into the darkness, creating the Light H...
Jack Frost. 4. Patra (Petra). 5. When Emotion Dies. 6. Saint Vitus (live). 7. Prayer for the (M)asses (live). 8. Zombie Hunger (live). 9. Clear Window Pane (live). 10.
PETRA LYRICS - The Longing
Lyrics to "The Longing" song by PETRA: In each heart there is a longing In each soul a desperate cry To know if life has some true meanin...
Patra - Romantic Call Lyrics
Lyrics for Romantic Call by Patra. My property is my property any lover contrast get tight for life Watch that baby body i te...
Petra - The Battle Belongs To The Lord Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Battle Belongs to the Lord' by Petra: In heavenly armour we'll enter the land The battle belongs.
PETRA LYRICS - Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
Lyrics to "Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened" song by PETRA: Don't let your heart be hardened - don't let your love grow cold May it always stay so childlike -...
Patra - Worker Man Lyrics. I have a real man problem Gotta find a guy who can solve dem A real man, one who loves to play in Many different ways, fi real I have  ...
Petra - Road To Zion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Road To Zion' by Petra. There is a way that leads to life / The few that find it never die / Past mountain peaks graced white with snow / The way.
Petra - All Over Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All Over Me' by Petra. All over me, all over me / I've got the blood of an innocent man / All over me / He never did anything to hurt anyone / But He.
PETRA LYRICS - We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
Lyrics to "We Want To See Jesus Lifted High" song by PETRA: We want to see Jesus lifted high A banner that flies across this land That all men might see the tru .
Petra - St. Augustine's Pears Lyrics
Lyrics to 'St. Augustine's Pears' by Petra. Late one night, I heard a knock at the door / The boys were really painting the town / I was just another bored.
Lyrics to "Take Me In" song by PETRA: Take me past the outer courts Into the Holy place Past the brazen altar Lord I want to see Your f...
Saint Vitus Lyrics
Look Behind You · Saint Vitus · Looking Glass · Saint Vitus · Mind Food · Saint Vitus · Patra (Petra) · Saint Vitus · Plague Of Man · Saint Vitus · Planet Of Judgment
Prāta Vētra - Maybe Lyrics
Lyrics for Maybe by Prāta Vētra. My body, my hand My, heaven, my land My greardian angel is mine You say? My dreams, my he...
Petra - No Doubt Lyrics. There are times when you feel like you can't go on There are times when you feel like giving in And there are times when you feel like ...
Patra - Romantic Call lyrics
Romantic Call lyrics by Patra: My property is my property / Contract body / Romance in front of / Watch this / I'm on a romantic call.
The second one you play that Petra Or that MegaDeth. Doesn't really matter what kind of rock it is. So I took my two houseplants. And I put them to the test
I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress. When you knelt by my mattress, and asked for my hand. I was sad you asked it, as I laid in a black dress. With my ...
Saint Vitus - When Emotion Dies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Emotion Dies' by Saint Vitus. When you're sick and tired / And feeling blue / Just remember / You're not the only you / Take a look around /

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