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Marty Robbins - Our Love Is At An End Lyrics
No use to pretend our. Love is at an end. What happened to the love. That seemed so strong. Everything was going smooth. No other one for me but you
When the winter came you went further south. Parting from love's nest, leaving me in doubt. Where are you when I need you, like right now? Our love is at an end
If our love is at the end. Then why do I still want you? Yeah But I guess I got no valentine. Send me roses I just let 'em die. I was crazy thinking you were mine
Sorry that I lost our love, it really hurts sometimes. And I'm sorry, sorry. What do you want, what do you want me to say? Sorry that I lost our love. Until the end of ...
LEONARD COHEN LYRICS - Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lyrics to "Dance Me To The End Of Love" song by LEONARD COHEN: Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic 'til I'm ...
Lyrics to "Love Knows No End" song by HILLSONG LIVE: I lift my eyes to see Your face I know my help is in Your Name In everything Held by hands Of mercy.. .
LINKIN PARK LYRICS - Roads Untraveled
Is a long blinding end. It's the worst kind of pain. I've known. Give up your heart left broken. And let that mistake pass on 'Cause the love that you lost. Wasn't ...
I'm gonna sing until my voice won't let me. As thunders roar I'll shout Your praise. You're the God of everlasting wonder. Your love outlasts the end of days
LEMAR LYRICS - Alright With Our Love
Lyrics to "Alright With Our Love" song by LEMAR: I would stay up all night Just thinking of you All the ... To prove my love to you? ... I'll be right there to the end
'cause if your love was all I had. In this life. Well that would be enough. Until the end of time. So rest your weary heart. And relax your mind. Cause I'm gonna ...
Our love would never end? But now I am. Tastin' my own medicine [2x] [Second Verse:] It's disturbin', it's sick, I keep thinkin' bout this shit. I wanna spit on your ...
Miniature Tigers - I Never Want Our Love to End lyrics
Dec 11, 2016 Lyrics for I Never Want Our Love to End by Miniature Tigers. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me I'm usually not this insecure Maybe it's ...
WHITE LIES LYRICS - There Goes Our Love Again
But he said 'there goes our love again' There goes our love again. Home is a desperate end. Cocoon my heart. Cocoon my heart. And carry me to love again
KEANE LYRICS - Love Is The End
Lyrics to "Love Is The End" song by KEANE: Now is the time of our comfort and plenty These are the days we've been working for Nothing can touc...
TIESTO LYRICS - Written In Reverse
And the end was our beginning. Our love would be rehearsed. And the pain would turn to healing. If we were written in reverse. Would you find a way to say it
ADELE LYRICS - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
Lyrics to "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" song by ADELE: Just the guitar. OK, cool. This was all you, none of it me You put your hands on, on my body and  ...
DIXIE CHICKS LYRICS - Travelin' Soldier
Waitin' for the love of a travelin' soldier. Our love will never end. Waitin' for the soldier to come back again. Never more to be alone when the letter said
Eternal - It Will Never End Lyrics
You and I share a lifetime. Laughter sunshine and rain. So secure, yet sometimes . With life comes change. Close my eyes, you'll be there. And I know, our love ...
ETERNAL LYRICS - It Will Never End
Lyrics to "It Will Never End" song by ETERNAL: Hmm, oh yeah It will never end, no Never never end You ... You'll be there and I know our love will never end
Ay bay it won't end, won't end, won't end. Let's talk about love. This is my love story. Boy meets girl and looks in her eyes. Time stands still and two hearts catch  ...
LUDO LYRICS - The Horror Of Our Love
Lyrics to "The Horror Of Our Love" song by LUDO: I'm a killer, cold and wrathful Silent sleeper, I've been inside ... the awful edges where you end and I begin
ELLIE GOULDING LYRICS - This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
Lyrics to "This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)" song by ELLIE GOULDING: Who are we to be emotional? Who are we to ... This love is be and end all. This love will ...
Yngwie Malmsteen - Save Our Love Lyrics
Let's make right all that went wrong. There's no beginning there's no end. There is no reason to pretend. Crying from help from above. We've got to save our love
Your mighty hand. Oh God There's no end to Your love. There's no end to Your love. You're with us. You're with us. There's nothing in this world. That could take  ...
THE SCRIPT LYRICS - The Energy Never Dies
But our love will carry on 'Cause when you know, your days are numbered. And you're looking in my eyes. It's not the end, 'cause the energy never dies
THE CIVIL WARS LYRICS - Dance Me To The End Of Love
Lyrics to "Dance Me To The End Of Love" song by THE CIVIL WARS: Dance me to your beauty like a burning violin Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered ...
You'll be back again 'Cause you know in your heart babe. Our love will never end [Chorus] I know that you'll be back boy. When your days and your nights get a ...
Billie Holiday - Our Love Is Different Lyrics
That it won't ever end. For as the years roll by. You'll learn my love for you is true. And I'm sure I'll learn the same from you. For our love is different dear. A love ...
Nora Aunor - The End Of Our Love lyrics
Lyrics for The End Of Our Love by Nora Aunor. ... your experience. By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree with our cookie policy.
World's End Press - To Send Our Love lyrics
Lyrics for To Send Our Love by World's End Press. All of that love was meant In all the letters that I ever sent I only wonder where it goes Or how I wonder they ...
Lyrics to "How Glad I Am" song by ARETHA FRANKLIN: My love has no beginning, my love has no end, No front no back, my love won't bend, I'm in the middl...
Eyes fixed on the One who knows no end. You stand strong for all of time. In the joy. In the trial. You are the Beginning and the End Your love goes on. Your love  ...
Lyrics to "Our Love" song by COEUR DE PIRATE: I hear the sea, it roars Into my secret hell You're screaming at the door ... Our love remains a race to the end
The Flamingos - Mio Amore Lyrics
Mio Amore Take my lips and a kiss them. Take my love. Take my hands and hold them. I am yours my love. Till the end of time. Mio Amore Take my arms let them ...
KEITH SWEAT LYRICS - Make It Last Forever
Lyrics to "Make It Last Forever" song by KEITH SWEAT: Make it last Make it last forever (Ever) Don't let end our love end (Ooh...ooh...) (Ooh...ooh...o...
Michael Learns To Rock - I'm Gonna Be Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm Gonna Be Around' by Michael Learns To Rock: I'm gonna love you till the end I'm gonna be your very true friend I wanna share your ups and ...
Hillsong United - Love Knows No End lyrics
Love Knows No End lyrics by Hillsong United: I lift my eyes to see Your face / I know my help is in Your Name / In everything / Held by.
Happyendless - The End of the Road lyrics
Aug 21, 2014 I'm leaving, you know I'm losing my soul the feeling supposed to be real ... and it was our deal And you know my love this is the end of the road ...
Hillsong Live - Love Knows No End (Live) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Knows No End (Live)' by Hillsong Live. I lift my eyes to see Your face / I know my help is in Your Name / In everything / Held by hands / Of.
Sade - All About Our Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'All About Our Love' by Sade. It's all about our love / So shall it be forever / Never ending / After all this time / After all is said and done / We.

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